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Art History Renaissance to 20th Century

This is part one of a year-long college-level survey course in art history. This course covers art history from the European Renaissance around 1300 A.D. until the Mid 20th Century

This course is designed as a basic college-level survey of art history. I provide an online textbook as well as study guides and worksheets. This course covers the language used to discuss art. A complete overview of art, culture, and architecture from the Renaissance to the 1950s.

Each work is covered in depth, the works physical or formal properties are discussed such as technology used to create the work, color, medium, materials, composition, and shading.

The symbolism of each work is discussed and how to interpret the interrelationship of symbols in a work of art.

This course is the actual content of a course I teach at an accredited college in California called Ohlone college.

I designed this course as a series of clear, non-jargon laden video lectures and texts designed to help any student who wants to pass AP art history and or any beginning level art history survey course.

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Rating 4.4 based on 74 ratings
Length 48 hours
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Cost $11
From Udemy
Instructor Kenney Mencher
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Language English
Subjects Humanities
Tags Humanities Academics Teaching & Academics

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What people are saying

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art history in 8 reviews

Really enjoyed this course- it was the perfect introduction to art history for a beginner like myself.

Disregard the shortcomings and take pleasure from a broad brushstroke through more-recent art history!

It is a VERY GOOD ART HISTORY COURSE Este curso é muito interessante.

Talks in a interesting and passionate way about the art history.

I found myself compulsively looking at the next epoch and I appreciate that the Professor provided his well researched book at the end to complement his audio explanations of each period in art history.

This art history survey course as taught by Professor Kenney Mencher is superb.

It is a perfect overview of the art history by an artist.

It scratches the surface of art history enough to give you a solid overview and starting-point to learn further.

very good in 5 reviews

Overall very good.

very good tutor knows his stuff Great professor!

So far, very good.

The slides are very good Yes...just trying to gain some new perspective very clear and engaging!

so much in 3 reviews

I liked this course so much I signed up for another one of his courses.

I now appreciate art so much more and it's really inspired me in terms of my own creativity, and I also want to learn more about the periods I liked best from the course.

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation.


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Adjunct Instructor Art History $28k

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Lecturer, Department of Art and Art History $35k

Adjunct Faculty - Art History $37k

Art History Lecturer $47k

Art History Teacher $51k

Lecturer of Art History $52k

Adjunct, Art History $58k

Associate Lecturer in Art History $61k

Professor of Art and Art History $73k

Associate Instructor, Art History $74k

Chair of the Department of Art and Art History $83k

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