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Angular - The Complete Guide (2022 Edition)

Join the most comprehensive and bestselling Angular course on Udemy and learn all about this amazing framework from the ground up, in great depth.

This course starts from scratch, you neither need to know Angular 1 nor Angular 2.

Angular 13 simply is the latest version of Angular 2, you will learn this amazing framework from the ground up in this course.

Join the most comprehensive, popular and bestselling Angular course on Udemy and benefit not just from a proven course concept but from a huge community as well.  

From Setup to Deployment, this course covers it all. You'll learn all about Components, Directives, Services, Forms, Http Access, Authentication, Optimizing an Angular App with Modules and Offline Compilation and much more - and in the end: You'll learn how to deploy an application.

But that's not all.  This course will also show you how to use the Angular CLI and feature a complete project, which allows you to practice the things learned throughout the course.

And if you do get stuck, you benefit from an extremely fast and friendly support - both via direct messaging or discussion. You have my word.  ;-)

Angular is one of the most modern, performance-efficient and powerful frontend frameworks you can learn as of today. It allows you to build great web apps which offer awesome user experiences. Learn all the fundamentals you need to know to get started developing Angular applications right away.

Hear what my students have to say

Absolutely fantastic tutorial series. I cannot thank you enough. The quality is first class and your presentational skills are second to none. Keep up this excellent work. You really rock.  - Paul Whitehouse

The instructor, Max, is very enthusiastic and engaging. He does a great job of explaining what he's doing and why rather than having students just mimic his coding. Max was also very responsive to questions. I would recommend this course and any others that he offers. Thanks, Max.

As a person new to both JavaScript and Angular 2 I found this course extremely helpful because Max does a great job of explaining all the important concepts behind the code. Max has a great teaching ability to focus on what his audience needs to understand.

This Course uses TypeScript

TypeScript is the main language used by the official Angular team and the language you'll mostly see in Angular tutorials. It's a superset to JavaScript and makes writing Angular apps really easy. Using it ensures, that you will have the best possible preparation for creating Angular apps. Check out the free videos for more information.

TypeScript knowledge is, however, not required - basic JavaScript knowledge is enough.

Why Angular?

Angular is the next big deal. Being the successor of the overwhelmingly successful Angular.js framework it’s bound to shape the future of frontend development in a similar way. The powerful features and capabilities of Angular allow you to create complex, customizable, modern, responsive and user friendly web applications.

Angular 13 simply is the latest version of the Angular framework and simply an update to Angular 2.

Angular is faster than Angular 1 and offers a much more flexible and modular development approach. After taking this course you’ll be able to fully take advantage of all those features and start developing awesome applications immediately.

Due to the drastic differences between Angular 1 and Angular (=Angular 13) you don’t need to know anything about Angular.js to be able to benefit from this course and build your futures projects with Angular.

Get a very deep understanding of how to create Angular applications

This course will teach you all the fundamentals about modules, directives, components, databinding, routing, HTTP access and much more. We will take a lot of deep dives and each section is backed up with a real project. All examples showcase the features Angular offers and how to apply them correctly.

Specifically you will learn:

  • Which architecture Angular uses

  • How to use TypeScript to write Angular applications

  • All about directives and components, including the creation of custom directives/ components

  • How databinding works

  • All about routing and handling navigation

  • What Pipes are and how to use them

  • How to access the Web (e.g. RESTful servers)

  • What dependency injection is and how to use it

  • How to use Modules in Angular

  • How to optimize your (bigger) Angular Application

  • An introduction to NgRx and complex state management

  • We will build a major project in this course so that you can practice all concepts

  • and so much more.

Pay once, benefit a lifetime.

Don’t lose any time, gain an edge and start developing now.

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Rating 4.6 based on 10,000 ratings
Length 34 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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What people are saying

complete guide

This course is really a complete guide about Angular!

This course is complete guide for angular developer.

I just wanted to pay my respects to Maximillian Schwarzmüller and the Angular 7 - The Complete Guide course.

I really like this course, it's really "Complete Guide", like it was in title.

Mind the length of the course though - the title states "the Complete Guide..." : definitely there's no better title.

So trust me, purchase this complete guide and you're set for life!

It is indeed the complete guide to Angular.

Real Complete Guide, also Maximilian is one of the best instructor in Udemy, very lear explanation and deep understand of Angular.

The biggest advantage of opting for this course is, that it truly is "The Complete Guide" for Angular.

Definitely feel like this a "complete guide" to Angular.

A very complete guide to Angular 2+.

This is the complete guide indeed.

Thank you very much for this really complete guide !

The Complete Guide.

