Our Solar System and Beyond

Teaching Primary Science

Week 1 - Tackling scary science Week 2 - Teaching primary science and beyond Week 3 - New science - taking it beyond the classroom This course is designed for primary school teachers and home educators, who have an interest in expanding their knowledge of space, the Solar System and science more broadly, and improving their primary science lessons. You can use the hashtag #FLPrimaryScience to talk about this course on social media.

Topics Covered
  • Communicating space science and astronomy
  • Perceptions of science
  • Explain astronomical concepts
  • Reflect on your teaching
  • Common misconceptions
  • Teaching astronomy
  • Going off-curriculum
  • Real science, real scientists, real data
  • Science outside the classroom
  • What next? Incorporating new ideas in the classroom

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Royal Observatory Greenwich

Rating Not enough ratings
Length 3 weeks
Effort 3 hours per week
Starts Jan 28 (in 4 days)
Cost $59
From Royal Observatory Greenwich via FutureLearn
Instructors Liz Avery, Dhara Patel, Gregory Brown
Free Limited Content
Language English
Subjects Programming Engineering
Tags C R Science, Engineering & Maths

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