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Scala and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning

Learn how to utilize some of the most valuable tech skills on the market today, Scala and Spark. In this course we will show you how to use Scala and Spark to analyze Big Data.

Scala and Spark are two of the most in demand skills right now, and with this course you can learn them quickly and easily. This course comes packed with content:

  • Crash Course in Scala Programming
  • Spark and Big Data Ecosystem Overview
  • Using Spark's MLlib for Machine Learning
  • Scale up Spark jobs using Amazon Web Services
  • Learn how to use Databrick's Big Data Platform
  • and much more.

This course comes with full projects for you including topics such as analyzing financial data or using machine learning to classify Ecommerce customer behavior. We teach the latest methodologies of Spark 2.0 so you can learn how to use SparkSQL, Spark DataFrames, and Spark's MLlib.

After completing this course you will feel comfortable putting Scala and Spark on your resume.

Thanks and I will see you inside the course.

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Rating 4.2 based on 595 ratings
Length 10 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Jose Portilla
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Data Science Business
Tags Data Science Business Development Data & Analytics

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What people are saying

machine learning

Really good introduction to using Scala as a language and how to utilise it for Machine Learning.

I've done machine learning project with his pipeline code:) Thank you!

i have previously enrolled for python bootcamp,python for machine learning now scala and spark, jose as instructor is been amazing with simplified methodology to explain and example make things easy to grasp Great course !!!

Highly recommended This tutorial is awesome , i really recommend this to many ..i was able to make up on scala so easily by this ... thanyou udemy ... To be honest, this is one of the best courses I've ever watched on Data Science & Machine Learning with Scala.

Finally different Machine Learning algorithms are exposed so you will able to get a complete knowledge on ML&DS by boarding several projects to practice more.

It's a very good option to find out more about Scala and its application in Machine Learning so then you can go through other more advanced applications by reading the Spark documentation.

I would recommend this for anyone interested in learning Spark, Scala and using them for Machine Learning.

For the Machine Learning parts though, the output generated and Why-and-When to use the output is not very well explained.

I struggled to solve the problem for a long time to prepare enviroments Machine learning results should be better explained when going over results in the examples (particularly for the clustering section).

Wish there were more sessions explained on using the different MLlib machine learning algorithms in terms of model prediction and evaluation.

This lecture is a good start for Scala/Spark and Machine Learning, but just covers basic concept and introduction.

Good course for learning data manipulation and machine learning using Scala and power of Apache Spark.

More detail in the machine learning section would be helpful.

I'm already coming up with some fun ideas using some Machine Learning Algorithms/React/Java/SpringBoot that I plan on "booting" up after I learn some more React form Udemy.

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so far

I've taken a few courses on Udemy and this was by far the best so far, I was always excited to boot up the next Lecture.

So far I encountered only minor issues (nothing on installation using Windows 10, minor formatting issue on using 1 sample / exercise file).

I am halfway through the course and so far I am loving it!

It's great to learn the concepts, but you can't be production ready with the knowledge in this course so far.

I am clear so far with the concepts.

So far excellent.

So far only the basics of scala programming are introduced.

This is excellent course for Java Programmers, Very easy for me to understand and practice so far.

So far, I have got almost everything that has been covered.

very superficial content, missing a lot of details and good practices I love the material so far!

I have worked on collaborative filtering Very easy to understand and build confidence So far, it is quite good.

Pretty basic stuff so far but very well presented and explained.

The basic idea of Spark given so far looks so exciting, and I am able to clearly understand what is being taught.

Good introductory content so far.

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big data

I started the course as a complete beginner in Big Data but now I really feel comfortable with it.

I am very new to Spark , basically I am from SQL, try to learn Big Data.

Course did not hit on a lot of big data pipelines , at least an introduction to spark + scala.

I've learned a lot about Big Data and using Spark and the Scala programming language to create Machine Learning models.

The course is well structured and targeted to give you the base knowledge on how to use scala and spark to solve Big Data and ML problems.

This course gives a good overview of spark for Big data, basic scala script coding , spark UI in zeppelin and databricks notebooks, and machine learning.

Recommend to people who wants to get a basic understanding of spark in big data and machine learning fields.

The instructor takes its time to explain all the concept that is covered in the course, plus he provides additional resources to help us go beyond what we learning in this course This course gives a clear overview about the relation between Scala, Spark, Big Data and machine learning.

I were able to see the potential and how large is a Big data environment is .

- too little practical examples and practising material - unreasonably long time spent on environment set-up / theoretical stuff (these sections are important but not so much as to eat away a sizeable chunk from the time designated for gaining actual knowledge of Scala and Spark) As a beginner in the Big Data and Machine Learning space, I found this course quite helpful to understand and get a heads-up of what it's all about.