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il corso

THANKS YES, it is perfect Il corso è chiaro, interessante e facile da seguire.

Fino ad ora il corso mi sta piacendo molto.

Il corso è molto interessante e carico di nozioni.

Il corso inoltre, approfondisce ogni argomento senza tralasciare nulla.

Quasi tutte le sezioni contengono degli esercizi per mettere alla prova quello che si è appena appreso ed inoltre durante il corso viene anche sviluppata una piccola applicazione step-by-step.

There is a bit problem in using subtitles(If not used, one gets used to the accent after a period of time :P) Otherwise, the course is Awesome :D The best I sottotitoli hanno degli errori ma nel complesso il corso è ben strutturato e chiaro.

(Nonostante il corso sia interamente in inglese (ed i sottotitoli auto-generati in italiano non sono per niente precisi) l'insegnante è bravissimo nelle spiegazioni sia quando fa riferimento a termini tecnici (comunque semplici e conosciuti) sia quando spiega nuovamente lo stesso concetto con 'termini' più 'alla mano', non ho avuto nessun problema).

Muy bueno por ahora Il corso fino ad ora è molto ben fatto, l'inglese è chiarissimo e molto comprensibile e i concetti sono spiegati in maniera chiara.

Il corso è ben fatto, ben spiegato.

The basics e Project basics) rende il corso un po' lungo da seguire.

Il corso è sviluppato molto bene, tocca gli argomenti di base e quelli più avanzati in maniera efficace e approfondita.

Il corso è strutturato davvero bene, inizia dagli elementi base di un'app per poi passare ad argomenti più approfonditi Great teaching.

Il corso è completo, contiene degli ottimi esempi di codice molto utili a capire le nozioni teoriche che vengono spiegate.

:) I like the step wise sequence and clarity of the cource Sono solo all'inizio, però posso dire con certezza che il corso è utilissimo per chi non ha mai usato angular!

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native english speaker

The accent is a little distracting to be honest: I am not a native English speaker myself, so incorrectly pronounced words throw me off easily.

This is a very good lecture yep, and for me, a non native english speaker i appreciated the way you speak, its very clear.

I'm not native English speaker and I can understand everything.

He is a very good teacher, his English is very clear and understandable to me (a non-native English speaker).

I am from India so little difficulties I had to understand their assent when I talk with Native English speakers , but in this video i never felt that anywhere .

Being a non-native English speaker, this was really very useful to me.

The tutor is not a native english speaker, but this not a drawback at all.

Very understandable also for a non native english speaker like me.

max english is easy to understand but sometimes Im in a room with a lot of noise (kids sounds and tv mostly) and as im not a native english speaker I like to put the subtitles on, and read without making any efford to understand what the teacher says, and with this subtitles, this is not possible.

english is clearly understandable even for a non native english speaker :) Great course by a very knowledgeable teacher.

What is really good, that I am, not native english speaker, understand all.

Besides, the presenter shows everything in a very clear manner, speaks nicely and easily to understand for a non-native English speaker as myself.

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muito bom

Em primeiro lugar, o inglês dele é muito bom.

Muito bom!

Curso muito bom!

Meu listening para o inglês ainda não é muito bom, mas a pronúncia do instrutor é tão clara que não precisei me preocupar com isso.

Curso muito bom ensina desde o básico ao avançado e mostra bem o poder da linguagem na sua totalidade Insanely detailed course that covers everything from start to finish.

O método do professor é muito bom, ele explica o significado de tudo o que está fazendo e porque está fazendo.

Muito bom o curso, o autor realmente se preocupa em ensinar como o framework funciona indo além do básico de dar um simples exemplo de aplicação pra seguir The course content is very complete.

Muito bom, estou muito satisfeito!

Muito bom esse curso, já tenho uma experiência boa com Angular 1 e isso ajuda muito, mas o professor é cativante e está muito focado no curso, mesmo sendo em Inglês é fácil entender e acompanhar!

Very thorough and information rich Muito bom, bastante pedagógico e completo.

Muito bom, bem detalhado e achei o conteúdo bem dividido.

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step by step instructions

Very good step by step instructions - starting at the basics (not assuming much previous knowledge) - spending the extra time doing it this way, might cost a bit of time, but in the end it will actually increase accelerated learning.

La ripetizione aiuta, ma questa duplicazione rende il corso adatto ad un professionista che ha già idea di quello che è spiegato e usa le videolezioni come approfondimento a temi che conosce solo superficialmente Very in-depth explanations and step by step instructions.

step by step instructions - nevertheless, not boring for someone who knows A1.x Very good courses.

Brilliant explanations excellent in all ways Good audio, clear instructions Step by step instructions.

