Dangerous Questions

Why Academic Freedom Matters

This course is designed for students and staff in higher education, but it will be relevant for anyone interested in asking critical questions. You can use the hashtag #FLdangerousquestions to talk about this course on social media.

Topics Covered
  • Traditional and socially engaged definitions of academic freedom
  • Academic freedom in relation to other core higher education values
  • The limits to what is covered by academic freedom
  • Threats to academic freedom in different settings
  • Consequences of threats to academic freedom
  • The importance of academic freedom to democratic societies
  • How you can contribute to strengthening core higher education values at your home institution and in partnerships
  • How you can assess and react to incidents relating to the core higher education values

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Scholars at Risk

Rating Not enough ratings
Length 3 weeks
Effort 3 hours per week
Starts Nov 22 (9 weeks ago)
Cost $44
From Scholars at Risk, University of Oslo via FutureLearn
Instructor Lauren Crain
Free Limited Content
Language English
Subjects Programming Humanities Social Sciences
Tags C R Politics & the Modern World

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Academic advisor and Recruiter $33k

Academic Support Coord $36k

Registrar and Academic Advisor $37k

Academic Community Liaison $44k

Instructor / Academic Advisor $48k

Executive Academic Secretary $49k

Academic Guidance Counselor $54k

Academic Testing Coordinator $55k

Instructor for Academic Connections $73k

Academic Integration Coach $78k

Verizon freedom for business (Sales-tele-marketing) $90k

Dean Of Academic Advancement $111k

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