It's a good first step to grab the terminologies, concepts, the languages and platforms available to perform Big Data/ML operations.

I have been using Spark and Scala on big data since close to a year and this course helped a lot in clarifying a lot of my doubts.

This course is good start for learning Spark for big data, I selected this course because this is come in my area of interest.

This is a good course to start with Spark and Big data even if you don't know Scala.

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easy to follow

A very nice course, clear and easy to follow.

Its easy to follow, and just long enough.

Good pace, very easy to follow yet packed with valuable information.

Easy to follow, course structure is well organized.

Brief and easy to follow.

easy to follow along!

I find it easy to follow him.

brilliantly explained Explanation is clear and easy to follow.

Very easy to follow awesome!

Well prepared, easy to follow and understand Great steady pace and easy to follow so far.

Easy to follow.

Easy to follow and understand the concepts behind the topics.

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step by step

It's nice to have a Scala course that teaches it step by step instead of assuming you know something similar like Java and giving tasks without properly introducing with it.

The instructor goes step by step with his examples and also shows you good websites for practice/documentation.

Having gained an introduction to Scala and Spark from other resources, including Udemy courses, I wanted a better-structured learning material and Jose's reputation for delivering step by step explanations gave me the confidence to enroll in this course.

procede chiaramente step by step mantenendo le cose semplici Course touches the basic of Spark, ML & Notebook Very clear with a lot of extra useless stuff on adding terminals in Atom and setting up environment for spark and scala.

Advice: more info about incompatibilities with java jdk >1.8 and scala 2.3 Excellent explanation step by step, not just jumping quickly over functions and complex programs like some other courses Clear, Concise explanations explanation of Name nodes or worker nodes.

Easy to understand Very clear, step by step tutorial.

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clear and concise

The videos were informative clear and concise.

Very precise and clear explanations Jose is presenting the topics in easy to understand manner.Very good presentation The presentation is very clear and concise.

It looks great excellent Very clear and concise.

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recommend this course

I will recommend this course if you want to use Spark for Big data.

In either case, I would highly recommend this course.

So I completely recommend this course both for ML beginners and more experienced people who want to learn how to do it with Spark.

I highly recommend this course!

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other courses

Slides makes boring, can give certain examples I've enjoyed Jose's other courses, so when I searched for Scala and Spark and saw that he had a course, I signed up right away.

I am looking forward to enroll in other courses offered by him in future.

Apart of that good course I have purchased other courses from Jose previously.

Enough hands on example and guidance to enhnancement of skills beyond the course I am an R programmer with zero Java experience; This course has helped me learn all necessary steps to analyze data using similar steps I utilize in R. Other courses have made assumptions that I know some Java which greatly affect my understanding of scala.

good course, but considerable overlap with other courses from Pierian.

Content is clear, speach is good As all the other courses of Jose, this is again a great one!

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jose portilla

Jose Portilla did an excellent job of teaching this class and by pointing to the right resources on apache website and pointing to the chapters to refer to in the other external resources.

waiting for more interesting things comming next by Jose Portilla Thanks The quality of the course is great, the speaker is presenting in professionally, both sources and slides are well written with included solutions you can follow.

Jose Portilla is very descriptive and it is easy to learn.

ta bom Fantastic teacher .. very good explanation.. Jose Portilla truly knows what he's doing Excellent Course simple and clear Well presented, clear and informative teaching.

Jose Portilla has an amazing gift of making complex seem simple.

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apache spark

The course is based on Apache Spark website documentation, that is accessible to everyone.

I really liked the course from the point of view of learning core Apache Spark concepts without having to dive too deep into statistical learning (although that is very much encouraged).

The enthusiasm of the instructor is what made it so easy to learn about apache spark and Scala.

Jose gave excellent concise introduction Apache Spark.

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real world

It would be great if after you explained the exercise solutions that you could help your students understand what the data generated actually means in a real world situation.

However, the course stops at the edge of technology-business border, although there are several mentions of real world business scenarios throughout this course.

Would like a follow up course that dives deeper with more exercises and real world examples.

Would like more real world insights and guidelines as to when to use which modeling techniques.

I wish more material were covered , more real world examples to give us experience on different sets of data and scenario's .

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Volunteer Big Data Engineer $48k

Data Scientist - Big Data $68k

Big Data and AWS Data Lake $73k

Big Data Developer (Streaming Data) $77k

Big data developer with AWS $78k

Research Scientist Big Data $94k

Big Data Developer Consultant $98k

Big Data Engineer 6 $107k

Big data and ETL specialist $121k

Big Data Specialist $149k

Principal Big Data Architect $180k

Senior Big Data Sales $181k

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Rating 4.2 based on 595 ratings
Length 10 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Jose Portilla
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Data Science Business
Tags Data Science Business Development Data & Analytics

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