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Vue - The Complete Guide (incl. Router & Composition API)

Join this bestselling Vue course to learn how to use the latest version of VueJS to build amazing, modern web apps.

No matter at which metric you look at (Google Trends, Github Stars, Tweets ...) - VueJS is the shooting star in the world of JavaScript frameworks - it simply is amazing.

This bestselling course teaches the latest version of Vue (Vue.js 3) from the ground up and in great detail. We'll cover all the core basics but we'll not stop thereafter - this course also dives into advanced concepts like the Composition API introduced with Vue 3.

Frontend frameworks like Vue JS are extremely popular because they give us this reactive, great user experience we know from mobile apps - but now in the browser. No wonder that jobs requiring frontend framework skills like VueJS are amongst the best paid ones in the industry.

You may know Angular 2+ and ReactJS, well, VueJS combines the best of both frameworks and makes building anything from small widgets to big, enterprise-level apps a breeze and a whole lot of fun.

And if you don't know the two mentioned frameworks: That's fine, too, this course does not expect any knowledge of any other frontend framework - you will learn it all throughout this Course.

This course covers it all.

We'll start at the very basics, what Vue.js is and how it works before we move on to more complex and advanced topics but I'll be honest: It's too much to fit it all into one sentence, so here's what you'll learn in this Course:

  • What is VueJS and Why would you use it?

  • The Basics (including the basic Syntax, Understanding Templates and much more. )

  • How to Output Reactive Data & Listen to Events

  • Interacting with DOM (Rendering Lists, Conditionally attaching/ detaching Elements ...)

  • Setting up a Development Environment and Workflow

  • Using Components (and what Components are to begin with)

  • A Deep Dive Look Behind the Scenes of Vue

  • Binding to Form Inputs

  • Sending Http Requests to Backend APIs

  • Authentication & Vue

  • How to make your App more Beautiful with Animations and Transitions

  • How to create an awesome Single-Page-Application (SPA) with Routing

  • How to improve State Management by using Vuex

  • How to Deploy the App

  • And much more ...

All these topics are taught with real examples and demo projects. This course is full of exercises, challenges and bigger courser projects that allow you to practice what you learned.

Along with many other smaller projects, we will build a couple of bigger main projects:

  • The "Monster Slayer" Game - a game running in the browser, 100% powered by Vue

  • The "Learning Resource Manager" - a web app that allows you to manage (add, delete, list) your favorite learning resources

  • The "Find a Coach" app - a web app that allows you to sign up / login, register as a coach, list and filter available coaches and send messages to coaches

At the moment, this course includes both my brand-new Vue 3 course as well as my old Vue 2 course (the section marked as "VUE2"). The Vue 2 course will removed later this year.

Is this course for you?

Now that you know what this course is about, let's see if this course is for you.

Here are three types of students who will love this course:

Student #1:

Has some JavaScript experience and is interested in what this language can do. You heard and read that JavaScript allows you to create nice web applications and enhance existing web pages. VueJS is your choice.

Student #2:

You already have some experience with other frontend frameworks like Angular (2+) or ReactJS. But either due to interest or disappointment of the existing frameworks, you seek some alternatives - VueJS might be what you were looking for.

Student #3:

Has experience with backend frameworks/ languages but now also wants to enter the frontend world. VueJS is an awesome choice here, it's fun, it uses native JS and it's extremely powerful.

Bonus: Student #4

Is disappointed by Angular 2+. Does a good framework need 2 hours of setup? No, certainly not - as VueJS will prove to this student.

Let's dive into VueJS right now.

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Rating 4.7 based on 5,488 ratings
Length 49 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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What people are saying

step by step

step by step guide explaining everything.

It begins from very basics and the trainer explain all in step by step.

helpful and fun Max knows how to teach his students and transform them step step by step from being a beginner to an intermediate level developer in something that's totally new.

基本上有提到不少 Vue.js 的基本觀念,真棒~ good, step by step course Very good!

It's really important to me to learn things step by step and not to bite too much.

It is really about step by step!

This was a great course, Max has a great way of explaining things step by step and building your knowledge.

The only thing that is missing is a really good real world application example, more like Hackernews clone ( step by step.

This is really a huge amount of information provided by this course so you can climb the ladder step by step from beginner to advanced.

Max takes you step by step through all of the major parts of what VUE.js is all about and provides great practice exercises to get your "feet wet"!

You study technology step by step.

I went through another and he was all over the place but Max goes step by step in a logical fashion and answers the questions I have almost as soon as I start asking.

