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The Art of Music Production

Music Production,

Explore the art of record production and how to make recordings that other people will love listening to. This course will teach you how to make emotionally moving recordings on almost any recording equipment, including your phone or laptop. The emphasis is on mastering tangible artistic concepts; the gear you use is up to you. You will learn to develop the most important tool in the recording studio: your ears. You will learn to enhance every aspect of your own productions, both sonically and musically, by employing deeper listening skills. Assignments will include posting your own recordings for peer review, and reviewing your classmates’ work by employing specific tools and strategies. If you use a digital audio workstation to record and mix, that’s great, but as long as you can record into your computer and post an MP3, you can complete the assignments. As you learn about the art of record production in this 4-week course, you will also learn about yourself and who you are as an artist and producer. It is not necessary that you read music or play an instrument to take this course.

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Rating 4.8 based on 295 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 2-4 hours/week
Starts Dec 7 (7 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Berklee, Berklee College of Music via Coursera
Instructor Stephen Webber
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Art & Design Humanities
Tags Arts And Humanities Music And Art

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What people are saying

so much

I learned so much valuable information that I have used consistently since learning and will continue to use for the rest of my life.

If you're a total beginner who don't have so much experience with music theory and music production at all, I think this could be too difficult for you.

Other than that i am happy with the course :) I really enjoy doing this course, I've learned so much, thank you coursera!

I learned SO much in 4 weeks!

What a Great Course....Thanks so much Stephen & Berklee....and of course COURSERA!!!

i live in yemen and there is a war going on right know i was really mad at life and i had a big motivation to make music i realized after i started this course that really my problem is that i was listening technicallythat i started to hate music .. i couldn't even enjoy the music i used to lovei just started the first course but let me tell you after i just watchthe first three videos(listening like a producer)it really helped me alot thank you so much Great introduction course, will continue with the next courses!

If that's what you're trying to learn, this course doesn't focus so much on that.

MASTER I have just started and have learned so much in one day.

Learned so much!

Not finished yet but I have already learned so much.

Amazing course and teacher, you won't regret it Thank you so much, this helped me to organize my ideas and artistic goals.Even if you already know this by experience and practice, having someone professional in the area pointing this matter, helps you up to take care of what you were doing by instinct.

I really enjoy it so much even though I had problems with timing.

I've learned so much.

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stephen webber

Loved The Course; Stephen Webber is a great instructor !

Stephen Webber сумел заинтересовать и передать интересные навыки, появилось много идей, которые я намерен реализовать.

Thanks a lot to Stephen Webber, Berklee and Cousera.

Excellent teaching style.....Stephen Webber is the great lecturer indeed..... Amazing.

On top of that, Stephen Webber is a super likeable guy who explains complex themes like reverberation, sound proofing or microphone types in a pretty straight-forward manner without ever being condescending.

The class is short because Stephen Webber gets to the point and gets the important information out there, no nonsense.

I love Stephen Webber's teaching style.

The useful content taught by Stephen Webber helped me to improve my production skills and lit the light to future projects.Thanks for knowledges!

Felicitaciones al Docente Stephen WebberMuchas GraciasJENNY MORENO A Thanks Stephen Webber for give so much with in a few words.

Finally, Stephen Webber is a fantastic, engaging instructor.

Great Stephen Webber is the man, I can confidently say that.

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easy to understand

Easy to understand, yet introducing enough technical points to elevate the quality of recordings.

Steve explains musical concepts in an easy to understand language and gives relatable examples that can be applied.

The videos were easy to understand and well - structured .

It's interesting, easy to understand and useful.

He gave us cool examples of everything, it was easy to understand the course.

He made production so easy to understand.

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about music production

I really enjoyed learning about music production also discovered how fun it is to create from the heart!I will most surely be taking more from this class, in the next coming weeks!Thanks so Much !

This course gave me the basis for thinking differently about music production.

I went from knowing nothing about music production to knowing a whole lot!

It was a good and informative course that has taught me a 'thing or two' about music production!

I'm really enjoyed The Art of Music Production Course and got lot of basic knowledge about Music Production terminology.

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very helpful

very helpful in getting a definition of musician's goal and identity This is a great introductory course for already-musicians who want a refresher on songwriting basics and tips, and a gentle first push into the production world.

Very helpful and practical!

Great tips on listening and approach very helpful for any musician at any stage very cool courses and mentors.

It has been very helpful in my development as a musical artist.

Overall I found it very helpful.

Everything else was very helpful.

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really enjoyed

I really enjoyed the content of this course.

It's an amazing course and an amazing teacher Excellent grate Really enjoyed this and got a lot out of it.

wonderful course that thought good skills to give feedback, different methods like layering etc I really enjoyed this course.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Record Agent $38k

Record Clerk $53k

Record Keeper $56k

Agency of record $58k

Medical Record Administrator $63k

Professor of Record $66k

Record Specialist $68k

The Record $69k

Medical record $70k

Visiting Instructor of Record $70k

Senior Record Producer $74k

Electrical Professional of Record $88k

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Rating 4.8 based on 295 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 2-4 hours/week
Starts Dec 7 (7 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Berklee, Berklee College of Music via Coursera
Instructor Stephen Webber
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Art & Design Humanities
Tags Arts And Humanities Music And Art

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