Great explanations with awesome step by step instructions to build a good base knowledge to work from.

Overall great introduction, step by step instructions and I think the assignments will be very helpful.

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visual studio code

Would have preferred to see Visual Studio Code and how to get it setup.

I used Visual Studio Code as my IDE (Very helpful for writing TypeScript code) and Ubuntu 17.10 Linux VM to serve the examples.

I've used Visual Studio Code as my IDE and it has worked quite well.

Actually I am using visual studio code for implementation but I am getting error when I use ng serve command so can you please me..

I'm following codding as it progress , and every thing is working in visual studio code.

Because its just the start I understood basics of angular and setup of cli and how to create app using angular cli and editing it using Microsoft visual studio code IDE.

The issue, of course, is that while the instructor is very skilled at what he does, only half of what he does with regard to keyboard shortcuts, CLI commands, coding syntax, etc actually translate over to my setup (Windows, Visual Studio Code, and the most recent Angular 2).

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short period of time

I have already grasped how Angular works within a short period of time, explanations are super good and the delivery of this course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller is very very good.

I had to learn Angular 2 in a short period of time which led me to buy this course after reading some good reviews and this helped me get going.

Great job to Max in getting the course to where it is in what I consider relatively a short period of time.

I feel like I'm learning so much within a short period of time and the instructor's walkthroughs of definitions and examples are very effective.

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knew nothing about angular

I knew nothing about Angular before this course and now I feel very proficient after completing this course.

I knew nothing about Angular, I've only worked with Angular JS and this course helped me to start building a real world app within a couple of days of lections.

I knew nothing about Angular before this course and i can see myself going at great pace now!!

I did have a little prior JS and and html experience, but not much, and knew nothing about Angular.

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der kurs ist

Overall is flows well I like learning from Udemy for the most part Going too fast good test Der Kurs ist spitze, auch sehr verständlich erklärt.

Der Kurs ist ausgezeichnet.

I solved it easily Der Kurs ist gut strukturiert und enthält aufeinander aufbauende Lektionen.

Der Kurs ist sehr gut strukturiert und sehr gut verständlich und ein große Hilfe bei der Einarbeitung in Angular 2 Because the course is excellent.

Der Kurs ist logisch strukturiert und einfach nachvollziehbar.

Hi Max, der Kurs ist bis jetzt so ziemlich "ok".

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my only complaint

My only complaint would be that there isn't enough practise since angular is a framework with a steep learning curve, and more practice would just make this the perfect course!

That is where my only complaint began.

My only complaint about the course is the initial Angular 2 content had a few breaking changes when trying to develop it in Angular 6.

My only complaint about the course is that it could've more exercises to do on our own and the last module about typescript should've been in the beginning for those who are new to Angular.

My only complaint is that the demonstrations move a bit too fast.

My only complaint is that the two components that are made are server and servers which when the instructor says them they sound the same and it gets a bit confusing.

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top notch

His courses are top notch, you can't go wrong with any of his courses I first tried a renowned book which at some point raised the learning curve too high for me.

If anyone asks about doing ANYTHING I tell them go find Maximillian on Udemy and take his course, Top Notch.

Max's courses are top notch.

Max is a top notch instructor!

Thanks for your hard-work in putting this together (y) Max knows his stuff very well and his explanation is top notch.

Max makes the content seem easy - but make no mistake - you can tell that he has invested alot of time in making this a top notch course.

A1 top notch class.

Presentation of content and learning material on the site is top notch.

The instructor is top notch and explains things very clearly.

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pros and cons

It's very clear to understand and goes through pros and cons of different solutions.

Great pace of the course, gradually showing the pros and cons of using one feature over another, steady increase of complexity.

I would like to know more about the pros and cons of features provided by angular which is keeping me more engaged with the course and gives me the better picture to know and remember things.

this is too much early to ask for rating Great examples, highlighting pros and cons of differents solution.

Just the fact that he briefly states the different pros and cons to two similar approaches to achieve the same result.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Front End Software Engineer - Angular, Node.js, .Net $48k

Angular JS, CSS, Javascript $53k

Licensed Real Estate Agent, Max Broock Realtors $53k

Angular JavaScript Developer - TS/SCI $54k

Angular Developer - Northeast $57k

Web Development Engineer (Angular) $60k

Epic Version 2012 Ambulatory & OB Credentialed Trainer/Instructional Designer $61k

Mid-Level Angular JavaScript Developer $62k

Angular JS $65k

Assistant Department Chair and Max P. Watson Professor of Business $88k

Java Front End Developer with Angular JS $125k

Angular Material Design Team Member $153k

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Rating 4.6 based on 10,000 ratings
Length 34 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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