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70-461, 761

Previously available as seven separate courses, now presented in one big course.


"The instructor explain the things in great details. Very easy to follow." - Linda Shen

"Excellent course, valuable lessons, very well taught at a great pace." - Shane Tanberg

"Must get tutorial. Love it" - Hayford I Osumanu

"Perfect step by step guide to learning. Best I've seen." - Charles Schweiger

"This course is very well thought out. Its one of the better 70-461 courses on Udemy." - Isrrael M

This course is the foundation for the Microsoft Certificate 70-461: "Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012" and 70-761 "Querying Data with Transact-SQL".

Session 1

The basics presented are: how to install SQL Server, and how to create and drop tables.

We then try to create a more advanced table, but find that we need to know more about data types - so we go into some detail about data types and data functions, the foundation of T-SQL.

Session 2

We'll create tables which use these, and then INSERT some data into them. Then we'll write queries which will retrieve and summary this data, using

We'll then JOIN these tables together to find where we are missing data and where we have inconsistent data. We'll then UPDATE and DELETE data from the tables. This will allow up to fully complete objective number 1 from the 70-461 exam.

Session 3

We'll now use that data to create views, which enable us to store these SELECT queries for future use, and triggers, which allow for code to be automatically run when INSERTing, DELETEing or UPDATEing data.

We'll look at the database that we developed in session 2, and see what is wrong with it. We'll add some constraints, such as By doing this, we will complete objectives 2, 3, 4 and 5 from the 70-461 exam

Session 4

We will further encapsulate our routines by creating procedures, allowing us to EXECUTE parameterised commands with just one statement, and we'll add some error handling with

We'll also combine datasets together, by looking at UNION and By doing this, we will complete objectives

Session 5

We'll will now be creating aggregate queries, working through objective 9 of the exam 70-461. We'll be reviewing the ranking functions ROW_ We'll look at the 8 analytic functions news to SQL Server 2012, such as

We'll look at alternative ways of grouping and adding totals, using If you want to take the 70-461 exam, we'll also look at the geometry and geography data types, plotting locations on a grid, together with functions and aggregates.

Session 6

We'll will now be creating sub-queries, working through objectives 7b-e of the exam 70-461. We'll be created correlated subqueries, where the results of the subquery depend on the main query. We'll be looking at Common Table Expressions using the WITH statement, and we'll be using what we have learned to solve a common business problem.

We'll be looking at functions (objective 14), including the three different types of User Defined Functions (UDF): scalar functions, inline table functions, and multi-statement table functions. We'll then complete objective 6 by looking at synonyms and dynamic SQL, and objective 8 by looking at the use of GUIDs. We'll also look at sequences.

We'll have a look at XML. Finally, for SQL Server 2016 and later (exam 70-761), we'll examine JSON and Temporal Tables.

Session 7

In this session we'll be looking at transactions, seeing how to explicitly start and end them, and finding out how they can block other users in the database. Then we'll see about how to indexes and their role in optimising queries.

We'll also see how we can use Dynamic Management Views to see how we can improve our use of indexes. We'll then look at how to write a cursor, and when to use this row-based operation, and the impact of using scalar UDFs.

No prior knowledge is required - I'll even show you how to install SQL Server on your computer for free.

There are regular quizzes to help you remember the information.

Once finished, you will know what how to manipulate numbers, strings and dates, and create database and tables, create tables, insert data and create analyses, and have an appreciation of how they can all be used in T-SQL.

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Rating 4.4 based on 405 ratings
Length 30 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Phillip Burton
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Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification IT Certifications

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What people are saying

easy to follow

Yes good match fr me Well explanation and easy to follow.

He is easy to follow and thorough.

very clear and easy to follow mmm hm Very leisurely paced and easy to understand...

Topics are organized well and in an easy to follow format.

Easy to follow and understand!

Instruction are easy to follow so per .

Easy to follow along with I understand there has to be some starting point this this is too slow for me.

He sets a good pace and the examples and exercises are easy to follow.

This course is taking me through it starting with the basics and is very easy to follow.

Instructor is very easy to follow and understand.

I like this course, easy to follow, one session builds upon another.

Easy to follow and comprehend.

Very easy to follow.

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sql server

I pretty recommend it for those of us who want to learn better SQL Server, as well as to go to the exam and show their knowledge.

