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Music Theory Comprehensive Complete! (Parts 1, 2, & 3)

This course has been independently reviewed by a panel of experts and has received a stellar 5-star rating.

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Welcome to the

This is a class designed for the average person who is ready to take music theory (or music interest) and turn it into a usable skill. Whether you are an active musician or an aspiring musician, this class is perfect for you.

For years I've been teaching Music Theory in the college classroom. These classes I'm making for Udemy use the same syllabus I've used in my college classes for years, at a fraction of the cost. I believe anyone can learn Music Theory - and cost shouldn't be a barrier.

My approach to music theory is to minimize memorization. Most of these concepts you can learn by just understanding why chords behave in certain ways. Once you understand those concepts, you can find any scale, key, or chord that exists. Even invent your own. If you've tried to learn music theory before, or if you are just starting out - this series of courses is the perfect fit.

Dr. Allen is a professional musician, top-rated Udemy instructor, and university professor. In 2017 the Star Tribune featured him as a "Mover and a Shaker," and he is recognized by the Grammy Foundation for his music education classes. 

This class is a Comprehensive class - it will have many parts, going through my entire annual curriculum.

This Edition of the class is the "Complete" Edition: It contains levels 1, 2, & 3 in their entirety. 

Included in this course: 

  • 151 Video lectures, following my college Music Theory Curriculum. 

  • 28 Downloadable worksheets for practice (with answers. )

  • Access through discounts to my entire network for music classes

  • Membership to the class theory-learner community

Because this is three classes combined into one, going through every topic we cover in this class would make for a very, very long list. Here is just a hint of all the topics we cover:

  • My approach to Music Theory

  • Tools you will need to learn Music Theory quickly and efficiently

  • Music software: Notation programs

  • The elements of the Score

  • Pitch Names

  • Pitch Classes

  • Octaves

  • The White Keys

  • The Black Keys (not the band. )

  • Half-Steps and Whole-Steps

  • Clefs

  • Intervals

  • Naming Octaves

  • Identifying Notes on the Staff

  • Identifying Notes on the Keyboard

  • Beat and Beat Divisions

  • Tempo

  • Downbeats and Upbeats

  • Dotted Rhythms

  • Time Signatures

  • Ties

  • Accidentals

  • Form in Music Notation

  • Chromatic and Diatonic scales

  • Ordered Pitch Class Collections

  • The pattern of a Major Scale

  • Scale Degrees

  • Solfege

  • Writing melodies with major scales

  • Analyzing melodies

  • What it means to be "in key"

  • Key signatures

  • How to identify key signatures

  • Popular song analysis

  • Building triads (chords)

  • Diatonic chord progressions

  • Roman numeral analysis

  • Inversions

  • Finding chords by formula

  • The thirds inside of a chord

  • Finding fifths by finding thirds

  • Diminished triads

  • Augmented triads

  • Chords on the guitar

  • Full Analysis: Canon in D (Pachabel)

  • Full Analysis: Minuet in G (Bach)

  • 7th Chords

  • Major 7th Chords

  • Minor 7th Chords

  • Dominant 7th Chords

  • Tendency Chords

  • Using the Circle of Fifths for Songwriting and Composition

  • Borrowing from Closely Related Keys

  • Scale Degree Names

  • Tendency Tones

  • Compound Meters

  • Compound Meter Signatures

  • Reading and Writing Compound Meters

  • Triplets, duplets, and Quadruplets

  • Finding Minor keys by alternations to Major

  • Patterns in Minor keys

  • Relative Minor keys

  • Parallel Minor keys

  • Minor keys in the Circle of Fifths

  • Using Minor Keys for Songwriting and Composition

  • Diatonic Chord Progressions in Minor

  • The V Chord and Minor and the Leading Tone Problem

  • Harmonic Minor Scales

  • Melodic Minor Scales

  • ...and much, much more.

And of course, once you sign up for this class, you automatically get huge discounts on all the upcoming parts of this class.

You will not have another opportunity to learn Music Theory in a more comprehensive way than this. 

All the tools you need to successfully learn Music Theory is included in this course and the entire course is based on real-life experiences - not just academic theory.

