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Become a Calculus 1 Master

) and an additional 19 workbooks with extra practice problems, to help you test your understanding along the way. Become a Calculus 1 Master is organized into the following sections:

  • Limits & Continuity

  • Derivatives

  • Applications of Derivatives

AND HERE' We start from the beginning... I explain the problem setup and why I set it up that way, the steps I take and why I take them, how to work through the yucky, fuzzy middle parts, and how to simplify the answer when you get it.

Notes: The notes section of each lesson is where you find the most important things to remember. It’s like Cliff Notes for books, but for math. Everything you need to know to pass your class and nothing you don’t.

Quizzes: When you think you’ve got a good grasp on a topic within a course, you can test your knowledge by taking one of the quizzes. If you pass, great. If not, you can review the videos and notes again or ask for help in the Q&A section.

Workbooks: Want even more practice? When you've finished the section, you can review everything you've learned by working through the bonus workbook. The workbooks include tons of extra practice problems, so they're a great way to solidify what you just learned in that section.

HERE' She's very easy to understand.” - Dean V.

  • “I'm really enjoying how the course has been simplified and made easy to understand. The quizzes after every section helped solidify the concepts. Everything is explained in detail and with great simplicity. I really like the way Krista teaches, It's quite clear, straightforward and easy to understand. It's comprehensive interactive course and totally worth the time and money. I bought all calculus volumes.” - Ghaith A.

  • “Very well-made. Instructor explained everything clearly; found no difficulties understanding topics of study through instructor's teaching methods. Done very well, overall. Glad to have invested in this course. ” - Anish S.

  • “” - Bonnie H.

  • “There is very clear instructions. I'm learning this before actually taking calculus in college so I can have a deeper understanding of math (I'm a math major). She explains everything very thoroughly and works through every problem as if you're a beginner. I will say that I am terrible at receiving audible information but brilliant with someone showing me how to do something on a board and she makes it very clear at understanding everything. I am very pleased to have this much course coverage. I feel like I have my own personal tutor without the expense. Btw if you like math, trigonometric identities are fun. ” - Christian R.

  • “I am very satisfied with this course. It is very clear, delivers all the interesting topics I like that I am taken from knowing little to actually knowing the calculus including the applied mathematics too. This is only Calculus I but it gives me not only sense of accomplishment and understanding but also the foundation for the future courses.” - Robert B.

  • “I'm self studying mathematics for my electrical engineering degree and this course has been very VERY helpful. I find myself doing these videos before my homework. It makes me want to keep learning. Thank you Krista.” - Lester S.

  • YOU'

    I can't wait for you to get started on mastering calculus 1.

    - Krista :)

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    Rating 4.5 based on 755 ratings
    Length 13 total hours
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    Cost $20
    From Udemy
    Instructor Krista King
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    Language English
    Subjects Mathematics
    Tags Math Academics Math & Science Teaching & Academics

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    What people are saying

    easy to follow

    Easy to follow, but very thorough.

    Very well presented and easy to follow.

    thanks for this course, it was easy to follow and understand, I would really love it if you were offering courses in Physics, I took AP calculus in high school in 2012 (6+ years ago) and I took this course because I am going back to college to take a Calculus 2 course and needed a refresher on Calculus 1.

    She explains a difficult subject in a way that's easy to follow and understand.

    because its very comprehensive and easy to follow It is very good explained and basically contains everything you could wish for.

    too complex hard to follow I wish I understand perhaps you could recommend the course i need to learn before this one The explanations are clear and it is easy to follow along via the lectures.

    Good course - easy to follow.

    her lectures are very conducive to grasping the gist of their nature without getting bored Lots of subtitles translated by Google English are wrong , There are huge mistakes within it ; it is really confusing and inconvenient for foreigner and the student from overseas So far the information is clear and easy to follow.

    Easy to follow and gives a clear step by step process of how everything is done.

    The course explains everything very thoroughly and is very easy to follow.

    The videos are easy to follow and very well explained.

    The course so far is very easy to follow.

    So far it's easy to follow and it's been a great refresher.

    Instruction is clearly communicated and easy to follow.

    Read more

    years ago

    I studied calculus 15 years ago, and is helping me remember all the concepts.

    I took calculus in college more than 25 years ago, and I see a good refresher course here right now.

    A great refresher for me, since I left calculus some 15 years ago.

    I last took derivative calculus 23 years ago, and had pretty well forgotten all of it.

    Took this in college 45 years ago, this is much better.

    I've seen calculus I and II about 10 years ago and I couldn't remember anything, but Krista King teaches so well, that even if I don't remember my classes from 10 years ago, I can still follow and learn 100% of what she's teaching.

    Krista is a real good teacher I took calc I two years ago and I needed a quick refresh before I started calc II.

    I believe this course will help me much more than the college course I took years ago.

    I think it was a good adquisition for me, because I´ve been working on Calculus few years ago.

    Absolutely, took calculus over 60 years ago.

    I took Calculus 1-3 a few years ago in college and wanted to stay refreshed on it.

    I can't believe how quickly this is helping my Calculus I of ~20 years ago come right back to memory.

