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GraphQL with React

Note: This course assumes you are familiar with React.

If you're tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out what type of backend server to use, this is the course for you.

Authentication? You will learn it. Apollo Data? Included. Integration with React? Of course.

This course will get you up and running with GraphQL quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build React applications quickly.

Both OSX and Windows supported.

We'll start by mastering the fundamentals of GraphQL, including data types, schemas, and integration with Express and React. Source code is provided for each lecture, so you will always stay up-to-date with the course pacing. Special attention has been paid to creating code that you'll be able to make use of on your own fantastic projects.

If you are new to GraphQL, or if you've been working to learn it but sometimes feel like you still don't quite 'get it', this is the GraphQL course for you. To learn GraphQL you have to understand it.

  • Learn how to use GraphQL's schema to define relations between your data objects
  • Learn the process of combining a backend server with a front end React
  • Master the process of thinking about your applications data in terms of a graph structure
  • Grasp the difference between GraphQL, Apollo, and Relay, and when to use each
  • Develop apps that are unique, fun, and responsive.
  • Build servers that can be used with both React and React Native applications
  • Master handling authentication with GraphQL
  • Learn the core principles of navigation with React Router and GraphQL

I've built the course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning GraphQL. A course that explains the concepts and how they're implemented in the best order for you to learn and deeply understand them.

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Rating 4.4 based on 1,023 ratings
Length 13.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Stephen Grider
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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What people are saying

easy to follow

Easy to follow and slowly introduces the concepts of GraphQL and Apollo.

As always Stephen courses are cristal clear and easy to follow.

good pace and clear explanation clear and easy to follow Great instructor, good teaching style.

Stephen is my favorite instructor here on Udemy for web development for the simple reason that all his courses are to the point, incredibly detailed and easy to follow., this course is no exception.

Very easy to follow along.

Also completed Stephen's Modern React With Redux course, which makes it super easy to follow along with this course.

As usual, Stephen makes learning and understanding a breeze with his very easy to follow instructions, detailed explanations, relevant graphs, and overall obvious expertise in the subject.

Very informative and easy to follow course.

Stephen's delivery is relaxed and engaging which makes it easy to follow along.

Great pace and easy to follow.

Thank you Like his other courses, this one is in-depth and easy to follow.

Great course to lear the basics of GraphQL and Apollo Very clear well structured course, easy to follow no setup bloat so the student can focus on the matter at hand without being distracted by anything else.

Clear presentation of material, easy to follow.

- Topics are expressed in a clear way and easy to follow/understand - Code font size is big so no chance to misread something Looking good, potentially great The best guide to using GraphQL I've seen to date.

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apollo client

However it would be super great if it could update with time and add apollo-server, apollo client react hooks etc.

Also, apollo libraries have changed significantly, but lessons are not kept updated It was a solid introduction to graphql using the Apollo client, although we could probably have had a few more complex topics introduced While the gist of the content is good, it's a bit outdated now.

To quote them: "Going forward, we think hooks are the best way to fetch data with Apollo Client.

The Apollo Client syntax has also changed (2.5 at time of review) with significant changes in its feature set.

Good introduction to GraphQL, how it works with express & Apollo client.

i take this course for learn the GraphQL but it's Stephen magic i also get the knowledge about React and Apollo Client, Provider..Thanks for making such a beautiful course.

Using Apollo Client with other backends is very feasible.

Otherwise, clear explanations and I learned quite a bit about graphql in express and apollo client It's a good introduction to GraphQL.

Great in depth overview of GraphQL and the Apollo client framework.

I enjoyed the course a lot, Steven is great explaining new concepts, i went from zero knowledge in GraphQL and Apollo Client to be able to explain my co-workers about the technology.

It also really needs an update to include Apollo Client v2 features which remedy a few of the issues brought up in the course and provide a clearer, more 'React' way of implementing GraphQL in a client application.

Great learning experience, but the Apollo Client used was prior to 1.0 - while the current Client is at 2.x.

Because this course is on a rapidly evolving subject, sections on the apollo client while they still work, are now not using the best techniques, so an update would be useful at some point.

The repetitive lectures from Stephen ensures that GraphQL and Apollo client sticks to my head.

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real world

He breaks it down into real world examples and works at a pace slow enough to follow along but fast enough that you don't get bored.

Stephen's diagrams and real world scenarios help me code along with him and pretty much develop a rough draft of my "real world" app at the same time.

First thing is " Thanks to Mr Stephen Grider" for his the way of explanation and describing the things that real world applications do.

because only relatiosn that we have was company=>users so just two relations.If the relations was 3-4 that is very much more likely to occur in a real world.

The ability to create two real world applications, with a codebase that can be transitioned into our own personal projects is reason alone, for learning this course.

I enjoyed the hands-on real world approach to the problems and the practice-oriented structure.

The second app demonstrated a real world implementation of GraphQL in a React app, focusing on schema configuration and query (think SELECT) and mutation (think INSERT or UPDATE) query composition in GraphQL.

The third app is begins from a mostly pre-configured code repository with schema and backend configurations ready-made so the instructor can focus on other real world implementation strategies for caching and update problems provided by the v1 Apollo React GraphQL client library and even working around some of it's limitations.

In most cases, the APIs are vastly different and require an additional effort to apply the knowledge gained in the real world.

Stephen Grinder is amazing, the course is perfect, from the basic concepts to real world application, he explain so well that there is no way to get lost.

Its a good course to understand the basics, since completing the course i have looked into it a lot more and started using it to create a real world application and he has missed a few key points like compose, name queries and mutations and i'm sure more.

I really enjoyed learning about GraphQL and seeing how it can be applied in the real world.

