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NGINX Fundamentals

Learn to install, configure and tweak NGINX to create secure, high performance web servers from scratch.

Build a strong foundation in NGINX with this practical course suited to both beginners and the more experienced.

  • Learn to customise the NGINX installation

  • Configure NGINX as a web server

  • Install & configure a server-side programming language as an NGINX backend

  • Learn to tweak NGINX for optimal performance

  • Secure NGINX with some security best practises

An invaluable skill for any techie or developer in the web industry

NGINX is the fastest growing and most popular web server for a reason, so understanding it will be an invaluable skill to anyone working in the web industry, specially network admins & web developers.

This course will provide a very practical and concise approach to learning NGINX and will give you a solid base to immediately start creating secure, high performance web servers.

Content and Overview

With 39 concise and practical lectures, this course aims to teach a solid foundational understanding of NGINX and is suitable for anyone with a basic understanding of networking and the linux command line interface.

The course starts by looking at the differences between NGINX and Apache for those with Apache experience and then explains the different ways of installing NGINX, customising your install, and configuring NGINX as a service.

The installation section also covers updating NGINX without downtime and adding/removing modules.

The bulk of the course is then focussed on configuring NGINX as a web server, including connecting it to a PHP backend and configuring some of NGINX's best features, such as Gzipping and GeoIP.

The final section will go over securing the server and the user via SSL and other security best practices.

Upon completion of this course you will have the practical skills to immediately start building secure, high performance web servers or improve and better understand existing hosting solutions you might work with.

This course is to the point and everything is demonstrated in the most simple, yet practical ways.

We do not focus on the theory, but get straight to installing, configuring and learning.

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Rating 4.5 based on 617 ratings
Length 4 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Ray Viljoen
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Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software Network & Security

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What people are saying

so far

Probably the best one I've taken so far.

so far .... the course was so very good to learn, nice presentation for dummy user like me Excited to know more Excellent pedagogy and editing : to the point.

This course has been great so far!

It's stright forward and so far so understandable, I look forward to the next topic Really informative.

Suggestion: zoom / enlarge the coding IDE text for proper viewing, for all your courses Solid so far.

this course was a good match for me So far so good ... the only problem I have is the usage of Digital Ocean.

I am enjoying the course so far i mean we are like 15 minutes in, but i guess they have been good?

The information is very clear So far so good.

Very well explained so far.

Difficult for beginners Good course So far, loving the instructor's clear voice and accent, and try well-edited video to go along.

So far is good.

Great course so far.

So far so goos.

Very Nice :) Love the course so far, very thorough, Ray (the instructor) explains all the concepts in great detail.

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highly recommend

I highly recommend thiss course to anyone who wants to learn about configuring nginx Good lite refresher for Nginx Fundamentals.

Highly recommend this.

Highly recommend for anyone who wants to get a quick intro with nginx.

Highly recommend this course for effectively learning the basics of nginx.

I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in using Nginx in their server stack.

Otherwise, highly recommend.

Highly recommend!

I highly recommend it!

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reverse proxy

As well as using Nginx to reverse proxy Websockets.

15 hours later after writing the first part of my review, I have my web app working with nice-green-lock-secure SSL connection established, nginx as a reverse proxy.

I bought this course mostly to get a taste of the reverse proxy capabilities of nginx and to my surprise that was such a small portion and really not even that significant compared to the depth that's gone into in this course.

Course answered all questions I had, so I could manage to make my Node app working behind the Nginx as reverse proxy.

In that sense, this is great; I get the reverse proxy and its benefits, and kind of feel like I know where to go look now for specifics.

Covers everything you need to get up and running, including ssl, http2, reverse proxying, geoIp.

If you need to set a web-server, a load balancer, a gateway or a reverse proxy and you need to go 0 to hero in one afternoon - get this course.

I would like to see a more depth into the reverse proxy section though.

I wish however that there was a section talking about reverse proxy, rewrite, and perhaps even the email proxy configuration.

I went from 0 experience to being able to configure my own reverse proxy, implementing caching and security measures.

very good training but reverse proxy server should be more precise.

It would be great to have an example of reverse proxy with sockets Very good stuff... it could have the files configuration of each lecture though...

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easy to follow

Easy to follow and understand topics There is not enough information about logging, map module, break and if directives and many other things.

