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Algorithms, Part I

This course covers the essential information that every serious programmer needs to know about algorithms and data structures, with emphasis on applications and scientific performance analysis of Java implementations. Part I covers elementary data structures, sorting, and searching algorithms. Part II focuses on graph- and string-processing algorithms. All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion.
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Rating 4.8 based on 1,247 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Effort 6 weeks of study, 6–10 hours per week.
Starts Nov 21 (45 weeks ago)
Cost $0
From Princeton University via Coursera
Instructors Kevin Wayne, Robert Sedgewick
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Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Computer Science Algorithms Software Development

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What people are saying

learned a lot

I found this course quite challenging, but learned a lot.

Very nice the course is, I really learned a lot One of greatest accomplishments in my life :) Part I must have Excellent Introductory course for Computer Science Student and Practitioners.

I have learned a lot in a short amout of time The course and assignments quality is outstanding!

But the content is very practical and I really learned a lot by accomplishing the assignments.

I've learned a lot from this course.

It helped me alot with understanding the mechanics of basic data structure algorithms a little hard very nice! I learned a lot here!

Really learned a lot through hands on work.

Learned a lot!

Good course of Coursera, very impressive.And I learned a lot about Java through this class.

!1 Learned a lot.

Really learned a lot!!

Learned a lot.

Highly recommended to people new to algorithms, I learned a lot from this courses.

good course i learned a lot of things in this course that i continue to use every day in my solutions to problems It cleared the concepts from college days, now I started relating everything in code.

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data structures and algorithms

Great Lectures and explanations for both working professionals and students it's extremely useful course amazing Fantastic course in data structures and algorithms, great introduction for those who haven't taken CS at university.

Sure gives an idea of learning the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms Very good course!!!

Very good A great introduction to data structures and algorithms.

Take this course if you want in-depth explanations of many classic fundamental data structures and algorithms.

Just wish the assignments would be more about making the data structures and algorithms instead of just applying them.

A great intro to the world of data structures and algorithms, with programming assignments included to reinforce concepts Great course, excellent way to understand algorithms and data structure.

In simple manner, step by step, gives deep understanding in sophisticated data structures and algorithms.

A great foundation in data structures and algorithms.

There is no better course on data structures and algorithms.

Very solid course, at a perfect level for students with fundamental Comp-Sci skills who haven't coded in Java for a while and need a refresher on both Java and basic data structures and algorithms.

I took this course to refresh my Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge in order to prepare for technical interviews, and I'm glad I did.

if you need to master data structures and algorithms, this is the course for you.

I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to get basic experience in data structures and algorithms.

But I would like to have more assignments where we have to implement the data structures ourselves, because I thing the best way to learn an algorithms is by going throw the process of implementing and debugging it Great and challenging course to learn data structures and algorithms.

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computer science

The course is well designed for student with little background in computer science.

This is one of the greatest computer science course I've ever taken!

I have no background in computer science, but just a hobbyist in visual related programming.

I used to dislike computer science, but this video made me register into a part-time graduate program in CS in an university of my local area.

11/5000 Xièxiè tígōng zhème yōuzhì de kèchéng Thank you for providing such a quality course Great courses, but the grading of exercises is a bit lenient nice Great course on essential concepts in computer science that are often overlooked.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge of computer science and/or programming.

Before taking this course I used to think I have reached an end to my goal of learning Computer Science but now I feel the boat I was sailing was taking me in the wrong direction.

Elegantly explained concepts and detailed material makes this course a must-do for every Computer Science enthusiast.

What a great opportunity to take a course from one of the pioneers of computer science.

Challenging, but a greater refresher on some core Computer Science topics.

I've taken a number of computer science courses and this one is definitely among the top ones.

Superb course!I am a non-computer science graduate and this course has landed me the job offers from delhivery, myntra and microsoft india.

they clearly explained about algorithms foundations with code challenges for practice the lessons every week ? Awesome, I'd recommend it for everybody related to programming from Computer Science students to Engineers who has some gaps in algorithms and data structures Excelente didática do professor.