Stephen takes a slightly abstract topic and makes it really easy to understand, also getting to build some real world full-stack JS apps is pretty cool.

This one is not bad, but I feel very unprepared for real world use, much more than with his other courses.

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teaching style

Stephen's teaching style never disappoints.

I've bought a few of Stephen's courses, including the Docker/K8s one, and find his teaching style really works for me.

Concepts are very well articulated and Stephen's teaching style is very hands-on and approachable.

Teaching style is good, but this seems kind of dated.

So far this course is A+, and the teaching style is just as you'd expect from Stephen.

Just like his other courses, his teaching style is fantastic as he teaches everything that we need to know and shows us the best practices.

Great Teaching style Great course ... learning a lot Stephen is the best!

I do like Stephen Grider's teaching style.

Great teaching style, pace, tone, and delivers a clear explanation of topics as he teaches.

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my only

my only issue with this course is that its now a little outdated and I would love to see a refresh or a new one that shows some of the new hotness in Apollo such as the hooks way of doing things.

My only warning is that, while he's great for beginners, as my own skills and experience have grown (now a professional paid developer), his teaching style can be on the slower side and repetitive.

My only feedback to it is I would have loved to see more on optimisticUI responses with GraphQL.

My only wish is that an in-depth module be devoted to the creation of the actual Schema types and files.

My only complaint is that it never went over how to pass multiple queries or multiple mutations into a component.

However, my only concern would be that the level of the course in some point turns into a bit low, I was expecting some kind of depth and complexity in some point at the end of the course but anyway it was a really great course.

My only complaint is that I was about halfway through the course before I realized we were learning a pretty dated version of Apollo.

My only quibble with this course is that it is quite dated now, especially on the client, not just react-apollo/client (now in v2 and is apollo-boost) but also React and React Router.

My only complaint is that some video segments are extremely long, and it can be difficult to maintain attention to a 15-minute monologue.

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full stack

During the course we wrote two full stack apps that utilize GraphQL and as a student you could easily follow the great instructions and could code along.

Also the last course wasnt`t really about the full stack but it was more again for front-end.

Almost through the entire course - it's been very informative and I'll be in a great position to build my own full stack app from scratch leveraging GraphQL & React Stephen puts together very good courses and this one is no exception.

I've tried creating the full stack of a GraphQLbased webapp in the past and got stuck in analysis paralysis with all the competing technologies.

its third day my question is not being answered Great coverage of topics on the full stack.

The course was perfectly suited for my level of web dev knowledge (I'm a full stack dev, more backend focused but learning React), and covers all the topics I'm interested in learning.

Very useful information on some cutting edge front end/full stack tools.

Highly recommend if you want to learn the cutting edge technology in Full stack web development.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended course that has me excited to take the next steps myself.

The ending is a bit off, but overall highly recommended!

Highly recommended.

GraphQL is the future so do yourself a favor and invest in it now :) Highly recommended.

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rather than

pros: - Stephen Grider is a great teacher, he explains everything as expected, we all know/love him obviously : > - generally, it's a really good course, gives you lots of basics for both React and GraphQL - example projects are simply good examples of what can be done with React/GraphQL cons: - if you really want to learn GraphQL, I mean, not just basic of basics, it's not what you're looking for, there is nothing about designing schema, rather than having few types with some relations between - totally outdated dependencies, for example if you upgrade apollo client form 0.x to 2.0, project simply won't work, super easy to fix, but still old version of apollo and no react hooks use, but very good to understand the concepts to implement whichever version we want to implement.

Good choice to stick with Apollo rather than Relay.

I love Stephan, he is a good lecturer, this is the third course I take with him Great presentation of the underlying concepts of the information rather than "here it is, it works, just believe me".

They are always thorough and use real world application in them rather than contrived code along examples.

I learn new things on topics I have already taken a few tutorials on, and he takes the time to explain why things are a certain way rather than saying don't worry about it.

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high quality

You have to have some experience with React first Stephen is consistently bringing high quality, useful content in the sort of development ecosystems that peak my interests the most!

Stephen always provides high quality content and this course is no exception.

Great course as always, Stephen Grider is always be my favorite teacher High quality course, so far (am in the middle).

Again, high quality with excellent explanations.

Stephen always produces high quality courses!

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years ago

This course is completely outdated, I enjoyed the first few charpters but the project codes were created 3 years ago.

The sample code for section 2 doesn't run (deprecation errors), and it hasn't been touched at all since its initial release 2 years ago.

I'm a fan of Stephen's teaching style which is very detailed and frequently draws the student back to the purpose and why of what we're doing ... this is exactly why I love taking his courses - definitely got my money's worth (and then some) ... would be interested in an advanced graphql course in the future particularly if it were tied in with the whole passport.js concepts that had to be curtailed in section 12, "Delegating to the Auth Service" It's my second time, I watched it the first time 2 years ago, very good training!

It is a really nice course of GraphQL but it was released two years ago As all other courses I took from Stephen this was also enlightening.

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restful routing

Been through the shortcoming of RESTful routing and intro to GraphQL, GraphiQL and setting up GraphQL with Express.

Love his way to go through the problem of RESTful routing before dive straight to the GraphQL.

Very good breakdown of RESTful routing and why we use GraphQL from the very beginning.

Still getting on Good explanation of why RESTful routing breaks down when attempting to use it over a deep graph of linked resources.

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breaking down

As usual, Stephen does a great job breaking down complex topics into small, understandable units and then showing you how the pieces fit together.

Stephen does an awesome job of breaking down the patterns and processes in a clear and digestible way so you never get lost or confused.

Stephen does a great job of breaking down complex ideas into easily digestible bites that even a novice like myself can consume.

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Rating 4.4 based on 1,023 ratings
Length 13.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Stephen Grider
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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