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How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro

With so many different interior design styles available today, do you find yourself getting overwhelmed and unsure of how to choose a style or pull off a style well in your own home? It becomes even more complicated when you want to mix different interior design styles but are unsure of how to do that so it looks fabulous and well pulled together, instead of flat out chaotic.  

To that end, this course has been created to help you understand the defining characteristics of 18 different popular interior design styles today so that you can either create one of those styles in your own home or learn how to easily and effectively mix different styles on your own.  

Please note that this course only covers the characteristics of various interior design styles.  It does NOT provide information on how to pull together a room (e.g., furniture layouts, rug sizes, etc.).  That information can be found in my course "How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps"

That said, this course will go fairly deeply into 18 different and distinct interior design styles in areas that include:

  • Defining furniture characteristics

  • Common materials used in each style

  • Appropriate color schemes and patterns for each style

  • Window and floor covering options for each style

  • Lighting, artwork and accessories appropriate to each style

  • Retailers that carry furnishings for each particular style

We will also spend an entire section focused solely on how to mix styles well using a simple, formulaic approach.  You will learn how to do this both through a lecture approach as well as listening to 2 real life case studies.

Finally, after each style section, you will have an opportunity to take a style quiz to help you find out which interior design styles are best suited to you based on your preferences.

This course is a great choice for anyone wanting to learn more about different interior design styles and how to mix them successfully on their own, and for interior designers who want to brush up their skills on different interior design styles.

Join me for a exciting journey into the world of interior design styles.

  I would start with "How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps" because most of my other courses are in-depth classes of the concepts touched on in this 10 step class.  Following the 10 Step Course, I suggest moving on to "How to Use Color Like a Pro", followed by "How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro", then "How to Use Lighting Design to Transform your Home", and finally "Design is in the Details".  My other courses, "How to Use Minimalist Interior Design to Live your Best Life", "Use Eco-friendly, Sustainable Design to Improve Your Life", "How to Design Your Dream Kitchen", and "How to Design Your Dream Bathroom" are all stand alone classes on specialty topics within interior design, and therefore, can be taken in any order.

  • Please be aware that this course, or any of my courses, is not intended to provide all of the knowledge needed to become a professional interior designer.  As with any professional field, there is a significant amount of education and/or experience that is needed to achieve competency in this field.  My intention with these courses is to provide some solid foundational knowledge to assist either those individuals interested in "DIY" interior design to work on their own projects more effectively, or to provide supplemental education to both interior design students and professionals.

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    Rating 4.3 based on 560 ratings
    Length 5.5 total hours
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    From Udemy
    Instructor Erikka Fogleman
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    Language English
    Subjects Art & Design
    Tags Design Interior Design

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    What people are saying

    so far

    I haven't gotten deep enough into the course to know how to accurately rate it but so far its very good!

    so far i am receiving large amounts of history on each style and very helpful styling tips.

    More details are needed on points great overview of all styles and good examples I so far love this course.

    Me gusta hasta hora lo aprendido it is the best Yes, so far a good match.

    Happy so far learned on a very important way to approach a space Who puts chandelier over their bed?

    yes, so far I'm loving it Si, es una buena base para aprender diseño de interiores Estou gostando good Great info Easy to understand.

    Excellent as so far all Erikka's courses I've taken.

    So far I am very excited to have this course.

    So far it has been interesting but little information.

    So far loving it!

    Felicitaciones a la diseñadora(profesora) Clear interesting photos used, slow yet not very, rich knowhow delivered So far, i'm only three videos in mind you, the quality is okay.

    So far, it seems to be a good pace for my inexperience.

    I' really enjoying it so far.

    So far this course has taught me quite a bit!

    Read more

    easy to follow

    I would recommend it to others :) Sometimes the viewer needs a little bit more to look at say background setting furnishings while listening to instructions Easy to follow and well explained and very informative :D I am enjoying it so far...wish I could move and manoeuvre different objects to experiment with styles...maybe later in the course...?

    Very informative and easy to follow course.

