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Complete Guitar Lessons System - Beginner to Advanced

Would You Like to Eliminate Every Struggle That You Are Faced With When Starting to Play Guitar?

       This course is your "Ticket" to playing guitar.  It is the most direct and to the point complete online guitar course. 

Follow the Videos in the Exact Same Order and You Will See a Huge Positive Change in Your Playing

  • 306 Lectures/Videos with PDF Attachments

  • Over 40 hours of video

  • It's available on a PC or MAC and there is a iPad, iPhone and Android app ready to go.  

  • Keeping track of which videos(lectures) you have already watched is a breeze.  Udemy has a great way of keeping track of your completed lessons(lectures).

  • The entire course is organized in step-by-step easy to follow layout

       The more you practice the better you will get.  With the Right Practice style you will be able to witness fast results.  

       Erich's teachings are different than all of the other online teachers.  He has made it super easy to be successful at playing guitar.  All you have to do is follow the videos in order and put together some good practice habits. 

Here is what Renee Martin had to say about Erich's Course: See reviews at the bottom.

  "WOW. 0 to 60 in 306 Lessons.  

       I have learned soooo much from Erich's lessons. I've had my guitar for less than 5 months and I have such a firm foundation and core understanding of the principles and techniques I need. The sky is the limit, If my fingers can catch up to my brain. It will take a lot of practice, but thanks to this Complete Guitar System. I'm on the continuum to being a great guitar player, and I'm loving it. It's been a pleasure and I look forward to revisiting many of the lessons since I get to keep them FOREVER. Thanks Erich for answering all my questions. You RAWK. " 

Who is this Guitar Course For?

  • If you are a beginner then this course is perfect for YOU.

  • If you have tried to play guitar before and quite.. then this course is perfect for YOU.

  • If you have or do take personal one-on-one guitar lessons with a guitar instructor and feel like you are not getting the results you feel like you deserve than this course is perfect for YOU.

  Erich's Guitar Videos, Ebooks, Online Guitar Courses and Books Have Reached Millions of People All Around the World. 

  • With More Than 100 Million Views on Youtube alone (combining my two Youtube Channels)

  • Nearly 40 Years Experience in Teaching and Playing

  • Over 1 million Youtube Subscribers across all channels

       We all know you have to practice to become better at guitar. 

       Most teachers don't have a "plan" for beginners to follow for them to see actual results. 

       This course, and all of Erich's courses on Udemy, are laid out in a "no fail" order.  So all you have to do is follow the videos in order and put your practice to good use. 

       Erich will teach you the correct techniques and exercises to incorporate into your practice so you begin to establish the Right Practice habits. 

  From picking up your first guitar to being able to jam out to songs that you have always dreamed about being able to play on the guitar THIS course will get you moving in the right direction. 

       Beginner to Advanced and 

  • 306 Lectures and 34 hours of Video = $7,500.00 Value

  • PDF Attachments for Almost Every Lecture

  • "fail proof" if You Practice and Have a Determined Attitude

Add 5 Bonus Videos - That Makes it a Total of 311 Video Lectures.

       Two-hand Tapping Technique Series is a 6 part video series over 20 minutes long.  These bonus videos will help you quickly learn how to start using the two-hand tapping technique. 

  Let's Break This Course Down 

       How many one-on-one lessons would this course equal out to be if you wanted to have lessons with Erich? 

       This course has 306 lectures which translates into 70 hours of one-on-one lessons.  That would be a total of $7,000.00 for 70 hours of 306 lectures, $100/per hour. 

  • There's no way I could charge you $7,000.00 for this course.

  • There's no way I could charge you $3,500.00 for this course.. or even a tenth of that.

  •   It's only $145

           And here's my no questions asked money back guarantee. 

    There's a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

           Is this course for you? 

           Honestly, I have know idea.  And that's why we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee. 

      Scroll up and click the "Take This Course" button now. 

           WARNING:  This course is NOT for the person who thinks by purchasing this course it will then magically give them all your guitar skills to you without you having to put the time, effort and practice.  It does take practice if you want to see results. :) 

      Get Started Today 

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    Rating 4.3 based on 2,983 ratings
    Length 40 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $26
    From Udemy
    Instructor Erich Andreas
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects Art & Design Humanities
    Tags Music Instruments

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    What people are saying

    step by step

    this course is poorly presented: (1) it talks too much about all the peripheral stuff like how you should be patient and will get better and better; but not so much on how you play chords, where your fingers should be put on; (2) and when something is demoed, there is not a clear illustration or step by step guide, it feels like the teacher is always beating around the bush without getting to "it".

