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English for Journalism

Welcome to English for Journalism, a course created by the University of Pennsylvania, and funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of English Language Programs. To enroll in this course for free, click on “Enroll now” and then select "Full Course. No certificate." This course is designed for non-native English speakers who are interested in developing the skills needed for a career in modern journalism. In this course, you will explore print and digital media through authentic readings and video lectures, while expanding your vocabulary and increasing your ability to read, research, and develop local and global news stories. Unit 1 will provide an introduction to the history and principles of journalism. In unit 2, you will learn how to research, pitch, and interview. The next unit in the course will focus on the language needed to write newspaper and magazine articles, while unit 4 will cover the basics of broadcasting the news. In the final unit of the course, you will analyze the growth, impact, and challenges of digital news, while completing a reflection assignment that allows you to think about and discuss the recent changes to the field of journalism. Unless otherwise noted, all course materials are available for re-use, repurposing and free distribution under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license. Supplemental reading materials were provided by Newsela, which publishes daily news articles at a level that's just right for each English language learner.

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University of Pennsylvania

Rating 4.8 based on 310 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Starts Feb 11 (6 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From University of Pennsylvania via Coursera
Instructors John Cotton, Eve Litt
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Languages Humanities
Tags Social Sciences Governance And Society Language Learning Learning English

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What people are saying

We analyzed reviews for this course to surface learners' thoughts about it

recommend it in 14 reviews

I recommend it to you if you want to understand media and think about journalist profession.

I really enjoy this course and I recommend it very much!

Strongly recommend it to the others!

I recommend it for native English speakers and those who grasp English as a second language.

I recommend it 100% As beginner in journalism and scientist.

I recommend it for anyone interested for digital age.

I recommend it!

I really liked the course its both useful and entertaining, i would recommend it for any one who's interested in journalism The best course ever.Thanks to everyone for the support given.AN This course made me realized that I can do better.

so much in 11 reviews

Thank you so much.

Here, the students are taught how write for truth not so much for monetary gain.

I enjoyed every single class, video, lecture and activity, and besides I already knew most of the topics, and learned and had so much fun doing all the activities.

Thank you so much for offering me this useful course!

Thank you so much really!!!

really thank you so much for this great oportunity !!

Thank you so much for the knowledge and for the time.

too easy I liked this course so much it's very useful Best Courses, this is one of the best course, the structure of material is good, easy to understand especially for me because i dont have any experience in Journalism ¡Me encantó!

english for journalism in 9 reviews

I thank you very much for the training English for Journalism has given me.

I really enjoy the course "English for Journalism".

English for Journalism was really helpfull for me with many exercises and vocabulary that I've never seen in my Journalism degree in Spain.

I gained a lot of knowledge:) English for Journalism is a very good course to be done by any journalist.

I loved it, because the topics are important El curso English for Journalism, es de alta calidad, ha sido bien diseñado en cuanto a su pedadogía, sus recursos didácticos son los más apropiados para este tipo de curso.

This not the first time I attend in a coursera course but this English for Journalism course is really interesting.

English for Journalism by University of Pennsylvania has been an excellent program.

I strongly wish to have English for Journalism 2.

highly recommend in 9 reviews

Highly recommended.

I highly recommend this course for everyone!

muy completo It was a great course, I highly recommend it!

Highly recommended The course design is very great.

I highly recommend it!

Amazing Course, I highly recommend it.

This is a highly recommended course for English learners, especially those who work in communications/ Pr/ journalism sectors.

Highly recommended!

my first in 6 reviews

This is my first ever experience learning actively on a web-based learning site.

It was my first time to complete online courses.

It's my first course at coursera and I love it so much.

:) This was my first experience on certainly not the last one i hope.

For this reazon, in my case, this will be my first but also my last of the on-line courses through coursera.Greetings,MSc.

Ir is very wonderful course and it very valid course in India not only in india all over world journalist it 4th pillar of society Great, very useful info that I could understand even if English is not my first language.

improve my in 6 reviews

I really enjoyed learning this course which helped improve my English and broaden my knowledge of journalism.

This was a great experience for me and it helped me a lot to improve my English skills besides that I could learn a lot of things about Journalism so I'm grateful for it and I will be looking forward on making some other courses online.

Amazing It's very good course to improve my basic skill happy to see the university try to help non-english speaker to improve their english .

I think course has a great influence on me because I am a student majors in journalism and communication,so I need to improve my skills on it.The course has tought me a lot of professional skills about pitching,writing,broadcasting and so on,I had a complete learning about news.But there is an error through checking others' homework which is someone give grades freely and have no responsibility baout others,so I think it is necessary to rigid some rules to restrain somenone's behavior.

I just love this course, I have acquired plenty of useful skills just what I need to improve my level of English and knowledge of Journalism The course is great.

This course helped me to improve my English Skills and allowed me to learn news words related to journalism in English.


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Food Department $28k

Department of Revenue 1 $49k

Nutrition Department $54k

In-House Department $57k

Assistant Department Administrator, Department of History $59k

Department Chair, Language and Literature Department $60k

Resident Department Administrator, Department of Psychiatry $61k

Department Tutor $65k

Professor - Department Coordinator Speech Department $66k

Appraisal Department $69k

CNC department $72k

Department Auditor $73k

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University of Pennsylvania

Rating 4.8 based on 310 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Starts Feb 11 (6 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From University of Pennsylvania via Coursera
Instructors John Cotton, Eve Litt
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Languages Humanities
Tags Social Sciences Governance And Society Language Learning Learning English

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