    I love how the lectures are laid out in a logical, organized and easy to follow fashion.

    Easy to follow along, lectures were a good length along with great resources!

    The content was straight forward, easy to follow.

    A very easy to follow course with plenty of examples on design styles Wow, what a ton of information.

    i needed more exercises .... but still learn and enjoy the course Learning a lot...this instructor is presenting the information in an easy to follow video routine.

    Yavaş ilerliyor introduction uzun Easy to follow, good structure.

    Your lectures are so easy to follow and informative.

    Great instructions, very easy to follow and learn.

    easy to follow, great insights, learning a lot Very relevant, great tips and tricks to make you feel like you know what you are doing immediately.

    Very clear easy to follow!

    i feel the information given to me and the examples shown are clear and easy to follow Yes it gives me some good basic knowledge into decorating my own room.

    It’s easy to follow.

    Read more

    different interior design styles

    The subtitles that running down have many mistakes... As for me English is not the first language was little bit difficult to understand some words that I don’t know I needed to read and translate, and I subtitles were not accurate on spelling I loved learning about different interior design styles and the suggested websites for where to shop are very helpful.

    Thank you A very valuable course,I learned a lot from it and added so many new information about different interior design styles and how to differentiate and even mix them together,, thank you erikka..

    I have learned a lot about different interior design styles and how to work on each or combined styles with confidence.

    I learned a lot about the different interior design styles.

    Good description of the various different interior design styles.

    Good introduction to different interior design styles.

    Read more

    learning a lot

    I'm learning a lot.

    I’m learning a lot and enjoying the course.

    I feel like I’m learning a lot I absolutely love her course ❤️ Very nice course, learned enough to know how to bring more style to my home.

    Learning a lot!

    I'm just three lessons in, and I'm already learning a lot.

    Read more

    good match

    I think it is a good match.

    Yes, it is a good match me because now that i am on break from school.

    It was a good match for me.

    I think it was a good match for me as I really love interiors and want to learn as many skills as possible in this field.

    Definitely a good match.

    Fantastic Well presented and easy to understand yes a good match, looking forward for more knowledge I don't really know anything about interior design so any info is great I like the content.

    El contenido no es la gran cosa I love it informative already All dated i love how you teach Very good match!

    Read more

    feel like

    I feel like a have a more solid grasp on the various design styles and plan on using this knowledge to decorate my house.

    I feel like I’m being spoken to as if I was in elementary school.

    Going great so far Explicación clara, ejemplos concretos, información de utilidad I feel like I am being talked to like a child.

    I feel like it is extremely basic however I am being asked for my opinion and have not gotten very far into the course.

    I feel like I can improve the interior design of any space!

    Read more

    exactly what

    This course is exactly what I am looking for.

    The information in this course is exactly what I was hoping to find.

    It took me only 30 min to make and I know exactly what I should be looking for to replace and to add.

    Erika does a great job outlining exactly what she will teach you.

    What you are covering in this course is exactly what I've been looking to learn.

    explained well Si, muy útil para iniciarme en este tema Exciting and highlights exactly what you need to know to further input your own touch into the interior style.

    Read more

    other courses

    I will definitely take other courses available from Erikka.

    And I with great pleasure have purchased two of your other courses!

    Thank you very much Erikka, I've already bought 3 other courses of yours, witch I can't wait to watch!

    I loved it - very inspirational and made me explore other courses by Erikka.

    Read more


    An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

    Interior Design Teacher $39k

    Freelance Interior design $47k

    Hospitality Interior Design $48k

    Interior Design/Sales $49k

    Interior design librarian $50k

    Interior Design / Sales $57k

    Associate Interior Design Professional $61k

    Coordinator, Interior Design $77k

    Professor of Interior Design $87k

    Interior Design Partner $91k

    Interior Design Engineer $98k

    Master Director of Interior Design $187k

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    Rating 4.3 based on 560 ratings
    Length 5.5 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $16
    From Udemy
    Instructor Erikka Fogleman
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects Art & Design
    Tags Design Interior Design

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