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Amazon EC2 Master Class (with Auto Scaling & Load Balancer)

AWS EC2 is the fundamental core component that every AWS Professional should know about.

If you know nothing about EC2 or feel you could learn more, this course if for you. I guarantee you'll learn something on EC2 you wish you knew all this time.

In this course, we are going to explore in depth, with hands-on lectures, all the components of Amazon EC2, including the most recent components such as Application Load Balancer and newer options for Auto Scaling.

In just a few hours, you will know everything you need to know about EC2 and seamlessly deploy your applications in the best possible way, with the optimal configuration, resiliency, and cost efficiency.

In this course, we are going to put all the concepts learned into action using the Course Companion Application. This application mimics what a real-life application would look like and expose great behaviour for learning.

Amazon EC2 Master Class is the best way to get a great overview of all the possibilities offered by AWS EC2:

> Learn EC2 and master all its concepts> Go through Hands On examples to practice what we learned with the companion course app> Learn how to choose the best EC2 Instance Type for your application and workload> Learn how to properly use the newer Application Load Balancers> Learn how to properly use the newer policies for Auto Scaling> Get a great understanding of advanced rules in Security Groups for optimal security > So much more.

Note: This course assumes you have some knowledge about Linux, and we will not be using Windows EC2 instances.


Stephane Maarek is the instructor of this course. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and the author of the highly-rated AWS CloudFormation and AWS Lambda course on Udemy. He has already taught to 40000+ students and received 12000+ reviews.

He shares all his AWS knowledge on the platform, taking the time to explain every concept and provide students with both theoretical and practical dimensions. You are in good hands.

Section outline:

  • AWS EC2 Course Introduction: Get an understand of the course objectives, how the course is structured, download the course code and get ready.

  • Amazon EC2 Basics: Learn the basics of EC2, such as instances, SSH, Security Groups, Private vs Public IPv4, EC2 User Data, and EC2 Pricing

  • EC2 Machine Images (AMI): Learn about AMIs, build your own custom AMI for this course that will have our course application ready to go.

  • Choosing the right EC2 Instance Type: Learn valuable knowledge into choosing the best EC2 Instance for your application. Learn how Learn about M, T2 instances, and T2 Unlimited. This section is priceless.

  • Network and Security in EC2: Learn how to create your perfect security group, properly leveraging CIDR and IP ranges, Security Group to Security Group rules, Elastic IP, and EC2 placement groups.

  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB): Learn the fundamental concepts behind Load Balancing in AWS EC2. Learn about the 3 kind of load balancers available in Amazon EC2, and setup them up properly in hands-on lectures.

  • Auto Scaling Groups (ASG): Setup an Auto Scaling Group, directly linked to our Application Load Balancer. Observe manual scaling behaviour. Setup and Configure Auto Scaling for our application using the old and new policies.

  • EBS (Elastic Block Stores): Learn what is EBS, the benefits it provides, and the various type of drives you have access to in AWS. Learn how to create them, attach them, resize them, and snapshot your EBS drives.

  • EC2 Running Modes (cost saving): Learn the differences between the 4 running modes of EC2: On Demand, Reserved Instances, Spot Instances and Dedicated Hosts.

This Course Also Comes With:

Lifetime Access to All Future Updates

A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section

Links to interesting articles, and lots of good code to base your next template onto

Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

A 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee.

This is the course that could change your AWS skills.

Learning and getting hands-on on AWS EC2 helps you to enhance your career opportunities and helps to boost your income. An investment in your career is an investment in yourself. Don’t procrastinate. There is no time like the present to take charge of your career. Take your career to the next level by learning AWS EC2 today.

Take the course now, completely risk free .

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Rating 4.7 based on 221 ratings
Length 5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructors Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer, Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags Development IT & Software Other Other IT & Software

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What people are saying

very good course

This was a very good course to get an overview of an EC2 and the different parts that go along with it.

Very good course overall!

Very good course with practical examples Amazing course for Deep dive EC2 learning !

Very good course with the right amount of Hands on exercises.

I think, this is a very good course for anyone, very good explanation and to the point and the instructor is very responsive.

Very good course.

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very well

Basics are very well covered.

I just bought his full "AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate" class and I am convinced that it is money very well spent!

Please bring dedicate courses on Cloud formation Technologies Very well organized and informative.

Very well explained.

Very well designed and rolled out, I just purchased the next one from the same author.

To be frank, I have attended couple of courses on AWS plus my readings and lots of practice, and found out this course to have many things explained very well, in very simple steps.

It's all very well explained and it helped me a lot to get some doubts I had.

it is very well done Everything that you want to know about the EC2 service of AWS , its in there one of the best courses for AWS on uDemy!!!

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easy to follow

Really nice course, easy to follow and explained for dummies :) Nice course to clear basics.

New to me but able to learn the basics Content is a bit dated, but still great The course was easy to follow and the instructor was very thorough in explanations.

The tutor has very good knowledge in AWS and he explained topics very well, I really liked it, to be honest the tutorial is short and sweet, I would recommend students to go for this, since it is really useful :) Best course on EC2 out there, Very comprehensive and easy to follow, and already use the knowledge on our services Passed AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (Released February 2018) today.

Good course, many real world examples, easy to understand, easy to follow.

Stéphane Maarek has made this course easy to follow, practical and fun.

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course on ec2

Pretty good course on EC2 and Load Balancer.

This was an excellent course on EC2!

Excellent demonstration <3 best course on EC2 Good Excellent explanation great Perfect Course for EC2 It's ok if you know nothing/just a little about AWS overall.

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other courses

The course was really good and I have done other courses from Stephane and they were all awesome.

will definitely be interested in other courses provided by this Instructor The course was excellent and pin point.

This course demystify lots of concepts which other courses had no lucid explanation one of the examples CIDER.. and many more SG ELB Volumes snapshot are the concepts, it makes clear.

I have taken other courses but this is the best one on EC2.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Developer Advocate - EC2 Container Services $46k

AWS Java $58k

AWS Dev-ops $65k

AWS Database Engineer $76k

AWS Implementation Engineer $92k

AWS Redshift Architect $96k

AWS Finance $101k

System Development Engineer - EC2... $130k

JAVA Architect with AWS $133k

Applied Scientist, EC2 Spot - AWS $151k

Software Design Engineer, EC2 Security $177k

Software Design Engineer, EC2 Security 2 $231k

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Rating 4.7 based on 221 ratings
Length 5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructors Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer, Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags Development IT & Software Other Other IT & Software

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