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AZ-103 Azure Administrator Exam Certification (AZ-100)


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What students are saying:

  • 5 stars, “Great course... Well compiled…” - Vishal

  • 5 stars, “Excellent” - Subhajit R.

  • 5 stars, “So far very good. Very clear and easy to understand.” - Daniel L.

  • 5 stars, “Very good intro on Azure” - Venkatesh S.

V2.4 June 2019 Updates. More cleanup. Remove hands on labs that have expired. Record new Powershell and CLI lessons.

>> Microsoft Azure posted 75% growth in the last fiscal quarter, still well above Amazon AWS growth. <<

The opportunity in cloud computing is clear. Most companies are implementing or investigating how to implement cloud technologies within their operations. Don't be left behind. Be ahead of the curve by getting Azure certified, and be ready for the opportunity to advance your career.

The next time your resume is on someone's desk—be it a promotion at work or a new job opportunity—you cannot afford to have such an obvious gap in knowledge. Industry trends show that supporting applications that have cloud-hosted components is becoming the in-demand skill of tomorrow. Having Azure skills on your resume will only help you get in front of more hiring managers, and land more jobs.

This course goes through all of the skills needed to take and pass the Microsoft certification exam, AZ-103 exam: Microsoft Azure Administrator. While other online resources cover bits and pieces of the topic, I can confidently say this course goes deep on everything you need to know for this exam. 

Microsoft introduced a new exam AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator exam, and this course covers those requirements. Free upgrade for all existing students.

This course teaches all of the requirements for each exam, one by one. Each of the things that Microsoft tests for will be covered in this course.

You get lifetime access to the course, and so there are no silly "30-day" countdowns that require you to pay more to extend access. This course will be here when you need it.

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Version History

V1.0 Course launched. 

V1.1 English Closed Captions added. The entire course now has English subtitles.

V1.2 More PowerShell added. Based on student requests, recorded some more detailed lessons on using PowerShell to manage Azure. More to come.

V1.3 July 2017 Updates. Animated videos. Replaced a couple of the videos with animations done by a professional animator. The aim is to make things easier to learn.

V1.4 Aug 2017 Updates. Added a study plan activity for students to plan out their study for this exam.

V1.5 Sep 2017 Updates. Added 10-page Azure PowerShell Study Guide, free for all students to download. Great for last-minute review before the exam.

V1.6 Nov 2017 Updates. Added Azure Cloud Shell video. Added Azure Container Service (AKS) Intro and Walkthrough videos.

V1.7 Dec 2017 Updates. High level overview of Azure. Updated exam requirements videos. Azure Key Vault. 

V1.8 May 2018 Updates. Added App Service Backups. New videos on new topics just added to the exam: Accelerated Networking.

V1.9 August 2018 Updates. New study plan PDF. Adding Hands-On Labs. Other video updates based on student feedback.

V2.0 October 2018 Updates. Added new AZ-100 content - subscriptions, consumption, resource groups, storage accounts, import/export data, backups, files, VMs. 2.75 new hours added.

V2.1 November 2018 Updates. Added new AZ-100 content - Virtual Machines, Windows VMs, Linux VMs, Manage VMs, Backups, Virtual Network Connections, Virtual Networks 3.0 hours added.

V2.2 December 2018 Updates. Added new introduction and section summary videos. Updated instructor introduction and hands-on lab videos. Preparing to make course solely AZ-100 at Dec 31.

V2.3 March 2019 Updates. Removed 70-533 content. Added AZ-103 content. Added Top 100 CLI Commands PDF.

Microsoft, Windows, and Microsoft Azure are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

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Rating 4.1 based on 880 ratings
Length 8 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $11
From Udemy
Instructors Scott Duffy, Software Architect, Software
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification

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What people are saying

According to other learners, here's what you need to know

so far so in 14 reviews

So far so good.

Let's see how it works, if i am satisfied with this will go ahead more & more courses to learn so far so good great So far the course seems to be what I'm looking for to study for the 70-533 exam.

yes Let's begin with technical session..then will rate actually Lucid explanation So far so good.

