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Conscious Listening

Listening is a crucial part of our ability to communicate and succeed. It affects how well we sell and persuade, build and maintain relationships, teach and manage, and appreciate and understand. Our business and personal lives are often determined by it. However, listening is not a natural skill and unfortunately it is one that we are in danger of losing. The result of this is a restricted ability to communicate and engage. As an international speaker and founder of The Sound Agency, I understand the impact of listening on communication, success and wellbeing. My TED talk on conscious listening is in the rare group that have achieved over 2.5 million views on TED's website alone. So join me as I help you become a master of Conscious Listening and bring confidence and control to your communication.

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Rating 4.4 based on 495 ratings
Length 1.5 total hours
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From Udemy
Instructor Julian Treasure
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Language English
Subjects Personal Development Business
Tags Communication Business Communications

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What people are saying

so far

I've seen a lot of courses and this is one of the best presented so far.

Well structured, clear and interesting So far it is very informative and interesting.

Yes and i am learning new concepts I haven't come across before Interesting so far Information's was Knowledgeable Thanks for course!

Generally interesting but feels slow good Very good match - I am easily distracted by external things or inner voice (pre-conceptions) Great so far!

so far learned new things.

Very well presented and explained, Interesting and clearly presented topic So far, so good.

yes, very interesting, so far.

Enjoying every bit of course so far.

I've only just started the program, but so far, helpful insight and exercises have been addressed.

So far I haven't learned anything new but it is good to hear this to reinforce what I already know.

very powerful - and will be important component in my future personal development I and my inner voice agree that "this is helpful" ;) It is very interesting so far, with new ideas and concepts that will be helpful Mr. Treasure's love of listening shines through in this course.

It does not assess what you have learned so far in order to obtain any type of data to evaluate in order for the expert to see if any new knowledge or skills have been sustained.

Love Julian's book and really liking the information on the video course so far.

IT is so far matching my expectation The sound on these recordings should have been louder.

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good match for

It was a good match for me and will help sharpen my skills when I listen to both subordinates and top executives.

This is a good match for things I would like to learn.

Will need to apply it daily Yes, this course was a good match for me.

No, so far the course is not a good match for me at all.

Basic but interesting Yes,it was definitely a good match for me.

Well structured Good Yes this was a good match for me.

yes I believe this is a good match for everybody out there because really, everybody should have this skill but unfortunately, others are only just finding themselves.

it was a good match for me and helpful for me to have better listening skills.

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my listening skills

Improving my listening skills would benefit that evolution.

I hope to improve my listening skills along the way.

By implementing what i have learned (building on existing knowledge and new skills) I have definitely improved my listening skills which has helped me be more understanding and less judgemental.

The course drove home what I could do to fine tune my listening skills in a noisy world!

I definitely came away with some additional tools to improve my listening skills.

I have enjoyed all the course and it will help me for sure with my listening skills.

intriguing course made me aware of how to improve my listening skills I really like Julian's style and delivery of information.

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inner voice

could it be that the inner voice is from a higher power?

The idea that your inner voice is actually disconnected from "you" is very interesting.

Had heard about inner voice and filters, but the description of that as something which is not you, just a part of you and that voice can be subjective or prejudiced was a big takeaway.

It gives me reason to question or ignore my inner voice.

I got the most out of his explanation of inner voice.

I liked this one much more than the powerful speaking, lot of interesting info Good..a new perspective about the inner voice I needed this course and am grateful that I can watch it again.

I learnt how to tackle my inner voice as I keep battling it most of the time.

It was interesting The information helped me to understand my inner voices!

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better listener

From this point though, I wouldn't say I'm a better listener yet.

I have heard Julian do a TED talk before and this course was a great continuation in how to be a better listener.

It tells me about how i can be a better listener Fantastic.

I'm seeking to become a better listener with my clients and this was helpful.

I am now aware of my listening biases and hope to be a better listener soon.

Talked a lot about different kinds of listening but not a whole lot of advice on how to actually be a better listener.

It was very interesting and I can see myself consciously using some of this training to be a better listener.

Excellent course with specific, actionable steps to become a better listener.

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will help

It has both validated things I've intrinsically known, and shone light on ideas and techniques that I know will help me in the future.

We should listen more than talk and this will help improve our ability to listen.

And hopefully this knowledge will help me.

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so much

Thank you so much for this course.

Wonderful course, I learned so much and I intend to retake it many times in the future.

Great course, Thanks so much Useful for improving my listening I especially appreciated the section on reductive vs expansive listening - explains a lot to me!

I liked it so much, I actually enjoyed watching the course.

Before this course I hadn't imagined there's so much to listening!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful course.

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other people

The course has taught me how to practice listening well so as to enrich my existence and also to improve my relationships with other people.

On the other hand there is people who enjoy telling other people, enjoying to be listened to but they never give themselves time to listen to other people.

Good course overall in providing tips on how to engage and focus with other people.

it is help me to deal and listen to other people in right way I especially like the points on taking time for silence and the story that went along with it about the Nuns on the Italian island.

It gives me a lot to think about ... maybe I would like more exercises I felt its helpful in understanding me and other people around me.

To the point, easy takeaways Pros: This course definitively can change the way you listen to yourself, to other people and to the world.

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into practice

I am willing to put a lot into practice.

I am eager to put what I've learned into practice.

very clear language, right pace, reassuring, I would have liked to have more links to literature and relevant clips, for instance about the cyborg, or the Space music experience (the link is to a clip that explains what the artist intends to do, not how it was eventually was put into practice) , I also think that the references to research that tells us 80% of all our communication comes through the ear should be updated, 1980 is a very long time ago!!!

Clear and concise course that will allow you to immediately put the lessons into practice.

Can't wait to put it all into practice and become a master listener.

Holly This was an excellent course on listening and I intend to put it into practice.

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well presented

My filters that condition how I listen are unique to me and I therefore should not expect others to listen the way I do I found the topics informative and well presented.

Very intriguing Well presented the topic it was very nice This is helpfull Attract me to the next lessons.

i like it Very well presented and a great subject Professionally delivered by Julian who clearly know his subject.

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new perspective

Gives a new perspective to so much which was already going on around and not being attended.

Gave me new perspective on the importance of how we listen.

it gives new perspective on the way i listen Terribly lightweight It is practical and you are given examples on how to apply what you have learned.

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personal life

Good tips for both working and personal life.

It will helps us to in professional and personal life.

Useful exercises I will use in personal life and business!

Has relevance for both business and personal life A very unique topic and it was well presented.

Read more


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

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Rating 4.4 based on 495 ratings
Length 1.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $0
From Udemy
Instructor Julian Treasure
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Personal Development Business
Tags Communication Business Communications

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