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Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Welcome to my comprehensive course on python programming and ethical hacking. The course assumes you have NO prior knowledge in any of these topics, and by the end of it you'll be at a high intermediate level being able to combine both of these skills to write python programs to hack into computer systems exactly the same way that black hat hackers do. That's not all, you'll also be able to use the programming skills you learn to write any program even if it has nothing to do with hacking.

This course is highly practical but it won't neglect the theory, we'll start with basics of ethical hacking and python programming and installing the needed software. Then we'll dive and start programming straight away. You'll learn everything by example, by writing useful hacking programs, no boring dry programming lectures.

The course is divided into a number of sections, each aims to achieve a specific goal, the goal is usually to hack into a certain system. We'll start by learning how this system work and its weaknesses, then you'll lean how to write a python program to exploit these weaknesses and hack the system. As we write the program I will teach you python programming from scratch covering one topic at a time. By the end of the course you're going to have a number of ethical hacking programs written by yourself (see below) from backdoors, keyloggers, credential harvesters, network hacking tools, website hacking tools and the list goes on. You'll also have a deep understanding on how computer systems work, how to model problems, design an algorithm to solve problems and implement the solution using python.

As mentioned in this course you will learn both ethical hacking and programming at the same time, here are some of the topics that will be covered in the course:

Programming topics:

  • Writing programs for python 2 and 3.

  • Using modules and libraries.

  • Variables, types ...etc.

  • Handling user input.

  • Reading and writing files.

  • Functions.

  • Loops.

  • Data structures.

  • Regex.

  • Desiccation making.

  • Recursion.

  • Threading.

  • Object oriented programming.

  • Packet manipulation using scapy.

  • Netfilterqueue.

  • Socket programming.

  • String manipulation.

  • Exceptions.

  • Serialisation.

  • Compiling programs to binary executables.

  • Sending & receiving HTTP requests.

  • Parsing HTML.

  • + more.

Hacking topics:

  • Basics of network hacking / penetration testing.

  • Changing MAC address & bypassing filtering.

  • Network mapping.

  • ARP Spoofing - redirect the flow of packets in a network.

  • DNS Spoofing - redirect requests from one website to another.

  • Spying on any client connected to the network - see usernames, passwords, visited urls ....etc.

  • Inject code in pages loaded by any computer connected to the same network.

  • Replace files on the fly as they get downloaded by any computer on the same network.

  • Detect ARP spoofing attacks.

  • Bypass HTTPS.

  • Create malware for Windows, OS X and Linux.

  • Create trojans for Windows, OS X and Linux.

  • Hack Windows, OS X and Linux using custom backdoor.

  • Bypass Anti-Virus programs.

  • Use fake login prompt to steal credentials.

  • Display fake updates.

  • Use own keylogger to spy on everything typed on a Windows & Linux.

  • Learn the basics of website hacking / penetration testing.

  • Discover subdomains.

  • Discover hidden files and directories in a website.

  • Run wordlist attacks to guess login information.

  • Discover and exploit XSS vulnerabilities.

  • Discover weaknesses in websites using own vulnerability scanner.

Programs you'll build in this course:

You'll learn all the above by implementing the following hacking programs

  • mac_changer - changes MAC Address to anything we want.

  • network_scanner - scans network and discovers the IP and MAC address of all connected clients.

  • arp_spoofer - runs an arp spoofing attack to redirect the flow of packets in the network allowing us to intercept data.

  • packet_sniffer - filters intercepted data and shows usernames, passwords, visited links ....etc

  • dns_spoofer - redirects DNS requests, eg: redirects requests to from one domain to another.

  • file_interceptor - replaces intercepted files with any file we want.

  • code_injector - injects code in intercepted HTML pages.

  • arpspoof_detector - detects ARP spoofing attacks.

  • execute_command payload - executes a system command on the computer it gets executed on.

  • execute_and_report payload - executes a system command and reports result via email.

  • download_and_execute payload - downloads a file and executes it on target system.