Suitable for absolute T-SQL beginners, as well as older hands who need a refresher course or a breakdown of newer SQL Server 2016 features.

I have a feeling that I am now learning SQL Server thoroughly thanks to no-assumption mentality that I probably already know it so that we can skim it.

The course was very informative and helpful in getting me up and running with using SQL Server.

Before starting to this course, I thought that I have some information about SQL Server.

This is not Philip's fault, but a warning to other students that SQL Server is not something to learn very fast.

Excellent course for someone who’s looking to gain more knowledge on SQL Server/ TSQL.

I must say that even with my professional experience of MS SQL Server, I am still learning a few things from this course.

It is a great course to cover the contents I need the most at the moment, which is how to query with SQL server and how to set up the lab environment at home.

Course is really good for beginners to sql server.

Vast Information Being a SQL Server DBA, this is indeed a good match.

It deals with just about every possible aspect of querying SQL Server.

Loved taking the course.As the instructor says,Microsoft SQL Server cant be learnt in 4 or 5 hour course.It is great even for absolute beginners who have not any experience in say C# or VB.

This session and the previous session (1), are very useful for anybody who wants to learn the concepts of SQL server deeply.

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far so good

it is more than what i expected Information gets delivered in a very simple but comprehensive format which is great So far so good, very understandable, A lot of new ways to solve issues and querying data, Very recommended!

so far so good, i would like to know how long i should practice the concepts before moving on to the next lesson though.

So far so good This course is taught at an excellent pace!!!

So far so good!

So far so good.

so far so good Overall the class is good except for the audio in the last 2 lectures, it was really hard to listen to due to change in quality or something.

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looking for

Looking forward to going through the course.

Corso estremamente chiaro e molto bene strutturato, assolutamente adatto alle mie aspettative It is outstanding, well explained and very understandable this course is perfectly what i was looking for.

looking forward to continuing this course!

Regards, Moumita Extremely good -- I was looking for a refresher on SQL, since it's been more than a year since I've done any SQL (and I had only about two years experience).

Great overview Best Course for detailed understating of T-SQL Very Informative Good and Amazing so far yes, I am looking for this course to prepare me for certification exam.

Looking forward to the rest of the series.

I am looking forward to being able to do anything I need and expand from there.

Looking forward to Session #3!

This course is exactly what i was looking for.

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step by step

It's much easy to follow step by step than reading a book.

Really enjoyed his step by step approach.

The presenter seems to skip ahead on some concepts but overall it is very helpful Perfect step by step guide to learning.

clearly explained step by step.

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good match

This course was a good match for me.

yes, a good match definitely.

Yes, it was a good match.

Very good match and instruction.

Is a good match for me, as I am a complete new starter complaints early to say but does not feel engaging yet Excellent So far it is a good review Esta parte já conheço good Audio quality bad YES FANTASTIC I just like the way he is explaining each and every terms To Improve my skills and my future use XML, JSON was a nice refresher yes - very straight forward and easily explained

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so much

Thanks you so much for this course.

Thank you so much!

I am learning so much more about SQL with this course So far the course has been great in terms of the amount of material covered.

!Thank you so much for giving us this course!!!!

I've been working with databases for a few years, and its enough in-depth that you actually learn something, but not so much that it gets confusing for a novice.

I'm learning so much from Phillip and he's giving emphasis on what student needs to learn instead of covering so many topics and end up learning nothing.

The course is as comprehensive as the others - covering the same material - but Phillip just makes it so much easier to understand.

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other courses

I have already followed two other courses on a different learning platform but this course is by far the best.

I would certainly follow other courses of this instructor.

I nearly skipped the first few sections as i have taken several other courses and assumed it would be very similar.

Most other courses i have taken focus heavily on how to use SQL, this course gives information about why SQL server works the way it does.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

SQL Server Administrator $77k

IT Conslutant - SQL Server $83k

SQL Server/Oracle DBA $95k

SQL Server Instructor $95k

PHP and SQL Server Developer $103k

SQL Server | BI SQL Server developer $108k

Microsoft SQL Server Developer $109k

Database Administrator SQL Server $115k

SQL Server DBA 5 $122k

SQL Server Architect $138k

SQL Server MVP 5 $156k

SQL Server MVP 3 $163k

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Rating 4.4 based on 405 ratings
Length 30 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Phillip Burton
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification IT Certifications

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