    It is a very good course to who is really interested in learning how to play guitar, as it takes you step by step in a simplified fun methods.

    I recommend this course for every beginner guitar player that thinks he need to learn it step by step and not just rush into things.

    Good course material, step by step tutorial, easy to understand.

    very nicely explained step by of the excellent course Video playback issues.

    I knew nothing, I still kind of know nothing, but he is taking me step by step, and makes me feel safe and that I can learn.

    My first day using the course, and I can already realize that the instructor is very knowledgeable and is going to walk me through the course, step by step which makes me feel much more comfortable knowing that I don’t need to walk into a foreign subject blindly.

    But this is really a step by step and full course.

    Very good step by step lessons I love how he is going through every part of learning an instrument.

    Building mastery through this VERY clear step by step instruction and practice of technique is the best.

    Nice step by step course, sometimes bad sound quality depending on the video and a disadvantegous picture cutout.

    my advice to all fellows, follow it step by step and don't skip a lesson until u became perfect at it... looking forward to complete the whole course and i'll share how my performance improved.

    I can't imagine anyone not learning guitar if they just follow the course step by step.

    I am a new learner this course is helping me with step by step learning.

    Read more

    looking forward

    Looking forward to the advanced stuff.

    Looking forward to learning the rest of the course and practice.

    However, I like the instructor and I’m looking forward to the more advanced videos.

    I am enjoying it very much, and looking forward to the upcoming lessons.

    I'm really looking forward to the next level of material and the rest of the course work.

    Looking forward to the slow pace and encouragement as the content and complexity increase.

    I am a beginner and I am looking forward to learning more as the course progresses.

    Looking forward to the intermediate and advanced work to come!

    Looking forward to the rest of the course.

    I am looking forward to the rest of the course.

    Looking forward to the lessons ahead.

    I'm looking forward to what I'll be able to do in the future!

    Erich is helping me to slow down and practice the basics before I move on :) It seemed slow to start with but now I,m really looking forward to each lesson and feel like I,m progressing well The guy seems very friendly as a teacher & is doing a great job comforting a beginner level guitar player on learning the instrument & its basics.

    Looking forward to improving!

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    highly recommend

    I highly recommend this course - I really like the PDF's he includes as it help reinforce the lessons.

    I highly recommend this to all beginner or intermediate players so far.

    Anyway, I would highly recommend this course to everyone who is looking to learn guitar or take their skills to the next level.

    This is a very comprehensive guitar course and is highly recommended!

    A very thorough course, highly recommended for guitarists of all skill levels 1. too many unnecessary videos - on tone and amps etc.

    I highly recommend others to take this course!

    Highly recommend.

    Highly recommend this course so far!

    Would highly recommend!

    I would highly recommend to anyone!

    Highly recommended.

    Thus, I highly recommend this course.

    Very enjoyable and highly recommended.

    Highly recommended!

    Read more

    self taught

    I've been playing guitar now for almost 12 years, but since I'm mostly self taught there are lots of gaps in my musical knowledge, especially when it comes to theory.

    Having played for years, self taught, I am finally filling the gaps in my knowledge which is helping me actually become inspired to play more.

    For someone who is self taught, this course has done a tremendous job at filling in the blanks.

    I feel like I'm learning something new with every video since I'm self taught and with the help of youtube videos.

    Thanks man :) :) sometimes misleading to make the videos long and has barely any songs.and sometimes i don't really get what he means IT is informative and build in blocks but i have a long way to go yet Going through this course as a beginner as I am self taught but do not have the background of what playing guitar actually means.

    I am the self taught brand and did not ever take time to learn the basics.

    Fantastic I loved it I self taught myself years ago and hit a plateau.

    I am a self taught guitarist, and have been looking for a course or an instructor that would fill in the voids that I have missed.

    I am a self taught guitarist who swore by "google searches and youtube alone will get you going".

    I have been a self taught guitarist for 45 years and have developed many bad habits.

    I've been writing songs for years, but with basic chords and picking structures as a self taught guitar player!

    I have been playing guitar for a few years, self taught.

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    just getting started

    Just getting started l like that you are being very clear about everything, great communication skills , i hope you don't let me down when it gets harder :) graet advice.. Instructor is very easy to listen to I want to learn guitar Could have fitted all that info into a shorter video.

    I have already seen improvements and I'm just getting started.

    explicaciones muy claras y apropiadas Just getting started Need more time to evaluate.... Too long video for few information es muy claro y makes it easy Great, detailed information so far.

    Just getting started.

    Just getting started with the program.