  • download_execute_and_report payload - downloads a file, executes it, and reports result by email.

  • reverse_backdoor - gives remote control over the system it gets executed on, allows us to

    • Access file system.

    • Execute system commands.

    • Download & upload files

  • keylogger - records key-strikes and sends them to us by email.

  • crawler - discovers hidden paths on a target website.

  • discover_subdomains - discovers subdomains on target website.

  • spider - maps the whole target website and discovers all files, directories and links.

  • guess_login - runs a wordlist attack to guess login information.

  • vulnerability_scanner - scans a target website for weaknesses and produces a report with all findings.

As you build the above you'll learn:

  • Setting up a penetration testing lab to practice hacking safely.

  • Installing Kali Linux and Windows as virtual machines inside ANY operating system.

  • Linux Basics.

  • Linux terminal basics.

  • How networks work.

  • How clients communicate in a network.

  • Address Resolution Protocol - ARP.

  • Network layers.

  • Domain Name System - DNS.

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTP.

  • HTTPS.

  • How anti-virus programs work.

  • Sockets.

  • Connecting devices over TCP.

  • Transferring data over TCP.

  • How website work.

  • GET & POST requests.

  • And more.

By the end of the course you're going to have programming skills to write any program even if it has nothing to do with hacking, but you'll learn programming by programming hacking tools.

With this course you'll get 24/7 support, so if you have any questions you can post them in the Q&A section and we'll respond to you within 15 hours.


  • This course is created for educational purposes only and all the attacks are launched in my own lab or against devices that I have permission to test.

  • This course is totally a product of Zaid Sabih & zSecurity, no other organisation is associated with it or a certification exam. Although, you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy, apart from that

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Rating 4.6 based on 1,109 ratings
Length 25 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructors Zaid Sabih, z Security
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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What people are saying

ethical hacking

IT covers python and ethical hacking concept very well and I learn alot of things.

Although , it say it cover python based on ethical hacking concept but all the concept cover in the course can be used in many different senario and we can use the code in many program even if it is not related to hacking or pentesting.

Im gonna be buying other courses from him also Wonderful course for a beginner who is trying to understand the inner workings of python programs as they relate to ethical hacking.

I 100% recommend this course, it's so good for learning python and ethical hacking.

I came here to understand python but I have learned a lot about the tools we created as well as to why we would use them in ethical hacking and their purpose.

The next course (ethical hacking) is already paid :-) This is a very focused course on teaching python through ethical hacking.

I'm not new to programming, nor python, but I am new to ethical hacking and I loved the opportunity to build tools to learn more about pentesting.

It would also be great if we could get the programs created in this session for future easy reference it's a great course and many useful informations in it, i recommended it to any one who is interested in this field, thanks to you zaid for this great course :) I Recommend this tutorial, it is a very good tutorial and very informative, I have been looking for a good tutorial for using python in ethical hacking/penetration testing and this one meets what I was looking for.

Zaid is the best instructor ever , I have finished 60% of this course , but I have learned a lot , he makes hard things become easy to understand, really I recommend this course for anyone who want to learn python for ethical hacking and finally thank you zaid for your effort , keep going ?

Having said all this, the idea of using Ethical hacking to teach python is a great idea, and Zaid’s method of teaching is fantastic, albeit, he misses some commentary on his actions.

Zaid's approach to both the programming aspect and the fundamentals of ethical hacking have taught me more in the last few weeks than I have managed to comprehend over years of reading books and going it alone.

His teaching methods focus on the practical use and using them in productive ways which in my opinion is the most enjoyable way to learn both programming and ethical hacking.

My personal recommendation is to complete the Basic Ethical Hacking course first as it really helps you understand the concepts and then when you come to doing the actual programming, there is a little less to get your head around.

would definitely recommend this course to anybody looking to get into pen testing, so far i have learnt more than what i expected It is indeed very interesting how this course combines programming with ethical hacking It is my first "hacker" course and it is very exciting Interesting course, somewhat dated by the techniques remain the same All of the online classes I have taken by Zaid are very well thought out and super educational.

