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An Intuitive Introduction to Probability

This course will provide you with a basic, intuitive and practical introduction into Probability Theory. You will be able to learn how to apply Probability Theory in different scenarios and you will earn a "toolbox" of methods to deal with uncertainty in your daily life. The course is split in 5 modules. In each module you will first have an easy introduction into the topic, which will serve as a basis to further develop your knowledge about the topic and acquire the "tools" to deal with uncertainty. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to complete 5 exercise sessions to reflect about the content learned in each module and start applying your earned knowledge right away. The topics covered are: "Probability", "Conditional Probability", "Applications", "Random Variables", and "Normal Distribution". You will see how the modules are taught in a lively way, focusing on having an entertaining and useful learning experience! We are looking forward to see you online!

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Rating 4.7 based on 287 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort You will have to invest about 3-4 hours per module to acquire the taught knowledge.
Starts Jul 31 (19 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From University of Zurich via Coursera
Instructor Karl Schmedders
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Language English
Subjects Data Science Mathematics
Tags Data Science Personal Development Probability And Statistics

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What people are saying

introduction to probability

It gives a nice introduction to probability with engaging examples.

Very good introduction to probability with interesting application.

Super educational and funny way to teach an introduction to Probability!

Easy, smart, and funny introduction to probability.

This is a superbly crafted course, as it truly gives an intuitive introduction to probability.

it was a very nice course that explained probability in a simple way It is a gentle introduction to probability.

a very gentle introduction to Probability.

He made simple but deep enough introduction to probability.

A very basic introduction to probability.

Very good introduction to probability, the concepts were really well explained, I wish there was a sequel to this course covering other subjects in statistics.

For things to change, I would add more practical exercises for the audience, so we may try it more.Thank you for the course An excellent introduction to probability.

I have learned that "An Intuitive Introduction to Probability" explain basic concepts very clearly.

Very good for the people searching for an introduction to probability.

An intuitive basic introduction to Probability Karl is a great techer, thanks for the course!

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very good course

brilliant cases,but too easy very good course.

Very good course!!!

Very good course but better have a scientific background to understand clearly week 5.

It is a very good course!

This is indeed a very good course since it's giving the real fundamentals for the subjects.

Very good course, i would like to have more open questions .

A very very good course for the people who fear probability section.

After all, a very good course for the beginners who are going to take a little step further in the corporate world.

A very good course for beginners as well - not a lot of prior knowledge is required.

very good course!

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highly recommend this course

I would highly recommend this course .

This indeed is a intuitive introduction to probability, I would highly recommend this course.

I highly recommend this course for absolute beginners.

In short, I highly recommend this course for a refresher of statistics and for learning statistics in a fun an applicable way.

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easy to follow

This course has been very well explained by prof. Karl and easy to follow.

The examples are also intuitive and easy to follow along.

Very easy to follow!And very nice exercises.

It was good with a lot of good examples and easy to follow The course provides introduction to probability in a very interesting manner along with the common misinterpretations of it as well.Go for it to clear your basics of probability.

Thank you very much too simple Fun but too basic so a good intro for a complete newbie Very intuitive and easy to follow.

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more advanced

Wish there was a follow-up with more advanced material.

Can I have more advanced course of this The instructor is so great.

If this course is intended to be a gentle introduction to the broad subject with the understanding that students will follow up with more advanced coursework as necessary, they have certainly succeeded admirably at that goal.

I hope that the instructor could provide more advanced classes on probability and statistics.

I would love to know if there are more advanced versions of this course which I can take up.

I took this course along with one from the University of London (To p or not to p) which was more advanced.

I like this course very much and I wish there will be more advanced course taught by him.

Thank you for this excellent course, I hope you create more advanced courses.

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real world applications

The fact that the professor demonstrates the real world applications of probability (there are many case studies) helps me appreciate the concepts that have been taught.

The chosen real world applications really helped me to understand the subject better.

Amazing refresher for important probability concepts with intriguing real world applications and examples!

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real life

Good course to get examples on real life examples on probability I liked the instruction style and example used.

I have been teaching probability for many years, but this course helped me to get a lot of insight about real life applicaions.

Real life examples helps to understand better the topics.

Love the way you teach, especially the real life examples and cases.Thanks to Karl, I am no more scared with the word 'Probability'...!!

I’ve also appreciated the connection between theory and non-scholastic, real life applications.

Loved to continue this course for his extensive delivery of lectures with easy real life examples.

Simple course to remind some concepts from the university Nice one course A very simple, clear and easy-to-understand course about probabilities and their applications in real life.

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normal distribution

However, sometimes, the professor doesn't spend enough time on certain concepts (in my case, Standard normal distribution) which makes it challenging to follow his instructions.

The course explains probability and normal distribution concepts in a way it is easier to follow.

For me, no more, random variable is not just calling a 'rand()' function, normal distribution is no more a bell curve which just looks good and I have more regards for Excel as a tool to compute probabilities.

For instance, the binomial and normal distribution done directly through functions in excel stripped away the intuition.

However use of Normal distribution Excel functionality is not needed when explaining 5 coins toss.

This course covers very basic and does not explain how the normal distribution works, the maths behind it, and does not have rigorous exercise for practice An excellent coverage of topics and good lectures by Karl.

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life examples

Very clear explanations of complex concepts and with every day life examples.

Both instructors are super charismatic and give extremely clear life examples to illustrate their points.

so much

Thank you so much professor Karl Schmedders, the TA, and the whole Coursera team..

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for an enlightening course While great for the right demographic, it was far simpler than what I expected.

I literally loved this course so much so that my high-school dream of some-day fully grasping the real intuitive concepts of probability come true.

Thank you so much!

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prof. karl

Cheers to Prof. Karl Schmedders, He was amazing.

If you want to have fun with probability the course of Prof. Karl Shmedders is for you.

I want to thank and congratulate Prof. Karl, José and all the people involved in the development of the course for this incredible series.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn with a great Professor such as Prof. Karl.

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other courses

There are a lot other courses about probability and statistics that goes way deeper, but this one imho is definitely the best to start, since it explains thoroughly the basic concepts, letting the student overcome their initial counter-intuitivity.

More intuitive than other courses I have taken on the same subject.

I found the pace, content style worked for me to allow me to proceed on other courses.

Thank you Sir, love to take part other courses where you will teach in Coursera.

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Adjunct Professor: Probability & Statistics for Engineers $92k

Probability Analyst $95k

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Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Theory $138k

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Rating 4.7 based on 287 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort You will have to invest about 3-4 hours per module to acquire the taught knowledge.
Starts Jul 31 (19 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From University of Zurich via Coursera
Instructor Karl Schmedders
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Data Science Mathematics
Tags Data Science Personal Development Probability And Statistics

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