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Complete C# Masterclass

The course gets updated frequently - Last update: 23. of April 2021

Have you ever had an idea for a program, an app, or a game?

Maybe you want to work as a developer? Then you are in the right place. In this course, you are going to discover how to become a c# developer - one of the best programming languages on earth.

C# is one of the few programming languages which allows you to create amazing cross-platform Mobile Apps, Games, and PC Programs. 

Bringing an Idea to life is one of the best feelings one can have, but the path to get there is often full of challenges. So I have created a course that makes this path as easy as possible all with the help of c# so that you become a skilled c# developer.

You start off by learning the C# basics and C# programming concepts in general:

  • variables

  • methods

  • arrays

  • if statements

  • loops

Then you learn the three pillars of Object-oriented programming.

  • Classes and Objects

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

Once you mastered them you will go into advanced C# Topics, such as Databases and LINQ.

In order to really become really good in c# programming, you have to program yourself, so I have created loads of exercises (and quizzes) for you to try for yourself to do c# programming and also to see how it is done afterward. Of course, you learn best programming practices along the way.

Equipped with those skills, you will build beautiful user interfaces with WPF - A framework, which makes creating GUI’s a piece of cake.By that point, you can create your very own complex programs.But what comes next is even cooler.

Learn Game Development with Unity and C# - Build 2 awesome games

As C# can be used for multiple different areas of programming, I have decided to cover the most important ones. So I have added a whole bunch of chapters specifically designed for a C# developer and Unity game developer - arguably the best Game Engine in the world. In those chapters, you will discover how to create your very own video games by building pong, the mother of video games and zig-zag, an amazing and successful endless runner game.

We live in a world, where knowledge and work are shared more than ever, so using assets provided by others is a huge boost to your progress.  You will learn how to use 3D assets to make an endless runner. Then you’ll use animations, reset the game, use particle systems, and finally create a map procedurally. That’s quite some advanced stuff right there.

I know that learning to code can be hard at times, and sometimes you just get stuck. But no worries, we are there for you. We answer each question as quickly as we can and make sure that you reach your goal of becoming a developer.

The course is for anyone, who wants to learn c# and wants to become professionally good in c# programming. No experience is required whatsoever. It is designed that anyone who can handle a mouse and keyboard will succeed in finishing it. The only real requisite is the desire to learn.

 30- Take the course, watch every lecture, and do the exercises, and if you feel like this course is not for you, ask for a full refund within 30 days. All your money back, no questions asked.  

ABOUT YOUR 000 students how to code. I have a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance (Germany). I love teaching and creating high-quality courses. My mission is, to teach programming to over 10.000.000 people.  

As you see, this is the only C# course you will ever need.

You will learn all the c# fundamentals, all c# basics, and everything that you need to know to succeed in c# programming and building your own cool video games.  

So don’t waste any more time and start to make your dreams and ideas come true by taking this course now

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Rating 4.5 based on 1,103 ratings
Length 37 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructors Denis Panjuta, by Denis Panjuta
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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What people are saying

so far so good

Well, I'm only at the beginning, so who knows the course may get better and my rating might change :) It was an awesome course learnt a lot.. danke sir .. ich larne Deutsche.. :) Yes - Just starting a return to Software Engineering after 4 years as an IT Technician So far So Good......

So far so good.

So far so good, Really basic stuff, as I expected on the begginng of the course.

Clear explanation, enjoying it For a course is well made in order to be understood by a beginner So far so good.

It is good to go back to the basics and learn everything because my self taught C background left a lot of holes in how I was understanding C# before So far so good, explanations are very clear and following along has not been an issue.

Keeps it simple for beginners to understand So far so good looking forward to seeing what in store Early to say, well presented just thrown a bit when switching between 2017 and 2019 Up to this point everything is clear and straight forward.

basic..and the instructor will never answer the Questions So far So Good !

so far so good.

so far so good!

king I had some problems with this video about the get & set properties, but the overall explanation was good awsome So far so good.

Great explanations so far So far so good.

5***** So far so good, very clear, not tedious.