Please click the "Take This Course" button so you can launch your music career today.

Test Prep: 

This course is perfect for prep for the Praxis II Test (ETS Praxis Music), The ABRSM Music Theory Exam (up to Grade 8), AP Music Theory Exam, College Placement Exams (Music Theory), and other common secondary and post-secondary placement exams.

I guarantee that this course is the most thorough music theory course available ANYWHERE on the market - or your money back (30-day money-back guarantee)

Closed captions have been added to all lessons in this course.Captions are also included in Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Praise for Courses by Jason Allen:

⇢  "It seems like every little detail is being covered in an extremely simple fashion. The learning process becomes relaxed and allows complex concepts to get absorbed easily. My only regret is not taking this course earlier." - M. Shah

⇢  "Great for everyone without any knowledge so far. I bought all three parts... It's the best investment in leveling up my skills so far.." - Z. Palce

⇢  "Excellent explanations.  No more or less than what is needed." - A. Tóth

⇢  "VERY COOL. I've waited for years to see a good video course, now I don't have to wait anymore. Thank You. " - Jeffrey Koury

⇢  "I am learning LOTS.  And I really like having the worksheets. " - A. Deichsel

⇢  "The basics explained very clearly - loads of really useful tips. " - J. Pook

⇢  "Jason is really quick and great with questions, always a great resource for an online class. " M. Smith

Students who register for this course will receive ongoing exclusive content and discounts to all future classes in the series. 

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Rating 4.5 based on 2,206 ratings
Length 12.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Jason Allen
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Music Music Fundamentals

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music theory

I'm still kinda hoping it gets to something well explained and not just for 'tricking people into thinking they are smart' by dumbing everything down but telling them it's super hard... Great teacher, Im very pleased with this course it has helped me understand the basics of music theory very well and theory doest feel like such a daunting subject anymore im more confident to moving forward and developing my skills.

It is because of your amazing understanding of how a contemporary student's mind processes that I have learnt and can comprehend basic music theory in a mere 12 hours.

Well structured course that has given me a good grounding in music theory.

Im so glad i found this course, a lot of music theory lessons online can seem conflicting, but this class has finally just laid out the answers for me in a very easy and thorough manner.

Amazing course to get introduced into music theory and the music world in general I thought the concepts were presented well which made it easy to keep up and grasp things.

Jack Krystek The course so far has been very informative, I am learning a lot about music theory.

Awesome and easy way of explaining music theory and approach to things as a refresher I wanted to understand the learning style and approach for some more of the next courses in the series I am taking.

I wish I started with this course when first learning music theory as this explains it so much more easier:) I am taking a lot of Jason’s courses as they are easy to understand and go in deep and detail and have fun interesting faces along the way and he makes you feel smart not dumb down like other courses.

After enrolling in this course I bought two other courses from Jason and will probably complete the entire music theory series.

He explains so well evrything that is needed to understand music theory.

I'm understanding music theory for the first time ever.

I'm really enjoying this course so far, very in-depth, it went far beyond most music theory teachings I've gotten in my years, very well made, and concise.

I have been looking for a comprehensive music theory course that would fill in my gaps of the basics and take me deeper into the study of chords.

Pretty good course to learn music theory.

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so far so good

So far so good!

what a complete waste of my time when you could say you need the following staff paper and music score software try the free one first so far so good So far, so good.

So far so good, I would think that intervals study would've happened when explaining chords but, I think you are about to teach on that next Super, like it very much Easy to follow, great advice about the material we need and fun.

Tiene muchos cursos de introduccion So far so good.

Rambles a lot but the info is solid if you manage to not get lost in his rants so far so good Goede intentie van de cursusleider, iets te veel tekst en te snel van tempo.

Descriptive, good So far so good!

so far so good It's going great!

So far so good Yes.

so far so good Clear instructions It is a good course.

So far so good - I did not hear anything I did not know already :-) Yes, useful and I’m starting to feel inspired Yes I was very thorough.

this is really great and the instructor seems very smart on the topic yes so far so good.

So far so good So far it is clear, concise and easy to understand.

