Photo Tourist Web Application

This course is part of a Specialization (series of courses) called Ruby on Rails Web Development.

In this Capstone project for the Photo Tourist you will implement a Ruby on Rails web application that makes use of both a relational and NoSQL database for the backend and expose the data through services to the Internet using Web services and a responsive user interface operating in a browser from a desktop and mobile device. You will have a chance to revisit and apply what you have learned in our previous courses to build and deploy a fully functional web application to the cloud accessible to your co-workers, future employers, friends, and family. In developing the Photo Tourist web application, you will get to work with different data types and data access scenarios (e.g., fielded data display and update, image upload/download, text search, access controlled information) to provide your users the ability to show off their photos and information from trips they have taken and to seek out photos and information from trips taken by others. Using the application you develop, your users will be able to • Create an account • Upload and download photos to the site and make them accessible to others • Provide descriptions of trips and photos that others can read • Organize photos by location and trip, • Find photos based on location • Find photos based on text searches of descriptions • Locate the place where the photo was taken on a map

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Johns Hopkins University

Rating 5.0 based on 5 ratings
Length 9 weeks
Starts Jan 14 (last week)
Cost $79
From Johns Hopkins University via Coursera
Instructor Jim Stafford
Free Limited Content
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Computer Science Mobile And Web Development

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todo list which in one review

Also testing worked here as a TODO list which i found that approach really useful.

find any flaws in one review

I tried but i can not find any flaws!

great learning experience in one review

Congratulation to Jim for making it a great learning experience and giving me additional tools to pursue my goals of being a better Rails developer.

programming languages or in one review

I also liked that some techniques introduced on the course can be used for other programming languages or projects also.

related videos regarding in one review

As this is the final course of the entire specialization, I expected a lot about the content and related videos regarding lectures and projects.

test your code in one review

I also liked that Professor Stafford worked a lot with testing and automated testing is something really important to test your code.


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Web Application Engineer 4 $65k

Web Application Coordinator $73k

Web Application Programmer 3 4 $83k

C# .Net Web Application Developer $85k

Web Application Designer, IT $86k

Web Application testing $87k

R&D - Web Application Developer $91k

Web Application Integrator $97k

IT Web/Application Developer $98k

Windows and Web Application Developer $112k

Web Application Programmer 3 $113k

Application and Web Developer Consultant $122k

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