Very informative and in-depth, easy to follow along This course is awesome!

Course is easy to follow in understandable steps Course is good but it lacks something.

I highly recommend you to check out this course if interested in Nginx Well-designed, clear and easy to follow.

Clear, concise and really easy to follow.

This tutorial is very detailed and easy to follow.

The materials are very well explained and the examples are easy to follow and understand.

Great course Ray is very clear and easy to follow.

The steps are easy to follow and concise, perfect!

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load balancing

Excellent explaining for the main parts of proxying and load balancing, that's the part I was intersted in, can't wait to watch the rest ?

Load balancing and reverse proxy is explained nicely and several links are provided to gain more depth knowledge on Nginx.

The only reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5 is because of the small amount of content, however I believe the instructor has mentioned that he will be adding more (including load balancing etc).

I took this course primarily to configure load balancing on my local machine to load balance Spring Boot applications.

Nice overall tutorial with thorough explanations on the inner workings of nginx on important matters (performance, security, load balancing etc).

On the other hand - I was expecting a little bit more as I did not find any knowledge about reverse proxy or load balancing modes.

Too bad load balancing wasn't included in the course that would be a 5s course.

The teacher is good but i felt disappointed because he did not cover upstream nor load balancing.

Amazingly simple demonstration of load balancing.

The only downside is the Load Balancing/Reverse Proxy section is very short, given how widespread the usage is in the industry.

Wish this was more on reverse proxy and load balancing but overall a good into course Very good overview nginx Clear presentation For beginners, a basic overview of Ubuntu and CentOS would have been helpful and explaining that the install process for either would be different.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended for any beginner on Nginx Really good course on the fundamentals of nginx.

A great introduction to nginx, highly recommended!

I will lookout for him and highly recommended for anyone who just started on Nginx like me.

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real world

You get a good foundation to go further with learning the real world experience with nginx.

Great explanation and example real world case for using Nginx Simple, clear & excellent course, highly recommend for anyone who's looking for a nginx course.

Quickly gets into real world uses.

Some real world examples with testing and confirming things are working as expected.

Would've liked to see more real world applications.

I got what I needed If there was a section on docker with nginx I would give it 5 stars Instructor was clear and objective using real world examples in the most of cases.

Thought there will be 2-3 real world examples.

Read more

exactly what

Coming from a background using Apache and with the need to migrate some web services to NGINX, I wanted a quick but still proper introduction to NGINX, and that's exactly what I got.

Exactly what I looking for.

Exactly what I was looking for and I mean EXACTLY.

This course was exactly what I was looking for.

fast & clear, exactly what i needed!

Exactly what I needed With my dementia video make everything easier Excellent course, straight to the point and very practical.

Clear, concise, and exactly what I've been looking for!!

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setting up

Learned the basics and more of setting up a Nginx Server.

There is a minor difference when setting up the server (I needed to change the directory from where the files serve from /sites/demo to /home/osboxes/sites/demo.

Setting up Nginx for multiple sites seems like an important topic.

I've always stumbled around when setting up nginx.

The instructor does an outstanding job explaining the practical implementations of setting up an Nginx server.

I'm much more comfortable now diving into setting up a web server with Nginx.

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set up

First section was a pain to set up everything.

I would have also like a little more detail on how to set up environments for Python and Javascript.

Short yet comprehensive enough overview of Nginx features and set up.

I need to understand kind of what it does and how it works, and then I'll dig in to set up my own, which will have specific needs based on the project.

Doesn't teach you how to get or set up a dev server, which could be a huge challenge for someone trying to get into this course.

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better than

The course turned out to be far better than I had anticipated.

Much better than the MS trainings you currently have.

I found the course useful and it was better than the other courses I had looked at.

1000x better than fumbling through tutorials.

Much better than I expected.

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ray viljoen

Ray Viljoen describes his course as "concise, teaching practical skills and is designed to serve as usable future reference material".

This is my third Udemy course by Ray Viljoen.

Ray Viljoen does a great job going over the key elements of NGINX in short, direct segments which do not waste your time and get right to the heart of the subject.

Kudos and I look forward to taking more courses from Ray Viljoen.

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Rating 4.5 based on 617 ratings
Length 4 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Ray Viljoen
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software Network & Security

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