Excellent structure, step by step you learn all the relevant skills to code with the Vue.js framwork.

I love the pace, step by step and clear.

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muito bom

Muito bom o curso, só achei que deveria atualizar a aula de passar params no vue-router.

Curso realmente muito bom, muito bem explicado e excelente exemplos A tradução é ruim, com termos imprecisos e frases sem sentido prejudicando, em alguns momentos, o entendimento dos conceitos comprometendo o pleno entendimento do framework.

Também possui um ritmo muito bom para acompanhar, o que faz com que o aprendizado aconteça de forma bastante natural.

Muito bom o cursos, professor domina bastante o conteúdo e explica de uma forma clara Curso muito bom, extremamente completo e detalhado, a legenda em pt funciona perfeitamente!

Muito bom!

O instrutor é muito bom nas explicações e mostra gostar do que está fazendo.

very clear description and usefull lessons Awesome course so far, I like your energy :) thanks a lot for your tutorial Professor muito bom!

Curso muito bom.

O curso é muito bom, pena que não falo inglês, por isso fico depende da legenda Great course, great teacher!

Muito BOM!

not the one I expected Por enquanto o curso é muito bom Great examples and explanations!

Cuz it's awesome O instrutor é muito bom, possui boa dicção e sabe detalhar o que está sendo feito Very optimistic tutor.

Muito bom Love this course!

love it so far I Love U. ate agora esta muito bom, mas esta no começo Loving it so far, great instruction Love the instructor.

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anyone wanting to learn

I would strongly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn Vue.

Very much recommend to anyone wanting to learn Vuejs.

I love Vue and would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about it.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn Vue.js and any other courses taught by Max.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Vue and walk away feeling confident you can apply what you learned.

I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn VueJS.

The perfect course for anyone wanting to learn vue!!

Strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Vue Far more than I originally thought.

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top notch

This used to be a top notch course... no longer.

Top notch.

For the rest, top notch!

This guys attitude is top notch, he also very clearly talks about everything he does on screen Starts with the basics, and will build from there.

Top notch instructor!

Top notch :) He explains the concepts very clearly.

Really a top notch course.

very complete course... very nice guide Max is very thorough in his explanations and his courses are top notch.

The basics do get explained but not so much repeated and with the flow of the program ( what points to what ect..) could be allot more repeated Top notch course, top notch explanations!

The explanation and materials of this course are top notch, Maximilian is an brilliant teacher and on point with the explanations.

I've learned Angular 4 with Max and the quality of this course is the same: superb Vue is so much cooler than angular, and the instructor is doing a great job, great pace so far, good amount of info along the way, not too much, not too little that he's just giving the answer In terms of content, instructor engagement, and production quality, I feel this course is top notch.

top notch quality course by my favorite Udemy teacher, Maximillian!

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bite size

Max teaches Vue in bite sized chunks that make it easier to understand what the code is doing.

awesome1 Very good bite sized breakdowns.

Very good explanations and bite size examples.

Bite sized nuggets of content (snack-able videos!)

Extremely easy explanations and broke into bite sizes, so that I can go back later very quickly.

Great well structured course, Max presents it well and all the videos are bite size making it easy to refer back to.

Nice bite sized lectures that don't overwhelm you.

I love the fact that the videos are bite size and after a few videos, he ties everything up into an assignment.

The course is very easy to follow, with each topic presented neatly in bite size chunks.

Ha sido completo, claro y preciso pero cinco estrellas es para algo impresionante This lessons are bite sized but super informative.

nice and bite size clips Videos muy cortos, el resto esta genial!

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anyone interested in learning

I love the fact that the course has been updated with bonus modules to cover new features like vue-cli-3 and other additional commonly used topics like axios Truly amazing course, I absolutely recommend this to anyone interested in learning the in's and out's of Vue Js 2.

I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning Vuejs!

The course is a lot deeper than I thought it was, and I heartily recommend this for anyone interested in learning Vue.js.

I absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Vue Js 2.

A great course for anyone interested in learning Vue.

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behind the scenes

He also explains what is actually going on behind the scenes.

He takes great care to show how it works "behind the scenes" in addition to showing how use it to build applications.

This course provides insight into how the framework functions behind the scenes which gives developers working in special situations the ability to make things work.

I also really like that Max takes the time to go into what happens behind the scenes, and what Vue is doing under the hood.

The teacher is very engaging and clear, he starts from scratch and covers everything you need to know, including how Vue works behind the scenes.

