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Google Cloud Fundamentals

Developing Applications with Google Cloud,

Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure introduces important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud. Through videos and hands-on labs, this course presents and compares many of Google Cloud's computing and storage services, along with important resource and policy management tools.
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Rating 4.6 based on 3,738 ratings
Length 11 weeks
Effort 1 week of study, 6-10 hours/week
Starts Jul 3 (42 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Google Cloud via Coursera
Instructor Google Cloud Training
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming IT & Networking
Tags Computer Science Software Development Computer Security And Networks Cloud Computing Information Technology

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What people are saying

core infrastructure

The course help you understand the core infrastructure of Google Cloud.

Best course for GCP - Core Infrastructure.

It's bore video wkwkwk This course really helped me to understand the Core Infrastructure of the Google Cloud Platform!

this is so good practical based learning and videos are also very helpful Nice and crisp introduction of GCP core infrastructure.

very understanding Excellent content Great Lab , Full of Detail and Video Guide Line The course was apt for understanding the Google Cloud concepts, and functionality ,along with the core Infrastructure,Hand on labs were very useful as well.

Good Thank you GCP Core infrastructure course is very help full and usefull to get on with the basics of GCP cloud , to get the feel and hands on experience with learned lot about basic skill very effective course to take away Nice Course , Explained in detail and to the core had to re-write some of the lab scripts but overall, a good course.

I will definitely continue with a specialization Good explanation of core infrastructure and good labs.

A good way to learn Useful overview of GCP core infrastructure!

A good start and basics for understanding GCP core infrastructure and services.

This is an excellent course to understand the fundamentals of the core infrastructure of GCP.

Too much info but it's alright some labs are different when I use on the portal gave me a better understanding of the core infrastructure Great Very good overview and all of the labs , good job!

Good course giving you an overview of GCP Core Infrastructure, with some good practicals allowing you to do hands on build to embed the information presented in each section.

provides comprehensive information about Cloud computing also provides very detailed information about core infrastructure This course gives a pretty good understanding on the different options available on GCP.

Interesting es mucho tema en un solo curso.Se deberia tener mas código para validar los laboratorios good course 양이 많아서 ㅅ Excellent Very nice intro as a whole to the core infrastructure.

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looking forward

Really cool to review the fundamentalLooking forward the more specialized Google course Nice free introduction Nice inside of GCP Clear intro to GCP Although the topic itself is very interesting, I was disappointed with the way the course was presented.

Very much looking forward to week two of this course!

Very nice course introduction...definitely looking forward to the rest of it.

Looking Forward to proceed with the next steps.

Great overview - looking forward to learning more.

Challenging Looking forward to the next course!

I had good experiance during this course Mind blowing Experience Very Good Provides an essential overview to Google Cloud Services, but often feels like an advertisement/product catalog (it is) and the exercises aren't in-depth enough to be informative.Looking forward to the following courses in the series, which seem to be much more focused on engineering practices and concerns, with GCP being the how.

Looking forward to the next course.

Looking forward to explore more on this track.

Looking forward for the other lessons as well.

I am however looking forward to more into detail dev lessons.

well organized, and clearly presented I really got a lot out of this course format and looking forward to completing the Architecting in GCP as soon as I am enrolled.

i am looking forward to learn more and complete the whole course.

Looking forward to the remaining ones.Cheers!

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google cloud platform fundamentals

Excellent couse, was able to understand the concepts well, thank you Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Core Infrastructure give you a basic understanding of GCP platform, the materials are good and codelabs exercises are well designed to understand the services.

Great course to learn about the google cloud platform fundamentals.

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure gives me a introduction about how to use google cloud The best course for getting hands-on GCP, hands-on labs gives a real exp to the students.

Getting exposure to all resource just enjoying:) Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals:Core Infrastructure provide a clear vision on cloud and future IT infra requirements.

It really helps me to understand more about google cloud platform fundamentals.

It was a nice tutorial with lab excercise This Lab is so good, It's helps me to understand the Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Well tailored and specific on my requirements really helpful This course gives the best real-life knowledge of GCP.

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure ok very informative for an introductory course Excellent material!

Best oveview about Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure, I learned many thing about concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) This is a perfect start to learn GCP Cloud basic with smaller hands-on labs.

very nice way to explain Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Very good course materials, lab and quiz are also excellent Solid overview of the GCP building blocks.