Really fit on my standard So far so good Yes very good I did not expect such a credible teacher leading this course, so far I'm satisfied.

So far so good, but the tuition has not really started yet.

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looking forward

Looking forward to the next one!

I learned so much and I’m looking forward to the starting the next one I enjoyed this three courses.

Looking forward to the next 3 classes!

A great refresher course and now looking forward to the next one I’m so glad to have found this course where everything is visual and taught through video.

Looking forward to the next levels Actually, I majored Music Composition in South Korea and never be taught in the English language.

Looking forward to understanding the complicated aspects of music theory!

I'm signed up to the following classes, looking forward to discover what's next!


Most of the first few sections of this course are memory refreshers, but I am definitely looking forward to diving deeper into the more challenging areas of music theory!

Looking forward to moving on.

I have now purchased the rest of the whole series so looking forward to getting down to it!

I'm looking forward to the lessons that will teach me something new.

I am looking forward to understand how chords fit in.

I am looking forward to 2-6.

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highly recommend this course

I highly recommend this course for anyone that really wants to learn music theory and how to read and understand music.

Highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning music theory from the ground up.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand how music works.

I highly recommend this course for its clear explanations and the wealth of essential information provided.

I highly recommend this course if you want to learn about music theory.

I highly recommend this course.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone new to or slightly experienced with music theory.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn music theory from the beginning.

I highly recommend this course for any more that is interested in music, is a composer (or wanting to be one), or any musician.

I HIGHLY recommend this course and I am EXTREMELY grateful to the professor.

I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn music theory from the ground up.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended!

I highly recommended this course!

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended for new comers to the music theory subject.

I highly recommended this music theory, it's clearly explained and progressively organised.

Seeing how highly recommended this course was, I decided to check it out for myself and I was not disappointed.

For that of a cheap price, this is a steal, highly recommended.

Highly recommended for a beginner like myself or if someone needs a refresher on the concepts of music theory or reading music.

Highly recommended and made my commute (3 hours a day) - a lot more productive ;-) The material is explained really well.

A very highly recommended course.

Well explained, highly recommended Yes, I love it and I am understanding it.

Amazing teacher, great content and the pace is also from beginner to advanced, so highly recommended!

Read more

step by step

A great way to get your feet wet with a step by step approach to understanding music.

I have not had a course that methodically covers each concept step by step.

Everything is explained step by step in an easy to understand way and I really feel that I understand everything I've learned so far.

This step by step approach is exactly what i needed.

It is a very clear and step by step course.

The course moves along and progresses at a nice steady pace and the work sheets are really helpful to make sure lessons are comprehended correctly Very clear and step by step.

This seems to me just fine, pretty clear step by step method.

This instructor presents the information clearly and concisely and lays out step by step, in a progressive and easily understood manner, what you need to be thoroughly versed in music theory.

Great step by step approach.

Brilliant, well explained examples, step by step analysis and approach.

Great step by step guide through music theory.

Very good explanations and nice step by step teaching.

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even though

I'm completing this course even though I know most of it.

Even though it’s early on in the course it doesn’t seem to be detailed enough.

Everything is very good explained, i had never any trouble understanding the course, even thought i did not know anything about music theory.

Everything is described really in detail and understandable, even though english ist not my first language.

At least I can read music now if not anything else (Kidding - it has surely confirmed whatever I did already know and given me more ideas on how to compose my melodies and rhythms in the future) I was expecting more detailed information on NCTs in the course itself, but this was not there even though Jason does mention he will go through types of NCTs soon.

Even though I've taken piano for 8 years, some things still confuse me!

La única "pega" es que está en notación americana Even though the material moves at a rapid pace, everything is laid out in a logical progression making it easy and fun to follow along.

Even though much of this is review, I'm learning new things that I must have missed.

Since this is very early on, I don't think I can have a lot of critique for the teaching style just yet because, even though I'm a bit rusty, I did already knew the material covered here.

Even though I already know all of the things I've seen so far, still nice to brush over it.

Fairly easy to understand and concepts are broken down even though I knew most of the stuff already always good to revise and maybe learn something I may have missed out on or didn’t pay much attention to.