очень хороший Just starting this course, so far so good and well organized Great Cours Working as SharePoint 2013 Admin in Fujitsu Consulting India.

Thanks So far so good.

things explained very clearly, in detail ... great so far so good Excellent Course for Bignners Till now, I'm unable to make out things from these videos.

very explanatory So far so good.

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easy to follow in 14 reviews

Good flow and the instructor is easy to follow and listen to.

Also felt like the course was not rushed and was easy to follow.

Easy to follow and understand.

Great course and easy to follow the lecture, I enjoy the 15 sec roll back button when I needed to have subject repeated.

It is in depth and easy to follow through Scott went through all the exams objectives and is always willing to help.

Very Good Course necause it is good one it is easy to follow at the moment Very good explanation of each section.

Great explanations, easy to follow along at home, and he has a solid understanding of all technologies he uses.

Read more

till now in 12 reviews

Till now everything looks good except the background color is dark which is making hard to see the screen.

Thanks for your course its was great experience till now .. keen to learn more about this course.

it was great yet till now The course provides a really good overview on each topic.

seems ok buena eleccion, pero solo es cooridnar bien el timing de los subs con lo que este diciendo el instructor Good information on the course Clear, concise, well-spoken videos rápidos e objetivos muito bom till now all good good It's clear and straight forward so far.

Very good course he does a good job explaining all the different items I have observed till now your explanation on every topic is too short .

very good training.. together with the 70534 they both give you a clear picture of how Azure works Till now it is good Clear and Simple Presentation great course!

Very Good Till now Awesome lectures Very clear way of explaining the essentials.

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scott duffy in 7 reviews

A very Big Thank you to Scott Duffy.

Thanks to Scott Duffy for providing such a great kind of online training which helps us to grow our IT carrier in proper guidance.

Paid for an AZ-100 course specifically as it should be AZ-100 This is another awesome course from Scott Duffy.

Да I have just passed my 70-533 Exam; Scott Duffy's course was a great insight into the platform and helped me start off in my journey.

Finally Completed the Course, I was very much happy to say that I got to know about Azure in-depth knowledge after taking up Scott Duffy training course.Thanks a lot Udemy and Scott for helping me to enroll in to the right course.

Ik heb veel geleerd van deze cursus door Scott Duffy.

we need the demo from visual Studio also and CICD pipeline to create Azure VM Well presented, good content, will be purchasing additional Scott Duffy courses.

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real world in 6 reviews

some real world example must be included.

A good course with some real world examples.

This course really helped me alot to complete my certification Overall an excellent comprehensive course detailing the topics needed for the exam, however some of the demos and explanations were a bit basic without the background information or situations where those topics would be applied in real world... A bit more detailed explanation on Azure AD and implementation scenarios, VPN, Availabilty sets, DSC, creating a basic ARM template with usage of functions, Cross Platform CLI, Application Service Environments would help.

The storage and AD sections we’re over-simplified and did not go into sufficient detail to actually teach much more than what the technology is, vs real world functions or how to truly configure them for an enterprise.

Great Course, good real world examples, would recommend Till now explanations are good The course is covering all aspects of the exam but I was expecting more in-depth.

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follow along in 6 reviews

Make sure you get a trial and follow along.

So far the navigation through actual tasks has been very helpful to follow along and learn for the exam itself.

I'll see when I pass the exam :) 5 star Focused discussion on the certification exam with Demo, create your own free account and if you follow along with instructor, you will be able to clear many doubts and concepts.

I might have bought wrong course This course is very detail and easy to follow along I am loving it Hasta el momento solo se ha visto despliegue de APPs, me gustaría seguir avanzando y ver mas el contenido y poder sacar una conclusión mas optima Covers each subject with good explanations, good pace the course content is not aligned in sequence.

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Product Manager, Network-Based Value Added Services $150k

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Rating 4.1 based on 880 ratings
Length 8 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $11
From Udemy
Instructors Scott Duffy, Software Architect, Software
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification

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