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so far so good

So far so good!

Yes it is I highly recommend this course to everyone Some concepts demand more explanation, like "subprocess", "functions" etc This course is great for someone like me who has had some exposure to coding/python, but wants to jump straight to practical uses of variables/packages/classes So far so good, the instructor has a wonderful english and the curse is awesome.

I mean I just got here but already it looks like exactly what I was looking for :) so far so good :) So far so good!

So far so good !!

so far so good :-) nice and easy it is very good going and interesting So far so good.

Yeahhhhhhhhhh So far so good The introduction is clear and promising Everything is very clear and easy to understand.

So far so good Perfect Awesome!

So far so good :) This is my second course with Zaid.

Any beginner python lover would love this course so far so good !!!

I am very glad I found this course because learning to code with a goal in mind is the best way to stay motivated So far so good.

So far so good.

So Far so good as it is inline with my Job title i.e.

So far so good, I am highly intrigued with this subject I like the way he explains it Very well put together cource, well explained aswell!

Just saw the intro to this lecture course and so far so good.

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looking forward

looking forward for more Great course, clear explanations.

great course, the lecturer's articulation very clear As i am much interested in both technology and ethical hacking i was much impressed by the Intro and looking forward for the remaining course.

Looking forward to it.

Still early though, looking forward to see the rest.

Great teaching and very hand-on thus far-looking forward to the rest.

I'm already familiar with Python basics but considering what all is being covered in this course, I'm looking forward to it all.

Looking forward for future sections.

Looking forward to the rest of the course.

Looking forward to the future of it.

Yes it's a good match, I'm looking forward to expanding what I've learned so far from Real-World Ethical Hacking and the Ethical Hacking course(s).

Best Instructor so far cant wait Very useful information so far looking forward to the rest of the course Zaid is an excellent teacher who have expertise in the field.

So far i like Zaid and i am looking forward to learn more from you, Complicated for a Python starters A good course with practical examples implemented in Python.

I am looking forward to complete it.

This course complements the Learn Ethical Hacking course, looking forward to getting started.

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real world

with this python course you are up and making a real world app that can be used for something useful within the first hour whilst courses from other lecturers are still trying to teach you theory until half way through the course and even then the apps they demo are often not useful in the real world - I find the information sticks better using Zaid's method.

thank you for this course my Allah bless you I wanted to learn Python and in that process I needed to be able to see real world examples and how can I take my knowledge of bash scripting and apply it to Python?

Finally a programming course that uses real world examples that is understandable.

I can not wait to expand on the programs that I already built and use them in my real world Penetration Testing job.

I like the course so far but I would like more real world exercises where the results don't work so I can see how to handle and troubleshoot errors.

This is definitely applicable to the real world.

This is a great course, Zaid lays out examples with clear and concise explanations that are applicable to real world hacking situations.

In this course you learn real world examples of programs and each program you get to implement straight away as he progresses the course nicely into using your completed program to advance further into hacking tools.

Examples of amazing apps very well applied to the real world !!!

The best thing about this Udemy course that it teaches Python with real world examples, something I've been always looking for.

Read more

highly recommend this course

I highly recommend this course for beginners in programming (as I am) and also for programmers that want a look on how to learn hacking.

However, I highly recommend this course to everyone.

I highly recommend this course and instructor!

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highly recommended

This course is highly recommended.

Highly recommended - but more enjoyable if you have a basic programming knowledge.

highly recommended course!

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended course!

Highly recommended Nice introduction , curious to learn more about this, It's been great, sometimes too slow, sometimes too fast.

Highly recommended if you want to make your own tools in python.

Its highly enlightening, and highly recommended.

Highly recommended I have been in a direct security role for 5 years and hold a few SANS certs.

Read more

step by step

Well explanation and organized to guide you learn python programming step by step.

Not just for "how clearly its explained step by step", but "information enclosed in this course!"

