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The Agile Samurai Bootcamp

Get ready to kick some software project butt.

By learning the ways of the Agile Samurai you will discover:

  • What Agile is, how it works, and the mindset necessary for working iteratively

  • Common myths and pitfalls and how to choose the right Agile method for you

  • How to build a good Agile team

  • How from traditional waterfall roles (like developer, analyst, tester, and project manager) change on Agile project

  • How to create a plan you and your customer can believe in

  • How to gather requirements in a fraction of the time using Agile User Stories

  • How to deliver something of value every week

  • What to do when the schedule is wrong, and how to look like a pro correcting it, and

  • The four essential Agile Engineering practices and why they are so important for Agility.

By the end of this course you’ll have everything you need to successfully set up, execute, and deliver your own Agile project.

Course Outline

Agile In a Nutshell

  • What Agile is, how it works, and how to choose the right Agile method for you.

Agile Teams

  • What makes the Agile team tick. Characteristics of good Agile teams. And how to find quality players.

User Stories

  • In this session we break down what user stories are, how they work, what effective user stories look like for your project, and how to host great story gathering work shops.


  • By learning how to estimate the Agile way, you’ll stop trying to get something your up-front estimates can’t give (precision and accuracy) and instead focus on what really matters—building a plan you and your customer can believe in.


  • In this session, you’re going to learn how to create plans you can believe in and follow through on commitments you and your team make.

Iteration Mechanics

  • This session shows teams how to set the iterations up for success, breaks down what actually occurs during an iteration, and how to setup an agile communication plan for you and your team.

Visible Workspaces

  • By learning how to create a visual workspace, you and the team will never be at a loss for what to do next or where you can add the greatest value.


  • Agile doesn’t work on planning alone. That would be wishful thinking. Only by apply these core software engineering practices can you reduce the time it takes to test, ensure you always have a good design, and confidently make necessary changes with speed.

Course Requirements

  • No previous experience with Agile expected or necessary.

Instructional Level

  • All Levels

Update NEW FAQ Section April 2017

  • New FAQ section added answering most commonly asked questions

  • New templates section added containing downloadable examples of burn down charts

Update NEW Cheat Sheet Section August 2018

  • New section summarizing key concepts in downloadable pdf

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Rating 4.4 based on 821 ratings
Length 3 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $18
From Udemy
Instructor Jonathan Rasmusson
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Data Science Programming
Tags Databases Development Database Design & Development

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What people are saying

so far

Good and clear pronunciation, conceptual contents are very basic level so far.

Non do 5 stelle solo per la pronuncia che risulta al quanto veloce e di difficile comprensione (quasi impossibile da seguire senza sottotitoli) This is the best course I found so far on the subject!!

short and succinct I would recommend as a starting point and understanding the basics Yes, so far good to know the actuals versus the myths around Agile I took the course to widen my general knowledge on Agile.

Having fun so far!

I'm aware and understand everything i've heard so far.

So far, so good.

I knew nothing about the topic and, so far, haven't felt intimidated by it!

Agile projectについて学ぶことができました。 初心者でもわかりやすく解説されていると感じた。 So far this course is excellent.

so far so good As a developer I don’t find it engaging .

Of the two other courses on Agile methodologies I have taken so far, this is by far the best, most insightful and comprehensive.

Well thought out and prepared content so far good match The Content is extremely helpful Thanks, good overview.

非常に良かった Thank you, this course provides the basics, and I am glad I took it Really liked the course - I'm not involved in software development - but want to use the principles and some of the tools for managing projects Usefull for agile rookies Great and easy to understand Headstart to Agile :) Its early but I like the speed and format so far.

sgfdshgs So far is a good fit.

Enjoying it so far, it easy to learn and is making much sense.

Read more

real world

Jonathan speaks with real world experience and that makes a huge difference in learning.

Good examples and real world applications.

If the course includes one example of real world project management, planning, tracking progress and any unexpected changes and how to handle it in agile way it would be great.

quick and easy to follow and implement for projects in the real world!

Jonathan is a very good instructor with engaging slides and pertinent real world examples.

Clear and concise explanation of the Agile processes with some good pointers to how to utilise in real world situations.

Im involved in a real world project at the time of learning and the info is very practical and immediately relevant to helping navigate my task.

It may well be a reflection of how things tend to get done in the real world, but I think it might confuse someone who is studying for a PSM, PSPO, or trying to understand complex agile.

The instructor is articulate, knowledgeable, and provides real world examples and advice.

Really like the real world callbacks from the instructor.

Lacks real world practical examples.

Good examples, answers a lot of real world experience.

It would be useful to have a real world project as an example.

The instructor was obviously very knowledgeable and did a good job demonstrating how these methodologies can be applied to real world projects.

Read more

very easy to understand

great presentation especially for who want to know agile, very easy to understanding and you can imagine what lecture say about agile.

Very easy to understand, great examples, still have some doubts but I think I have to start using the concepts to really grasp them.

very good The explanations are very easy to understand and very clear.

Very easy to understand and logical.

Examples are very easy to understand.

The material was delivered in a logical manner and was very easy to understand.

Throughout the whole course, it contained enough and very easy to understand details along with great examples and buzz words.

Very easy to understand, passionate about Agile - really good course!

very easy to understand with real life examples I really enjoy this course, 100% recommended I am getting the theory but would like to see how in practice it would work through real life case studies Good course to get the basics right about Agile Nice and helpful overview of Agile A very Good, well organized course.

Exactly what I need to learn, concise and to the point is very easy to understand using simple meanings Good introduction to Agile.

Very easy to understand, yet really explains the concepts behind Agile.

great course, I recommend it, helpful Very easy to understand and very practical.