My goal is review the basics to shore up my foundation In the language, and so far so good.

pretty good so far so far so good... a little slow, in my opinion, but i know some coding already... MANTAP so far perfect.

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looking forward

Looking forward to the next chapters of the course!

I am looking forward to the more intricate aspects of C#.

Looking forward to learning more.

Looking forward to the rest.

I am looking forward to learning during WPF and Unity as well.

Nice guy Easy to follow Voice is not coming correctly Great course enjoying doing it so far Nice pace so far, looking forward to the next steps Good tempo, calm and concise explanations I had learned Python on another udemy course as my first programming language and moving to this course I have found it good so far.

This course covers everything from small to big and I'm really looking forward to learning more in-depth.

I'm looking forward to seeing the advanced sections of this course!

This is my very first experience with C# and so far everything seems great Teaching is excellent so far, looking forward to learn from you.

Looking forward to something more substantial.

Looking forward to the rest of it.

Glad I pulled the trigger on buying this course and looking forward to becoming a C# genius.

Thanks to this course I am looking forward for more advanced Unity projects soon.

I am familiar with the basics of C# because of my classes at DeVry University Online, but I am looking forward to expanding on that knowledge throughout this course and using it to build some projects of my own and expand my professional portfolio as I seek out a career.

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step by step

Everything is presented step by step, thoughts aloud, solving emerging issues/bugs.

o The c# is Beginner basics well explained o The WPF is very basic for total beginner nothing more o I didn't watch Unity yet, but I except Average well so far the course isn't so bad but I would love if i could be able to download the course because I can't really utiliize the course without it being offline Using this course alongside C# step by step guide is really an efficient way to learn.

This course is very helpful for first time coders and it shows you step by step on what to do I loved this course I have had a few beginner courses in c# from different teachers.

Very thorough step by step lessons.

The guys explain from zero, that mean he going step by step, and that what I need.

I Iearm here step by step, on concrete examples.

An excellent course - informing, explaining, step by step teaching, training, supporting.

"Complete C# Masterclass" is a high quality performance video, shows how to learn programming step by step .

A good course structure in smaller moduls allows learning step by step.

This course is impressing , I started not long ago and I move smoothly step by step trough Unity.

In depth-explanation, step by step.

Taking it step by step, perfectly understandable.

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very easy to follow

It's very easy to follow and understand what Dennis is saying, the video and audio quality is very good so you won't have a problem with that.

Other than that, very easy to follow with clear instructions!

Very easy to follow along I don't know, i just started.

Makes it very easy to follow and he doesn’t have a monotone voice which makes it very nice to listen.

Very easy to follow... Tot nu toe erg duidelijk.

Very easy to follow!

His style of teaching is very easy to follow and the way that he encourages you to try things out yourself is FANTASTIC.

This course is very easy to follow.

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visual studio

If more details are needed, use the built-in help of Visual Studio.

Also, many things could have been made simpler, like including 'usings' in the file, the instructor always types the using directive from his head, but Visual Studio provides IntelliSense and an popup box (lightbulb) to automatically include the using based on what class the user has typed, or the fact that he uses explicit types in variable declarations the whole course instead of teaching about the 'var' keyword and saving a lot of typing.

-Just side note on Visual studio, for these references to show up I had to turn them on in options -> CodeLens, might be worth it mention that.

My one critique would be that it is difficult to read the code in your examples....especially when you have Visual Studio and your course open on the same screen.

Instead of showing the entire Visual Studio display, if you could have the presentation zoomed on the actual code it would be much easier to read.

One thing I was not expecting, was for the course to be in Visual Studio 2017 - and so there are some things on the screen that are different that I'm trying not to let throw me for the moment, as I'm sure they'll be explained later.

(I don't talk English too well) Doesn't go through user interface of Visual Studio on Mac.

Great start to C# and Visual Studio Im sure this will turn into a 5 as the course progresses It's a great course with detailed introduction of C# and provided three fun project to follow.

Good introduction on Visual Studio, settings and start up.

Visual Studio would be in order.