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    many years ago

    I am looking at a travel guitar.... and right now torn between a Taylor which I have tried and a Zager I'm taking a 12 day trip to Alaska and playing with my guitar buddy.... We did this many years ago going through the Shenandoah National Park...stopping, playing,,enjoying this guy talks to much, tell much stories... a lot of useless videos apparently just to sell a course that, from the outside, seems a lot of hours hence content.

    Having paid for a teacher many years ago for one on one lessons, I can tell you that this is much more worth it.

    Played guitar many years ago and now I want to get back into playing.

    This is much better instruction than I received as a kid many years ago in one on one situation.

    Although I played the guitar and flute professionally many years ago, I learned something already that I did not know before .

    Read more

    takes his time

    Nothing feels rushed, and the instructor takes his time to walk us through the entire process from A to Z.

    Your Guitar Sage is just a great teacher, he takes his time to teach you everything you need to know to get up and running on the guitar.

    Ale oglądam dalej:) Guitar Sage takes his time and thoroughly explains all material covered.

    i like the way he describes with great detail and takes his time about it.

    He takes his time to explain the subject well and give the viewer a better picture.

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    some bad habits

    The instructor builds and basics and even corrected some bad habits that an in person instructor let me take on.

    I've learned a lot more than i expected to and picked up some great techniques and identified and fixed some bad habits.

    It's just the very basics so far but it is helping me identify and correct some bad habits I've developed in my playing.

    I Have have developed some bad habits, and am glad to be learning great technique, step by step, so my playing improves.

    Read more

    knows his stuff

    - Nigel Great course so far, Erich is a top notch guitarist and knows his stuff.

    He knows his stuff and teaches in a way that all should be able to understand.

    The instructor knows his stuff!

    Erich knows his stuff but he makes it so easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.

    Read more

    fret board

    Being new I now struggle with the wider fret board and wished I had researched that more in the beginning.

    I'm learning the fret board.

    Opened my knowledge to the fret board like no other source.

    The Fret board and octaves is very well explained and I now understand where all the A’s and stuff comes from yes, taking it baby steps but learning new things!

    I’m a little confused about why he would put an intro into the fret board and notes so early - even before holding the posture etc.

    explanations are quick and easy to understand The lesson where the instructor talks about picking a guitar, talked about price, feel & sound, which are valid points but for a non guitar person like I was looking at my first guitar, knowing more about how high the strings are off the fret board, right handed vs left handed, and built in amp or not all help.

    Read more

    for example

    The amount of detail in this course is excellent, for example the explanations on best techniques and why they need to be done a certain way is particularly helpful in understanding how it will make the learning experience easier and more enjoyable and therefore more likely to see the course through to the end.

    For example, despite playing for so many years, I never really picked up fingerpicking.

    For example dexterity.

    The vids sometimes do not fit effectively within the Udemy template frame: in the lecture on settings for the Telecaster guitar, for example, the controls Erich is supposedly explaining are completely hidden behind the control bar at the bottom of the screen.

    I'd say I was past the beginner stage before I started but this has already helped me notice some minor flaws I was making in, for example, my fretting hand and how to make chords more easily.

    For example $ 100 means about ₹ 6,500 in India and i could buy a Yamaha or a Cort or a Sigma for that money and even a Gibson.

    For example D'Addario and Gibson sell phospher bronze strings while a local company in India like Karuna also sell them.

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    guitar system

    I still don't know if after this course, one would still have to purchase another course (unstoppable guitar system) but this course definitely worth the money.

    It will take a lot of practice, but thanks to this Complete Guitar System, I KNOW WHAT to practice and HOW (and why) to do it CORRECTLY!!!

    However, the "Complete Guitar System" leaves a lot to be desired.

    First and foremost, my initial experience with Erich Andreas Complete Guitar System - Beginner to Advanced course.

    Now that I have started to go through the Complete Guitar System, I have those cores skills and my guitar playing is significantly better.

    I love the Ultimate Guitar System, they're wonderful especially for beginning guitarists.

    Read more


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    Guitar Builder $52k

    Guitar Instructor 1 $54k

    Commercial Guitar $58k

    guitarist, guitar instructor $59k

    Guitar Instructor 2 $61k

    Guitar Faculty $63k

    Primary guitar technician $78k

    Consulting Producer (Music Videos) $83k

    General Practice $90k

    Adjunct professor of jazz guitar $98k

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    Rating 4.3 based on 2,983 ratings
    Length 40 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $26
    From Udemy
    Instructor Erich Andreas
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects Art & Design Humanities
    Tags Music Instruments

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