    I'm not a beginning student, just doing this to refresh my college learning years ago and for personal interest in maths.

    Having already taken Calculus, about eighteen years ago, I was very happy with what I've seen.

    Read more

    clear and concise

    I am enjoying the topic this time, and really appreciate the clear and concise explanations.

    The explanations are very clear and concise.

    Krista is a great lecturer with very well organized videos that are clear and concise.

    The solution explanation and walk throughs are clear and concise.

    Clear and concise mathematics which is taken one step at a time.

    clear explanations Material is portrayed in a clear and concise manner.

    Very clear and concise in the explanations.

    Explained the functions in a clear and concise manner.

    Read more

    so far so good

    So far so good.

    So far it seem to be a good fit So far so good.

    Yes good so far, learning this this way is better that it was at school So far the instruction has been clear and concise So far so good.

    But so far so good Good and slow, especially for a rusty student like myself Great instructor.

    yes the course is great so far So far so good, easy to comprehend.

    Read more

    krista king

    What I really like about Krista King is that she provides Notes which I find really useful.

    I think Krista King is an excellent mathematics instructor.

    clear explain, please continue to make new calculus from this krista king.

    Congratulations Krista King!

    I highly recommend courses by Krista King.

    I bought this Calculus 1 to revise and awaking my old Calculus knowledge, and Krista King's awesome teaching got me stuck.

    (: In my opinion, Krista King has created a first rate, ass kicking course in Calculus 1 here on Udemy.

    :) Cheers to Krista King :) Sparse but good.

    its, ok, but lots of stuff i already know, but its early, so understandable Krista King did a very good job explain Calculus 1, in college I struggle to understand Calculus topic.

    I'm an adult that didn't receive a very good math education, and Krista King's courses got me up to speed for business school.

    Read more

    domain and range

    Instructor is always great in explaining the things In set method (1,5) are domain and range.

    great The explanations for domain and range were better explained at another math site.

    As for the domain and range, I was totally lost, even tho the teaching through video was still really good.

    I learnt calculus before and always thought it was some vodoo magic, so far the vertical test and domain and range are so well put and presented in layman terms I feel like I might be able to pursue math despite being 24 years old Perhaps I wasn't ready for this course yet, but it's taught clearly from what I can discern!

    Fantastics, clear and concise :) does a great job for starters, only concern is that u go a bit fast So far I understand 90% or more whats said... that's good for a start Instruction with "Domain and Range" video is faulty.

    Read more

    explanations are clear

    The explanations are clear and a lot of exercises are found.

    I am an adult refreshing my earlier college calc--need refresher for moving on to ODE's which I am frequently encountering in my is a great review course..Krista is a gifted teacher and all explanations are clear and completely understandable.

    The explanations are clear and combine examples.

    Read more

    looking forward

    I will do them all (some of them just for fun) and looking forward to any of your future courses!

    I'm looking forward to completing this course.

    Thanks so much Krista, I am looking forward to Calc 2!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course and am looking forward to her Calc 2 class and my upcoming college course.

    I'm looking forward to the calculus 2 and 3 courses.

    Very in depth examples and plenty of exercises, looking forward to Calc 2 and 3 next!

    Read more

    high school

    Because of my military profession I did not use math since I finished high school.

    Wish I would have had her as a teacher in high school and college.

    I wish there was a clone of this teacher in every high school in the world!

    If you remember much of high school math at all, you can skip directly to her algebra courses (which are also excellent).

    Read more

    for example

    For example, that the quotient rule is just an extension of the chain rule.

    For example I loved how she teaches you to remember the unit circle, that was VERY useful.

    explanations could be a bit better, i know these basis but i'm revewing, but for example in the domain of a composed function, for example f(x) + g(x), you just told that the domain of the new function is IR an not the intersection between both domains( I know it but there can be anyone that doesn't know.

    For example, she will say things like "The rules for limits allow us to take a limit inside or outside of a square root, so let's put this limit sign inside the root symbol" or "I memorized the least squares equation in this form when I was first learning the concept because it's much more complicated when expanded."

    For example: a natural log.

    Read more

    each section

    Doesn't have notes for each section.

    Cear and effective I find the content extremely satisfying, however, there are times throughout the course (specifically that of limits and derivatives) where trig and exponential functions are asked in quiz questions when the course has yet to reach sections covering those functions in detail.

    Printable worksheets are nice, but at the end of each section, please just give us a 10-20 online question test.

    There are quizzes at each section for practice and the teacher takes time to offer thorough answers to questions and explain in detail.

    The explanations of each section's subject are detailed well enough.

    Read more

    practice problems

    Clear explanations and many practice problems(in pdf) Apesar de estar bem no começo do curso, estou gostando bastante da forma como a Krista apresenta as informações e as animações são bem feitas e claras.

    The course has a ton of help tips, tricks, lessons, and practice problems.

    Great instruction, more practice problems/quizzes would be ideal.

    Read more


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    Rating 4.5 based on 755 ratings
    Length 13 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $20
    From Udemy
    Instructor Krista King
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects Mathematics
    Tags Math Academics Math & Science Teaching & Academics

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