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Building Your English Brain

If you can't think in English, you can't become totally fluent in English. That may sound a little bit strange, but it's true. Translating your language into English will keep you from being able to naturally communicate. This course will push you to use your English brain. It includes exercises, techniques, and a rigorous path toward fluency. This course is absolutely essential for anyone ready to take their English to the next level. 

You will be able to see my face and mouth clearly in each video lesson, and I will use a blackboard at all times. 

Each lesson focuses on a single idea, and each is comprehensive. You can go at your own pace and should take your time, with lots of practice between videos. Replaying each lesson is highly recommended. 

The old expression 'practice makes perfect' is not correct. In fact, it should be: 'PERFECT practice makes perfect'. That means, you can work hard and make very little progress with your spoken English, or you can work hard and smart, with this course, and make huge strides towards your English speaking goals. That's what this course is all about—working smart.

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Rating 4.5 based on 269 ratings
Length 3 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Luke Priddy
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Language English
Subjects Languages
Tags Language Language Learning Teaching & Academics

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What people are saying

very good

Thanks a lot for this course Very good course.

Mafadal, It is very Good because of the tips and I hope I can speak English without translate in my head, Thanks I've got clearly what should I do to speak in English.

コンテンツは非常に良かったですが、一点、難点があります。アプリケーションの問題なのか、動画の途中で度々、エラーが発生し、何度もアプリを立ち上げる必要がありました。 It's a very good start.

Very good tips, excellent pronuntiation, I really liky this course, thanks Luke.

I Liked, the teacher is a very good comunicator, he speaks clearly and is very easy to follow.

Yes, this course was very good, it has many useful advices to improve .

nice voice and very good explanation Very clear im a bigener but I understand it very easy It's a very useful course for me!

he is a very good teacher, i love the way he teach Your English nice and able to follow.

Nice Very good good Cool amazing Excellent Tips to think and learn english.

It is good IT was clear Yeah very good Nothing useful yet De momento una grata experiencia, el profesor se expresa muy bien y es fácil seguirlo.

I must say he has great, calm voice, so he's very good to listen to and his ideas are very helpfull.

Very good tips to learn English fast.

very good to me.

Good Luke is very good very nice, foundated and engaging :) İt was strange ,different , think about different way to learn english also he speaks so clearly ?

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thinking in english

He given good techiniques and tips for change our mind and thinking in english.

Luke gives you some basic tools that will help you to start thinking in English.

Being a non-native English speaker, i used to hear a lot this phrase 'Thinking in English' and wonder.

Very good ideas and exercises to improve speaking and thinking in English.

I'm going to try following his suggestions to come true my goal: thinking in English.

Great show, enjoyed it and gave me keys to best practice to be followed to improve and make progress in thinking in English.

Very useful, good suggestions to improve english thinking Start thinking in English, a whole program and I'm thinking just at listening to the teacher: amazing !

One tip, Im trying to write this coment only thinking in english... ;-) it's confortable pronaunciation and speaking to listen to.

And also this course was helpful in rectifying the mistakes I used to make while Learning English(especially in vocabulary and thinking in English).

I definitely recommend it to anyone willing to change his mind and start thinking in English in order to feel more confident in his or her English communication.

Tanya You can hope to get a clear strategy of how to learn thinking in english with simple routines of reading, listening and observing.

His course improved my confidence and helped me start thinking in English.

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learn english

If you really do the things described in this course, then you are going to learn english one way or another, this teacher is great!

It really helped me to have correct mindset while using resources to learn English.

Tiene buenas sugerencias para mejorar la fluidez Give some good points to learn English.

I recommend this course to other people who are going to learn English and feel get stuck with it.

Luke lays the foundation of how to learn English correctly.

It's really fun for me to learn English this way.

Thanks so much for this course let me know how to learn English more efficient .

I hope i will have a English brain end of the course :) Luke gives a lot of useful advices about how to learn English.

the best way to learn english The course is very useful.

The Situations those suggested by him are very useful Thank you sir It reflects a good and a new way to me to learn english Too many obvious tips and he didnt explain how to read, but mostly why read.

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easy to understand

This is a good course, easy to understand.

Good advice and easy to understand.

awesome course and great tips for next level of improvements Easy to understand, lot of fun and tips for learning.

Good Yes, I will continue with the next lessons Yes Excelent... good Because is clear enought It is easy to understand and I look forward to the rest.

The teacher is really good at explaining things and he is easy to understand.

Very good The teacher speak so easy to understand.

The command of your language was pretty easy to understand.

Easy to understand examples and exercises.

Easy to understand Very good 循序渐进 Very useful for me.

easy to understand.

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very simple

And the language\style you used to design this course is very very simple and beginners also can understand this.

The suggested plan was really easy with a very simple method.

You have understood me difficult things very simple language!

The proposed exercises are very simple but effective.

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improve my

It contains useful and practical advices that give me clear vision of what should I do in order to improve my English which is my goal.

Really enjoyed the course, it is very well structured and gave me a lot of tips what I can do to improve my understanding of what people say and to how to improving my own speaking and grammar.

This really helps me to improve my English.

On several occasions I have tried to improve my English speaking skills, but at last I find a teacher who points to key aspects of learning.

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Rating 4.5 based on 269 ratings
Length 3 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Luke Priddy
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Languages
Tags Language Language Learning Teaching & Academics

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