Gret Course Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals - Core Infrastructure is a nice course to begin with Google Cloud.

You've successfully completed Course 1 of 3: Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure Very well designed course.

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muito bom

Muito bom!

It's a little out of date in some places (like compute engine is now per second billing, not per minute) Muito bom, define a grosso modo pra que serve cada modulo e possui bons labs.

Good Foi muito bom apesar das pequenas diferenças as vezes encontradas entre o material do curso e a versão atual do Google cloud platform.

Thanks Best learning experience I ever had Muito bom o curso!

Good Good content Course is only 1 week Muy completo para entender los conceptos base de GCP Good muy buen curso Muito bom!

Excellent resources to learn google cloud Nice platform and good information Curso muito bom, com exemplos que ajudam a entender o funcionamento da plataforma Google Cloud.

Absolutely fantastic nice Muito bom o curso.

Muito bom !!

É um curso muito bom, mas poderia envolver mais o laboratório e explicar a teoria com a prática.

Good Course, Made me learn many aspects of Cloud Good course Excellent Lap Muito bom, recomendo very interesting course If you wish to understand and apply all of the rudiments of google cloud platform and infrastructure, the Google Cloud Platform Fundamental : Core Infrastructure is the way to go!

Thanks for the Financial Aid, I am looking forward to learn at least one more programming language and try a very nice job Muito bom!

Muito bom!!!

Hands on labs could be more detailed OK Muito bom o curso !!

Love the platform and overall experience Thanks to Coursera, which has bring the awesome course for my GCP skillset development too much information too quickly Hubo ciertos laboratorios que no eran tan intuitivos Muito bom, vale muito a pena fazer!

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step by step

Good It was awesome learning step by step and practicing on codelabs.

the smart best practice to optimal cloud resource usage Better than I expected regarding the "step by step" approach I was expecting.

Good Excellent course with step by step Labs Good course to start with GCP Basics A really good quickstart for Google Cloud Platform Labs are too short.

The staffs explain step by step so that it is very easy to follow.

cool, but I would like to use the skill I'll learn more in a connected way step by step instead of learning the features one by one The labs are great and explanations are accurate.

It was nice and different way of learning experience for me, which has theory as well lab sessions very much synchronized Thank you..... Good introduction, but still popular science... Nice well structured course Nice Course and step by step guide for lab.

the course is well enough to teach us the fundamentals of cloud , and the core knowledge given in this course is well estabilshed ... with the command and cloud nociones para conocer las herramientas ofrecidas por GCP, solo un primer paso para empezar una aplicación o proyecto Very Good Course for basic understanding on various gcp infrastructure fundamentals Step by step.

Its one the best courses for someone who has no clue on cloud platform but has some IT work experience as the course content is at a basic level and easy to understand Step by step explanation on how to seamlessly set up VM's, create buckets, store and query data on the Google cloud platform.

Labs are well recorded to understand step by step.

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high level overview

This course gave a high level overview of the capabilities of GCP Compute, Storage, Big Data and Machine Learning while also providing valuable examples through Qwiklabs exercises.

Very high level overview of GCP.

Good high level overview Excellent!

great course , given me highlevel idea about GCP amazing learning experience Great course, highly recommend for a basic understanding of cloud infrastructure The course give you a very concise high level overview and great hands on lab on google cloud services and products, it is just great!

THanks Google and coursera for providing this opportunity Good high level overview.

Some information is outdated, especially menu's name Amazing good Good for getting high level overview of GCP The course language is very simple and to the point which makes the learning enjoyable and fast.

Quite good course giving high level overview of GCP but also including some hands on assignments.

Great high level overview.

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machine learning

However more details should have been better Very good Very little covered on Machine Learning It's very usefull curse!

Me gustó mucho, espero que puedan profundizar más en las herramientas de machine learning en cursos posteriores.

Advanced technology basic idea like IoT and Machine learning.

buen curso se aprendio un poco de proramacion para aplicar en la herramienta Need to introduce containers, kubernetes at more basic level and BiGQuery/Machine Learning felt like zooming through.

I too Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng and it was fantastic.

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services offered by google

Great course good walkthrough of GCP services that helps once to get started with basics and features Excellent material I wanted an overview of the cloud services offered by Google and this course offered just that.