Its clear and great value easy to follow i like the preso- makes me follow.easy digestable Very easy to understand so far, interesting and fun This course has a great pace, and is exactly what it described - a beginner course.

Read more

software development

It shows the value behind the process and provides a newer approach to software development than previous methods.

The course has a slant towards using agile in software development.

I don't work at a software development company but it is still appropriate.

Although my projects are usually more infrastructure based rather than software development there is a lot that I have taken away that will make my life much easier!

There are references to resources that will take a deeper dive into specific aspects of what is discussed here and as this is focused on XP, it is good to have the pointers to other Agile methods if you are also interested in understanding how Agile can work outside a software development environment.

Really helpful for any member involved in a project regarding software development.

I am now more prepared to approached software development in an agile way.

I've found the course to be an awesome introduction and also a great opportunity for reviewing many key concepts around Agile Software development.

Great course that aligned with other sources of information I've been researching about agile software development practices.

I have some experience with agile projects, so I found the content to be in line with what I have worked with, and the specific content that is tailored for software development settings was unique and useful.

Well paced introduction to Agile in a software development environment.

Jonathan uses some solid techniques, and he builds on the shoulders of some solid and battlefield tested research in software development.

It touches on all important aspects and provides a lot of information for anyone interested in agile software development including testers, developers and project managers.

As a Beginner without experience in Software development this course was very helpful.

Read more

recommend this course

I recommend this course to anyone working on agile projects in the business world.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get a better grip on the Agile methodology.

I recommend this course for anyone learning about agile and or needing a refresher.

If you are new to agile or have been working with Agile projects for a while then I would thoroughly recommend this course.

I'd highly recommend this course and I'll be enrolling on any other Jonathan Rasmusson course without hesitation.

Would I recommend this course?

I would recommend this course to anyone/team looking to learn and adopt agile practices.

I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to get a more full understanding of both the broad scope of agile, and implementation techniques, whether they are just starting out or have lots of working experience.

I recommend this course for anyone looking to learn more about Agile.

I definitely would recommend this course to anybody who needs to understand the agile concept.

Definitely recommend this course.

Read more

exactly what

It covers exactly what it says on the tin.

This entire summary of Agile is exactly what we need to help keep customers advised on changes that are made even when we can take on more that we can handle but, we can not stop the process.

yes - exactly what I was looking for at this point.

That's exactly what Agile is...

Exactly what I was looking for as an introduction--and a few steps into--Agile development.

I just completed this course and it was exactly what I expected: a not-so in-depth look at what Agile is.

Read more

high level

It's a high level bootcamp.

If you are someone more familiar working in a waterfall culture, it's a great high level introduction into the philosophy of Agile.

I went in with a very high level understanding of Agile and went away with the feeling I could actually leverage the methodology on a project - including knowing how to use artifacts along the way.

Recommended +++++ Really enjoyed this one, especially the high level of details compared to others I have taken on the same subject.

With this course, I only got a very basic understanding of what Agile is, at a very high level but I totally missed on the actual action using Agile framework.

Very good high level course on Agile (lean, scrum, XP all mentioned) If you have an interview or are starting a job with Agile in it and you need a fast overview to get you working, this is the course for you.

I was looking for a detailed, but still high level overview of Agile and this course delivered excellently.

yes Simple, concise and funny way to present information So far quite basic, very high level and not actionable.

Read more

project management

An additional thing that I would have wishes for, was material about agile project management outside of IT projects.

Good course content, but sadly not what I wanted - I wanted Agile from a project management perspective (not software development).

Excellent Course, Very practical and easy to understand for anyone who has no prior experience in Agile Project Management.

I found myself relating to the issues he mentions in traditional Project Management and couldn't help but laugh at the humour used along the way.

My company is moving from Waterfall to the Agile style of project management.

Is it just a conceptual project management mind or way to manage a project that differs from the usual way?

A very high quality course on Agile Project Management.

Read more

real life

Narrator keeps it simple and provides real life examples.

Spot on insights of how we should look at Agile Agile helps me to see what's complicated is actually the simplest thing good so far, Im looking forward to real life stories and situations in agile development and deployments Very Good I recommend!

I was able to apply the information in this course right away in real life situations.

There are no exercises, it does not start with a real life example and proceed through each topic showing relevance between the information and the real life example.

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well organized

Basic knowledges are explained in simple way Excellent It seems well organized and clearly delivered.

Well organized and well paced.

The material was well organized and the topics were covered in a straightforward manner.

H e has very good indepth into agile and his passion for Agile is infectious :) Practical instruction, applicable, appropriate context Excellent, concise and well organized descritions.

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software engineering

Ho molto apprezzato la Sezione 8 (Software Engineering) in cui si evidenziano in pratica le corrette metodologie di sviluppo Software.

I especially appreciated the Software Engineering section covering Unit Testing, Refactoring, Test-Driven Development, and Continuous Integration.

I had hoped the sections on Communication and Software Engineering would be more detailed or authoritative.

I enjoyed Section 8 on Software Engineering.

The whole Software Engineering section is great and definitely was my favorite.

Read more

highly recommended

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended The concepts are broken down into bite size pieces that make it easy to digest and wrap your head around a concept before moving on to the next one.

Read more


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Right of Way Technician $29k

Right of Way Attorney 2 $39k

Right of Way Agent 5 $45k

Agile Metrics $46k

Agile Facilitator $59k

Right of Way Negotiator $59k

Agile Coach 1 $78k

Agile IT Leader $83k

Agile PM $113k

Agile Tester $118k

Agile Trainer $125k

Agile Evangelist $150k

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Rating 4.4 based on 821 ratings
Length 3 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $18
From Udemy
Instructor Jonathan Rasmusson
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Data Science Programming
Tags Databases Development Database Design & Development

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