I really suggest it to anyone who is eager to be a better programmer and to have more profound knowledge about computer science.

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part ii

I can't wait to begin Part II.

Hope to do Part II!

Definitely moving on to part II!

When Part II of the course will start?!

Great course i can't wait for part II !

Cannot wait for the Algorithms Part II.

And I will absolutely continue learning algorithms, Part II.

Now moving on to Part II.

I said this in my review of Part II, but it applies equally well to Part I: For anyone who loves programming, this is a truly memorable course taught by one of the great heavyweights in the field.

I will move on to Algorithm part II for sure.

Look forward to Part II Excellent course, am taking it for the second time.

Only thing that was not perfect (for me) : Java language...Hope to participate to Algorithms Part II soon.

Loved it and will sign up for Part II now!

Tough but worthwhile course by one of the greatest university I've completed both Part I and Part II.

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looking forward

Looking forward to part II.

Looking forward to Part II!

By the end you'll not only improve your algorithmic thinking by directly working with the results in your code, but you'll also become a better Java programmer and get practice with abstract interfaces such as Comparators and Iterators.Looking forward to Part 2!

I am looking forward for 2nd part of course which should appear soon.Could you please provide estimates for 2nd part of course if possible?Excellent work!

Looking forward for taking Algorithms Part II.

Looking forward to the second part!

I am sincerely looking forward to enroll in other courdses as well.

Looking forward to part 2.

Looking forward to completing the second part of the course.

I believe Part II, which starts in November, will cover chapter 4 through 6 and am looking forward to it.

Two thumbs up and looking forward to the Part 2 of this course!

Looking forward for more courses.

Looking forward for part 2.

Looking forward for Part II of the course!

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interview questions

I wish the quizzes with interview questions would contain the solution or more in-depth explanation of approach to problem solving.

The ungraded interview questions help consolidating the knowledge acquired in every module too.

Interesting interview questions and homework.

I must say the exercises and programming interview questions made the course more interesting and thoroughly tested my understanding.

I enjoyed the lectures a lot, they are engaging and fast paced, the examples of practical applications are interesting; the assignments and interview questions are well thought and challenging.Thanks so much to the Princeton professors who decided to make this amazing material available online.

I can learn why we should code like that and the method to solve the problem Great course, assignments and job interview questions are the best part of it Great course, benefit a lot !

Also, adding interview questions related to chapter with hints after your trial and MCQs after every small lectures were charm to the course.

Interview questions are sometimes trickier than practical exercises.

I did not use the interview questions.Getting the course done in time and working full time simultaneously is very hard, though, but I don't really have any programming experience with me, so that might make it harder.

The job interview questions are more interesting than the exercises, although they aren't graded.

Also programming interview questions were an interesting addition to the course, though not enough help to solve them was provided (only small hints, and a not very active sections in discussion forums).

Another thing, after each subject there are some examples of interview questions in the form of exercises.

Still the course have a lot of information to digest and I would love to use extra time to review the course and interview questions part.

The interview questions and assignments are quite challenging, but I learned a lot from them.

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highly recommended

This course is highly interesting and requires really rarely background in programming.The assignments is extremely fun and give a lot of insight when you crack it.Highly recommended.

The course is for someone who really looks for challenge, the assignment is difficult but amazing, if you really trying hard to do it, even it is not 100/100, you can definitely learn much more than you can think of, highly recommended!

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended for students interested in data structure.

Highly recommended!

Exceptional Course!But a good knowledge and programming experience in Java is highly recommended.

Fantastic course Highly recommended!

Very useful and highly recommended.

Highly recommended!!!

这个是截止到现在为止,我看过的最好的算法教材了 有案例,而且工具很好用 highly recommended!

highly recommended Great course in algorithms and data structures.

