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Organic Soil Building for the Backyard Organic Gardener

4.1★ | 8 ratings · Length: 1 hours

Healthy, fertile soil is the key to growing abundant, nutrient-rich food. Organic gardeners recognize that their job is to build rich soil; abundant, nutrient-rich food is just a by-product of healthy soil. Feed the soil and the soil will feed you. In this...

Udemy | Taught by Samantha Langlois

Getting Started with the Paleo Diet

4.3★ | 92 ratings · Length: 2 hours

The paleo diet has become extremely popular. But is it right for everyone? If you're looking for more information about the paleo diet minus hyperbole and jargon you're in the right place. This course lays out the foundation of the paleo diet and gives you the...

Udemy | Taught by Chris Hiestand

Overcoming Procrastination In School, Work And Life ®

4.7★ | 22 ratings · $9 · Length: 3 hours

Beating Procrastination Is Not Easy, And You Obviously Know That. Procrastination stands in the way of many of our goals and objectives in life. It can have an impact on our health, wealth, relationships, goals..etc That's exactly why we made this course. We made...

Udemy | Taught by Noah Merriby, The Best-Selling Author | Noah Merriby ​

Staying Fit

Length: 15 hours

Each module contains weekly goal check-ins, self-monitoring logs that track the user’s eating, exercise and sleep habits, psycho-educational reading material about a particular topic (e.g., exercise, nutritional foods, the relationship between the media and food,...

edX | StanfordOnline | Taught by Barr Taylor, Denise Wilfley

Perfect Pregnancy Guide: Yoga, Meditation, Checkups and More

4.5★ | 42 ratings · $9 · Length: 3 hours

Pregnancy can be a tough and sensitive time, and it is too easy to forget the beauty of the miracle that is transpiring inside of you.This course has a number of sections to help you throughout the entire pregnancy, and properly prepare you for birth. Pregnancy...

Udemy | Taught by MedScreen - Preventative Medicine

Introduction To Food & Health

Length: 2 hours

Overview Internet Enduring Material Sponsored by the Stanford University School of Medicine. We find ourselves facing global epidemics of obesity and diabetes. To address these public health crises, we urgently need to explore innovative educational strategies for...

edX | StanfordOnline | Taught by Maya Adam, Robyn Tepper, Catherine Sonquist Forest and others

Immune system physiology

Part of NCLEX-RN

Length: 0 hours

Chances are you’ve had a fever or a cough before. Ever wondered why your body reacts this way? Your body has a deadly arsenal of specialized cells that destroy invaders through mechanisms such as consumption, expulsion, and degradation. You will learn about the...

Khan Academy

Paleo Dave Method: Techniques to Master Weekly Meal Prep!

5.0★ | 9 ratings · $9 · Length: 2 hours

The Paleo Dave Method Instructional Video Series includes: The Paleo Dave Method Instructional Guide, which walks you through the 4 keys to success in the kitchen

Udemy | Taught by David Cooley

Respiratory system diseases

Part of Health and medicine

Length: 7 hours

If any part of the respiratory system isn’t working properly, a person can be left feeling short of breath. The lungs are also exposed to the outside environment, making them prone to infections. Learn more about diseases of the lungs and how modern medicine helps...

Khan Academy

Cell division

Part of Biology

Length: 2 hours

All living things, including you, are made up of cells. Find out how cells divide through mitosis and meiosis, how the cell cycle is controlled, and how problems in cell cycle control can lead to cancer.This course contains 4 segments

Khan Academy

Cell division

Part of AP®︎ Biology

Length: 2 hours

All living things, including you, are made up of cells. Find out how cells divide through mitosis and meiosis, how the cell cycle is controlled, and how problems in cell cycle control can lead to cancer.This course contains 4 segments

Khan Academy

Becoming a Resilient Person: The Science of Stress Management and Promoting Wellbeing

Length: 20 hours

Everyone experiences adversity and stress at some level, whether it’s the pressure to perform in school or work, relationship problems, financial difficulties, or simply the number of tasks to do in a short period of time. All stress isn’t bad, but chronic stress...

edX | UWashingtonX | Taught by Clayton Cook

Healthy Cooking Fundamentals

$9 · Length: 1 hours

Do you want to be more confident creating your own healthy meals? Do you want the kitchen to be a source of curious learning rather than a stressful deadline? Join this course to learn culinary skills from Chef Nic DeMuth that will take your cooking ability to the...

Udemy | Taught by Chef Nic DeMuth

Sleep Deprivation: Habits, Solutions and Strategies

Length: 4 hours

Most FutureLearn courses run multiple times. Every run of a course has a set start date but you can join it and work through it after it starts. Find out more This course is ideal for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality. This course is a Teach-Out from...

FutureLearn | University of Michigan | Taught by Luo Yuting, Benjamin Morse, Kush Dawar

Vegetable Gardening: How to Grow Healthy, Fresh Food at Home

4.4★ | 30 ratings · $9 · Length: 3 hours

This is a step by step course that takes you through the process of creating an edible garden for any size garden: apartment or condominium balconies or patios, small or large backyards, or a plot in a community garden. The course provides specific strategies...

Udemy | Taught by Teena Spindler

Respiratory system diseases

Part of NCLEX-RN

Length: 7 hours

Our lungs are composed of a bronchial tree (think of an upside down tree with millions of leaves), blood vessels bringing blood in and out, and a protein-rich fluid that forms a matrix holding everything together! If any part of this well-balanced organ isn’t...

Khan Academy

Attract Monarch Butterflies to your Garden

4.7★ | 11 ratings · $9 · Length: 1 hours

This entertaining course makes science fun. Everyone loves butterflies and attracting Monarch Butterflies to your garden may be easier than you think. Learn the basics of Monarch life and what it is they need. Once you know their culture, and take action, you will...

Udemy | Taught by Jessica McAtee

Leading High-Performing Teams

Part of Business Leadership

$5 · Length: 90 hours

This course will blend business theory and real-world insights to teach you the skills you need to better lead people and teams within your organization. Key topics will include motivation, communication, conflict management, team dynamics, and development of a...

edX | The University of Queensland, UQx | Taught by Tyler G. Okimoto

Reproduction and cell division

Part of High school biology

Length: 2 hours

All living things are made up of cells. Find out how cells divide through mitosis, how the cell cycle is controlled, and meiosis. This course contains 5 segments

Khan Academy

United States Health Policy

Length: 16 hours

Many Americans complain that they do not understand the U.S. health reform law called the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare). They are right, and the main reason is because most Americans do not understand the basics of the U.S. health care system and U.S. health...

edX | Harvard University, HarvardX | Taught by John E. McDonough, John McDonough

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