Even though I knew the basics it's a good refresher and put into simpler terms to remember.

Even though I already know how to read music and some theory, I'm glad to have purchased this first part of the series.

Let's learn ... To a novice like me, it is great news even though I am not understand fully what you are talking.

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dr. allen

Dr. Allen presents an approachable and entertaining course that drives core concepts home with great clarity.

Looking forward to completing Dr. Allen's full Theory Comprehension curriculum.

I had music theory over 30 years ago and Dr. Allen has done an excellent job in explaining and demonstrating the musical theory concepts.

I like Dr. Allen's clear and practical approach to music theory which comes from being a true musician.

Thank you Dr. Allen for your courses which also are affordable.

Dr. Allen was outstanding in breaking things down for a music novice like myself to understand the basics of Music Theory.

Dr. Allen is knowledgeable and engaging and teaches this material in an accessible, fun way.

I already knew a big part of the covered material, but Dr. Allen explains everything so even someone who knows nothing about music theory will understand.

Keep it up Dr. Allen!

I find Dr. Allen's philosophy refreshing and look forward to using new tools mixed in with pencil and staves.

This course is being handled wonderfully by Dr. Allen.

Dr. Allen's teaching style is to understand everything he says, very clearly.

Dr. Allen has done a tremendous job.

Dr. Allen does an excellent job both in amount of material covered as well as explanation.

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laid out

I appreciate how the course was laid out in to sort of bite size chunks and that I can go back to review topics I might need more work on.

Course is very well laid out, explained in simple terms and at an adequate pace.

Now that I've had these concepts laid out for me, I have a much stronger grasp of the fundamentals, and feel more comfortable taking on more complex topics in the future.

:) Well laid out and very informative.

Great course, it was easy to understand and laid out in a perfect progressive manner.

Everything is laid out in quite simple terms and I'm enjoying following along!

These courses are laid out logically in a manner where each lecture builds upon the content of the previous one.

Topics are carefully laid out and introduced in a coherent way.

He's laid out a clear path for what to expect.

Great course, repetitive, laid out from the beginning and spoken in laymans terms, which is very conducive to learning.

I like how he laid out "goals" for the course The course is easy to follow even for a newby seems to be easy to follow and understand, great orator He’s very good at explaining his approach.

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easy to follow along

He makes it so easy to follow along and is a great teacher!

Just amazing, simplified and easy to follow along!

This is helpful for my adult (senior) learning detailed explanation, awesome teaching skills Easy to follow along.

Yes Very straightforward and easy to follow along I LIKE IT I'm really just beginning the course, but so far, I'm very pleased.

Very easy to follow along.

I found it informative and easy to follow along with.

It’s been fun learning so far Very easy to follow Yes very clear and easy to follow along I think is way better than others and an incredible tool for many musicians, thank you so much .

Read more

look forward to continuing

I look forward to continuing with his other Udemy courses.

I look forward to continuing to learn music!

It was a review for me and I look forward to continuing the program.

I look forward to continuing the course and hope Jason creates more in this series beyond 10, 11 & 12.

I look forward to continuing with his other music theory courses.

Read more

point of view

It sounds like he will teaching the course from the perspective I want: from a songwriter's point of view Yes.

he seems really good instructor I know music theory up to this point and a little beyond but it's good to hear it described from another point of view.

I really loved that he said he was teaching this class for a songwriting point of view.

excellent the course is really easy to follow happy to hear its made from a composes point of view.

Read more


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Associate Theory-seasonal sales $34k

Music Theory Tutor $35k

Music Theory and Academic Advising $39k

Math and Music Theory Specialist $52k

Vocal and Music Theory Instructor / Ensemble Dept. Head $56k

Clinical & Theory Instructor $56k

Music History and Music Appreciation Teacher $66k

Theory-seasonal sales Manager $69k

Music K-8 $80k

Associate Professor of Bassoon and Music Theory $88k

Scientist - Modeling and Theory $90k

Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Theory $138k

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Rating 4.5 based on 2,206 ratings
Length 12.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Jason Allen
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Music Music Fundamentals

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