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kevin wayne

Thank you Professor Robert Sedgewic and Kevin Wayne for producing such high qualify course on algorithms and making it free to all those want to learn.

I also like the projects, Kevin Wayne organized them very well, the auto grading is super and give us immediate feedback on function correctness and time memory usage.

老师巨牛,逻辑清晰,PPT动画配合的很好。 fun and entertaining intro Thank you, Princeton University along with Kevin Wayne and Robert Sedgewick.

Very thanks to Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne for coming up with this course.

Thanks to professors Robert Sedgewick, professor Kevin Wayne and all who made it available.

And be prepared, it won't be easy.And many thanks to Kevin Wayne for his fundamental job.

Thanks very much to Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne for putting together such an amazing learning resource and making it freely available.

To close this review, this comment I made in the review for Part II applies equally well to Part I: Professor Kevin Wayne was EXTREMELY active on the forums.

Time is priceless.So spending the time on this course is really worth for the life.It's my life changing course.My lifetime salute to Robert Sedgewick & Kevin Wayne It was such an amazing course, I am very happy that I had the chance to do it.

nice A great thanks to Mr. Robert Sedgewick and Mr. Kevin Wayne.

Thanks professors Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne.

Using the book Algorithms by the professor Bob Sedwick and Kevin Wayne would also be helpful.

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highly recommend this course

I highly recommend this course to anybody who is willing to learn about data structures and algorithms, understand in which situation which algorithm or data structure may be more suitable, how are these used in real life problems or even if you only want to practice them again.

I would highly recommend this course to my classmates and will take part II myself.

Overall, highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn basics of algorithms or review the material for interviews or general understanding.

Highly recommend this course.

I highly recommend this course.

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ever seen

Awesome~ thanks a lot .. its a great thing to share knowledge .. with all respect Best algorithm course ever seen.

It is the best Algorithm course I have ever seen.

Thx This is the best algorithms course i have ever seen before.

This is a great course of algorithms I have ever seen .

The best I ever seen.

The instructor's code is most elegant code I have ever seen and it was very illuminating to see how these fundamental algorithms are being implemented in such an elegant and efficient way.

the best class that I have ever seen!

Thanks Best course I've ever seen in my life.

best algorithm course I've ever seen!

The tasks were very good and challenged and grader result just are the best which I have ever seen.Thanks for such amazing course!

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easy to follow

Even without working the exercises, the lectures were easy to follow and highly interesting.

I find it easy to follow and understand.

Sedgewick's lectures are concise, focused and very easy to follow.

I find Prof. Sedgewicks' moderately paced lectures very concise and easy to follow.

Excellent course that is perfect accompaniment to their excellent book, you will need to know some Java and I'd recommend use of eclipse not but they give you great libraries and with the help of the discussion forums it should be easy to follow along.

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real world

Thanks to the professor for the assignments (which are applications of the concepts in the real world).

Course is great for creating your interest in algorithms with some great real world applications and implementations.

Great comprehensive course with real world applications of various algorithms included in various assignments.

The assignments are designed to apply the concepts on real world problems.

This course taught me how different data structure and algorithms affect real world problems.Instructor is good and in lecture slides and demo of working algorithm helped a lot to understand it clearly.I recommend to take this course to anyone who is at intermediate skill level.

The assignments are really engaging and have real world applications.

The course was really good in giving real time examples of the algorithms and its usability in the real world ,the course should also have offered few more assignment covering each topic in the assignments using every component of the course!

I also really enjoyed how the professor showed real world examples of how the data structures/algorithms are used, so that we aren't learning all this stuff in a vacuum.

A bunch of interview problems material, as well as real world applications.

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Aircraft Structures $96k

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Rating 4.8 based on 1,247 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Effort 6 weeks of study, 6–10 hours per week.
Starts Nov 21 (45 weeks ago)
Cost $0
From Princeton University via Coursera
Instructors Kevin Wayne, Robert Sedgewick
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Computer Science Algorithms Software Development

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