Clearly explained with short videos to follow up and with assignments helping to try out what we learnt are very useful The teacher show a lot of details behind the scenes and is really didactic.

Very engaging presentation and very clear explanations Good, clear introduction with a simple 'hello world' application Insight into what Vue is doing behind the scenes early and often I love that you show us visually, how the JS connects with the html!

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youtube channel

Ayh, this seems like it will fit the bill :) I really wanted to learn Vue after seeing Max building a To-Do App in his Youtube channel, he can really show how simple and interesting Vue can be.

nice so far so cool Very good course Se entiende muy bien, el maestro explica fantástico nice and simple I've been following max on the youtube channel, and I love the way he teaches.

The instructor Youtube Channel is awesome, the way he talk is clean and objective, even without a good english I can understand pretty well.

I believe (it's vague in my memory) I came across a link to Max's YouTube channel in their user forum.

— Note: Max provides a discount link from his YouTube channel to Udemy, you can get the course for $15 by his link.... as of 4 days ago (4/25/17) Udemy was running a special of $10 a course.

Before purchasing, I'd recommend checking out his YouTube channel in order to see if his learning style suits you.

Instrutor explica tudo de forma muita clara e detalhada, ótimo curso It's a really good course A good course, the teacher is available to explain even with my knowledge of English)) It has long been signed for YouTube channel, from it I personally learned that there is a detailed course on Vue Al always Max explain very clear and adding the code assignments make this course more practical and dynamic.

I have been subscribed to your youtube channel for a while now and you have yet to let me down.

I first got in contact with Max through his YouTube channel, I enjoyed his passion, his technical skill and the quality of the free content.

I knew that Maxemilian is a great Teacher because i also watched the videos over at his youtube channel but the course is way more in depth.

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ins and outs

Max really understands the ins and outs of Vue.js and he explains core concepts so well.

He goes over all of the ins and outs and clearly displays a mastery of Vue.js.

This really helps me learn the ins and outs of VueJS.

Max does a great job explaining the ins and outs of Vue and provides useful code snippets and examples The explanations could not be any more clear or detailed.

Also explains the ins and outs of implementations.

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server side

Anything to do with Javascript and Front-End Web development is pretty much outside my comfort zone as I am more focused on back-end, server side development.

In real world development front end is usually used in combination with server side.

I wish to learn how to create some table wrappers that are server side, how to deal with j-query lib and some css tricks, but that what i saw here - wow.

I missed SSR (server side rendering) and tests lessons though.

Definitely an excellent (if not the best) course to start learning Vue The course is really good and the Instructor doing a great job to cover almost of the basic feature to get going with Vue, but it miss 1 module that I really need to know which is Server Side Rendering.

Also, I highly recommend you go through Max's Nuxt course as well - even if, like me, you have no interest server side rendering, the routing, layout, and other enhancements added with Nuxt will greatly improve most large SPA projects.

server side rendering).

Read more

state management

Maximilian explains everything very well: components creation, routing, state management, form validation and everything you need to create web applications and websites using VueJS.

What I found to be the most beneficial was the more advanced topics such as http requests (vue resource & axios), routing, and vuex state management.

I wanted to learn how to use VueJS, and I learned so many things like Vue basics, routing, transitions, http request, state management... wow I think I achieved a lot !

Really helped to understand Vue.js, routing and especially state management with Vuex.

The Assignments are also pretty cool, too :) I was able to quickly understand how Vue works both as a quick add-on for an existing web app, all the way up through building routing, auth, and centralized state management.

Made material a lot easier and easy to follow Great course, except I'm not sure I understand vuex state management.

Read more

forma clara

He is making sure that we are learning the technology Conteúdo abordado de forma clara e objetiva.

Conteúdo exposto de forma clara, organizada e modularizada de forma que torna extremamente fácil a aprendizagem.

clear explanations, good pace Corso chiaro e spiegato passo passo Explica de una forma clara las cosass Very enthusiastic teacher and really well explained!

El instructor es experto, lleva un buen ritmo y va de concepto en concepto de forma clara.

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EmberJS Frontend Engineer $58k

Frontend Developer $76k

Frontend Developer / Designer $79k

Frontend Web Designer $80k

Frontend Engineer in Palo alto, CA $81k

Senior Frontend Developer / Designer $84k

Senior UI/Frontend Developer $106k

Frontend Engineer 2 $153k

Senior Software Engineer, Frontend $175k

Frontend Tech Mobile Product Manager $190k

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Rating 4.7 based on 5,488 ratings
Length 49 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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