Thanks Zaid for this course, thanks for putting so much attention to details, examples and step by step explaining.

Very clear and easy to learn from with step by step examples.

love the step by step instructions.

Zaid is a really great teacher in helping you understand clearly what is happening, and shows you step by step on how to do it.

Read more

cyber security

Also any reviews that say about how bad the course is etc, are just people trying to learn about cyber security without willing to study any programming languages.

I have no experience in this area, want to get into cyber security, so figured this would be a good place to start.

Well done mate , you are a natural born teacher ; Im still in the process of this course as I am taking this course on the side with my degree in IT and i can tell you straight of the bat that this is a must have course if your serious about IT and cyber security and programming.

Hi all, I am very excited to take this course as a newcomer in ethical hacking and cyber security.

I have had learned python in school couple of years ago as part of computer science course (cyber security program), but it was dump as many of python codes in the class didn't make any sense, and didn't help me with writing codes for ethical hacking.

I am taking training to become a Cyber Security Specialist and this course is teaching me quite a bit of what I need to know.

Seems like it will cover a lot of good content The instructor has a way of making hacking technical details pretty interesting, smooth, easy-to-absorb and apply especially for non-techie people like myself :) It's a great course.Every beginner in cyber security or python enthusiastic student must take this course.

yes so far it is all i expected and more he is direct clear and walks you thru the process im excited to finish this course Just got my masters in cyber security.

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keep up

Keep up the good work!

If I were to ask Zaid one thing, it would be for him to make more intermediate courses where the assumption is that you have already completed his beginner courses but I assume they are on the way... keep up the superb work Zaid!

Thank you sir for the course and keep up the good work.

But great Job, and keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work man!!!

Keep up the good work Zaid!

Keep up the fantastic work please Zaid!

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till now

i always felt the programming is difficult and i can never learn it but zaid had made it very clear about the topics and explained them very clearly till now.

till now each and every example works on my machine.

Well till now its not at all boring.

So yeah it is a pretty good experience till now.

if it is so , it is good Very interesting wow amzing Yes really nice experience Untill now it sounds like what I could be dreaming about to learn in crazy short time!

not a single complain till now in this course.

till now im understand almost all and i dont have any thing about hacking .

Great explantion till now This is my third lecture with Zaid.

Could be a bit shorter / tighter I'm interested to learn more Yes, it is intended.. good job good course Its been very understandable and informative till now I really enjoy it good explanations The screen is to small to be able to see what’s on there screens very simple to understand language.. 我想答案是肯定的,絕對非常有用 it was a good match for me It is exactly what I was looking for Course is off to a good start...

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look forward

I then checked out other related courses of his and ended up buying several of them together in addition to Network+ and Security+ in the Udemy summer sale and look forward to working through them.

Great job, I look forward to gain all the knowledge.

As a newbie to ethical hacking, I look forward to Zaid and his expertise.

I look forward to delving even deeper into this course to expand upon my knowledge of Python and ethical hacking.

Thank you for creating such an enveloping course, and I look forward to seeing what the future of your courses hold.

Read more

deeper into

I was interested in this because I wanted to dig deeper into Python, but I have to say that my expectations were exceeded.

I took this course to learn Linux and python but now I want to dig deeper into ethical hacking.

I wish there are exercises to challenge the students to dive deeper into coding.

Read more


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International Programming Coordinator $45k

Interactive Programming Coordinator $46k

Programming Acquisitions $61k

Ethical cost accountant $64k

Ethical Hacker or Pen Tester $67k

Test Programming Technician $68k

Advanced Program Integration Support (Planning and Programming Oversite) $70k

Assistant Digital Campaigns and Programming Social Action Writer/Coordinator $76k

Bank Programming Tech Support Specialist $80k

Sys Anlys and Programming-Spec (Lab IT) $81k

IT and Programming Specialist $122k

Assistant Adjunct Professor - Multimedia Programming $133k

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Rating 4.6 based on 1,109 ratings
Length 25 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructors Zaid Sabih, z Security
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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