Helps get a good understanding of the services offered by Google and what are the use cases good initial course on GCP GOOD 어렵긴했지만 전체적인 구글 클라우드 플랫폼의 구조를 볼 수 잇어서 좋았습니다.

very good Informative and introductory course providing details on all the services offered by Google cloud Muy bueno Amazing Teachers Good overview course on GCP.

Its give very good insight on services offered by Google which you can use and save cost for you organization.

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big data

Especially the latter modules like Big Data where there were many new systems.

This was quite an interesting and informative course with information varying from ML ,big data,containers and lots of stuff.Found it really helpful.

Excellent Course Excellent Course.Helped a lot I Love this course Gave me a good foundation knowledge on the GCP The Google cloud Platform is the best ways to learn about Big data, cloud computing format, not a good course Need better examples to understand deeply about the topic Qwiklab issue is still there please fix it Excellent course with very important hands on experience provided through labs !!!

very nice experience Excelente overview referente ao funcionamento das ferramentas de Big Data e Machine Learning utilizando a GCP Great introductory course, it really opens the doors to a new world.

Along with covering the basic concepts of GCP suites of services , this gives brief overview of some important tools and technologies like Kubernetes, Big Data , Machine Learning etc.

good good good course An excellent course to understand the fundamental building blocks of Google Cloud Platform - from Servers to Networking to more advanced services like Big Data and Machine Learning.

Some parts were really good like Storage and Big Data choices and comparisons, however, there are no details about VPC and IP addressing.

Perfect clarification It is the one of the best courses in cloud platform.In this course you will learn the create your own google platform which is useful in storing big data Ótimo ponto de partida para quem quer um overview da maior parte dos produtos do GCP Excellent introductory course to GCP !

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los servicios

Videos added more value to the course content good Sin duda alguna, el curso está estructurado de forma que , aún estando en inglés, se obtiene una visión general de los servicios básicos.

Los laboratorios permiten tener una idea general de la potencialidad de los servicios y herramientas básicas de uso.

Estupendo curso de iniciación con prácticas al mundo de Google Cloud, estupendo para entender qué es Cloud, qué servicios ofrece, cuánto cuestan los servicios y cómo obtener el mejor rendimiento de estos servicios.

Me gustó mucho, haría una comparativa todavia mas sustancial en los servicios de bases de datos y de interconexión, con ejemplos más claros.

En general esta muy bien, algun laboratorio convendría adaptarlo a las últimas actualizaciones de los servicios de google cloud, pero en general se sigue muy bien Nice training.

Buen curso, para entender los servicios de google cloud plataform This has been an eye opening course into cloud computing particularly that of Google platform.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended if you want to get an idea or compare the services to other cloud provider.

overall good intro course, but some of the labs need some revision with syntax errors/missing code Highly recommended for those who wanted to understand and learn what GCP is about ... this course form as the foundation for all basic learners and even for those who wanted to go more deep dive into specific areas of GCP.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start off with GCP.

highly recommended to get a fundamentals right on the GCP.

Highly recommended !

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look forward

GCP looks really user friendly and for sure I'll start soon to look forward to deploy application there.

I look forward to the rest!

This was a great course and I look forward to completing more such courses on Coursera.

I look forward to continuing learning with the remaining curses of this series Very useful course and learn a lot of things.

Overall a good experience and I look forward to go for other courses on Coursera.Thank You Very good, GCP is fantastic.

Look forward to going deeper.

boring monologue of all services, bored tothe core..... Nice Course .. with very good content..i really look forward to enroll and get some more knowledge.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the material and look forward to continuing the specialization(s) offered!

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IT Support Agent @ Google [X] 3 $47k

Google Specialist Contractor $47k

Google Cloud Developer $51k

Google Specialist Manager $54k

Google Cloud Engineer $57k

Google Cloud Architect $70k

Content Specialist for Google Play (@Google) $70k

Google Cloud Platform & Mobile Apps Specialist $75k

Designer at Google $77k

Curriculum Developer, Google Cloud $102k

Head of Scaled Engineering Support, Google Cloud $108k

Head of Alliance Partnerships, Google Cloud Go-to-Market Partnerships $132k

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Rating 4.6 based on 3,738 ratings
Length 11 weeks
Effort 1 week of study, 6-10 hours/week
Starts Jul 3 (42 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Google Cloud via Coursera
Instructor Google Cloud Training
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming IT & Networking
Tags Computer Science Software Development Computer Security And Networks Cloud Computing Information Technology

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