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Microsoft AZ-104

Microsoft continued to updated and advance the Azure Administrator Certification which now requires you to pass either the AZ-103 or AZ-104 exam. As such, Nick Colyer, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, has worked with Skylines Academy once again to release the updated Azure Administrator certification course. This course continues to be well received by thousands of students all over the globe who continue to get certified using the Skylines Academy teaching formula "Educate, Enable, Empower".

Lectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of the Azure platform and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world. We also include the Skylines Academy SKYLABS Guide so you can practice yourself at your own pace when you aren't watching the videos.

This course curriculum follows the Microsoft's AZ-103/104 exam requirements and is broken out as follows:

  • Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resources

  • Implement and Manage Storage

  • Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines (VMs)

  • Configure and Manage Virtual Networks

  • Manage Identities

  • Additional AZ-104 Sections

Whether you are taking the AZ-103 or AZ-104 exam to get your certification. You can be sure that we have the material here to ensure your success. If that wasn't enough, there's also a FaceBook group to join where you can chat with Nick Colyer and fellow students to get help where needed. This is a high quality FaceBook group by invitation only, where people are there to help you along your Cloud journey so you can succeed in your career.

Thanks for joining us and good luck.

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Rating 4.1 based on 411 ratings
Length 10.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructors Nick Colyer, Skylines Academy
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification IT Certifications

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What people are saying

so far so good

so far so good, the explanation are very good in section 65, video is not clear not bad at all but it lack some questions for testing the topic that you have learned, a simple multiple choice just to see what has been retained by the brain Very simple language with good Explanations clear and easy to follow.

So far so good.

good It seens orifesional done This is a lot of information Yes Yes, so far so good Good Good So far so good.

So far so good I'm loving what I'm seen so far!

Excellent so far and well delivered So far so good Nick.

So far so good Lots of demos, Azure is explained well and key terms are defined clearly and it builds up the skills from the bottom up for the exam.

Some of the videos are blurred however the instructor waS GOOD IN EXPLANATIONS So far so good.

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easy to understand

Exam contents covered very well and easy to understand with lots of practicals included .

Nice demo, easy to understand things.

Instructor is excellent and easy to understand.

I'm new to Azure and found the pace very easy to keep up with and easy to understand.

The instructor was very easy to understand and thorough in the information covered; which matches the AZ-100 exam material perfectly.

Nice, smooth, friendly, kind voice and easy to understand.

easy to understand Excellent breakdown of Log analytics and Alerting!

Awesome teacher enjoying the training The presenter is very clear and easy to understand, I'm not getting bored listening to him talk.

thorough Useful training Excelente Yes good good Explained all topics in details and it is very easy to understand.

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azure portal

Listen along with the lectures and following alongside the demo in your own Azure Portal and you'll really have fun and learn a lot.

The demo seems outdated a bit, the current azure portal is slightly different from classic view the course demo employs.

Some old information, cant follow the istructor in the Azure Portal when the portal changed.

Please be reminded to practice the Azure portal as there will be 2 set of lab questions in the AZ-100 examination that you have to do hands-on lab cases in an interactive Azure portal environment.

Keeping things up to date with respect to how things are organised in Azure Portal is not easy, as things change all the time.

But I've notice that the Azure portal has been updated and not reflected in the 65:Demo Availability Sets video - I just happened to flick to that topic.

I was able to follow along and configure things in my own Azure portal to gain full understanding of each topic.

The the course starts with monitoring while your azure portal is obviously empty, so you cannot really configure anything from monitoring or log analytics perspective at that point.

But still, candidates are expected to have hands-on experience with Azure portal because the questions ask about the name of the blade to click to achieve a certain goal and the SkuName of Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.

I like the visuals on the slides and the demo of the overview of the actual azure portal.

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pass the exam

This course helped me to pass the exam.

Good course, if you are looking to pass the exam!

Regards Amarendra Kumar Das The videos and documentation provided are all I needed to pass the exam.

The video material is probably not enough to pass the exam but combined with reading the documents (to which links are provided after each section) should be just enough.

If you want to pass the exam you are obviously required to do a lot of labs on your own to get familiar with azure.

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run through

Otherwise, all round - Awesome run through the AZ-103 - Thanks!

Will run through the course again and focus on the study material to help prepare for the test.

Just completed my first run through doing some of the labs alongside.

Next, will be doing a second run through with pen and paper to make some notes.

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each section

Also, there is a small number of practice questions at the end of each section, it'd be helpful to have a bigger list at the very end of the course or a bigger list at the end of each section.

Some of the links given in the video could have been added as resources for students to click and go to the link, instead of asking us to type the full URL There are no Quiz at the end of each section as most of the good instructors have them and it gives little bit of confidence on our learning.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Academy Instructor, Correctional Sergeant $13k

Steam Plant Operator- Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy $37k

Recruitment Specialist - BMCC Learning Academy $59k

IT Instructor: Transition Training Academy $81k

Associate Academy Liaison Officer $88k

Senior Coast Guard Academy Admissions Partner $98k

Program Manager, Cigna Sales Academy $104k

Field Sales Academy; Customer Care Specialist $122k

Principal Academy English Teacher $193k

Partner Sales Academy Consultant $200k

General Counsel Academy $217k

Senior Partner Sales Academy $248k

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Rating 4.1 based on 411 ratings
Length 10.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructors Nick Colyer, Skylines Academy
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification IT Certifications

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