As for my own needs, though, I sincerely appreciate the way that the course so far has given me a good quick start tutorial on MS Visual Studio.

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courses on udemy

Other than some parts, It is one of the most complete courses on udemy , or actually anywhere else .

Maybe it is my wrong understanding of how courses on Udemy work, but what I find not to my liking is that there is little to none help from the author of the course.

- The only regret is the lack of challenge through the exercices Like most of the courses on Udemy this one start with the basics (conditions, loops, etc).

This is one of the highest rated courses on Udemy for learning C# and I believe it teaches all the fundamental concepts of using C#.

I don't think any other C# courses on Udemy offer this particular benefit, so this is very important to consider.

:) After going through a few courses on Udemy, I have found this one the best and actually providing what is needed in a course I have zero experience in programming and I am able to understand the material well.

It is one of the best programming courses on Udemy, starting with basic lectures and increasing in difficulty.

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for example

There were certain sections in which I was in luck for example delegates and lambda expressions I didn't quite understood it but by the end of the course the instructor updated it has he felt that it was needed some retouch.

For example, improve your understanding of MS SQL server ,etc.

For example "using system.ComponentModel;" what exactly is this and why do we use it.

This course is missing some basic information on C# that is important in order to properly understand it (for example explaining the CLR, garbage collection, and properly explaining references).

I also think the course is not well organized (for example I think you need to first finish explaining data types containers and references and then explain all the OOP stuff and explain that objects are references etc).

For example, give an explanation to know what the namespace is, also know what is the class used for and why we use an static void function.

For example, at the top of Denis' code he has the using System; line and a bunch of others.

For example in C# Classes section At first operators without showing he just types things like x+=5; without saying x= x+5 == x+=5; he explains things too fast as if you know classes already in the class section.

For example, there is no discussion of abstract classes in the OOP sections.

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game development

Good course that covers most of the basics with some advanced topics including game development using Unity Engine.

As I'm not really interested in Game Development, I skipped the last section of the course.

And unit is a game development.

Got into it because I want to do some game development in Unity engine.

A good course, especially for beginners in unity and c# game development.

This is extremely useful for everyone who wants to break into unity game development.

So, not exactly an issue with the code but hey :) It was a very smooth start in the Unity programming and game development, thanks a lot.

Thank you for making this series available to myself and other people passionate for programming and game development!

I like how focused this is on coding even though my interest is in game development via Unity.

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hello world

Currently the exercises are setup as, "Hey, this is how you print Hello World.

For example watching the video for the "Hello World" project, I learned that the exe file of each program is stored in the bin->Debug folders of the project.

Either way, my little brother was following the Hello World part and found more interest in programming.

I've only just started the first video with the Hello World but so far he has explained everything in detail and i'm sure he will go over everything such as if statements, vector statements and everything in great detail as well.

Since instead of using console.Writeline("Hello world"); with java you would use something similar as in system.out.Println("Hello world"); the teacher is very nice unlike my teacher in school that sucked and I am very happy to learn some more C# :) I like it very much.

just started hello world so still lot to go for.

Just what the Dr ordered a bit jumpy in the hello world app It works.

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real world

Also, I hope for him to add to this course a detailed information about how to actually implement/publish real world application to a single or group of user.

I felt the examples are so basic and must have included some useful real world example or project.

The only criticism I would have is really just a personal preference, which would be more than one example of 'real world' scenarios - like he explained in why you would use try/catch/finally so that context can be applied to the knowledge.

Later in the series it seems there will be some real world projects, but early on it's just a lot of theory (which is very necessary).

Excellent course that actually covers real world applications of C#.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended for beginner and above.

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended from me!

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years ago

I used VS years ago (back in the VB4 through VB6 days, but the changes are significant.

Friends and a family member recommended C# years ago, but I didn't think much of it, but now wished I had!

I was trained years ago in college in C++.

I was an experienced programmer many years ago.

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Games Evangelist $172k

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Rating 4.5 based on 1,103 ratings
Length 37 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructors Denis Panjuta, by Denis Panjuta
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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