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Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading

Welcome to Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading. Are you interested in how people use Python to conduct rigorous financial analysis and pursue algorithmic trading, then this is the right course for you.

This course will guide you through everything you need to know to use Python for Finance and Algorithmic Trading. We'll start off by learning the fundamentals of Python, and then proceed to learn about the various core libraries used in the Py-Finance Ecosystem, including jupyter, numpy, pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels, zipline, Quantopian, and much more.

We'll cover the following topics used by financial professionals:

  • Python Fundamentals
  • NumPy for High Speed Numerical Processing
  • Pandas for Efficient Data Analysis
  • Matplotlib for Data Visualization
  • Using pandas-datareader and Quandl for data ingestion
  • Pandas Time Series Analysis Techniques
  • Stock Returns Analysis
  • Cumulative Daily Returns
  • Volatility and Securities Risk
  • EWMA (Exponentially Weighted Moving Average)
  • Statsmodels
  • ETS (Error-Trend-Seasonality)
  • ARIMA (Auto-regressive Integrated Moving Averages)
  • Auto Correlation Plots and Partial Auto Correlation Plots
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Portfolio Allocation Optimization
  • Efficient Frontier and Markowitz Optimization
  • Types of Funds
  • Order Books
  • Short Selling
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Stock Splits and Dividends
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis
  • Algorithmic Trading with Quantopian
  • Futures Trading

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Rating 4.4 based on 1,082 ratings
Length 16.5 total hours
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Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Jose Portilla
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Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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What people are saying

easy to follow

It's fun, comprehensive and easy to follow along.

Easy to follow along but I have a lot of work ahead as far as fully understanding and utilizing the tools.

Covers many concepts at an amazing pace that is easy to follow, and gives plenty of opportunities to apply learned skills.

Exceptionally well explained and easy to follow along Great course, all the explanations are simple and clear!

- Easy to follow, language was clear, exercises very practical (compared to other very theoretical courses, this one was completely suited for developers and programmers and not academics) - Many real world examples and a lot of material covered in a short amount of time (personally this is good) - Great suggestion of code along vs exercises.

the lecture is very clear and easy to follow!

Easy to follow and understand.

Very helpful so far Great concise info Very clear and easy to follow instructions.

The course is quite easy to follow.

I found this course easy to follow as an entry level programmer in python.

The Quantopian Platform is a nice to have research tool, and Jose made it easy to follow.

Course materials are very clear and easy to follow.

Explanations are clear and concise, and he is easy to follow along with.

Easy to follow, clear explanations - and very good exersis.

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algorithmic trading

not practical for live algorithmic trading Couldn't install environment.

Jose Portilla is the best instructor I have ever had on this site, and he continues to deliver with this course on algorithmic trading.

If there are consecutive courses about Machine Learning for Finance and Algorithmic Trading, it will be great.

I always wanted to know about this Algorithmic trading and this course has introduced me to this area satisfactorily.

Finally, you will experience what algorithmic trading is by using Quantopian platform.

This course is great for anyone who wants to get into Quantopian or is just generally interested in algorithmic trading.

I wish there were more exercises for algorithmic trading.

Still insightful for learning about algorithmic trading, but could be cool if it updated to show how it applies on another application.

I would have wished though to have a section added on real-time algorithmic trading.

What I would have liked to learn more about are the real and more complex trading strategies used in Algorithmic Trading, but overall the course delivered what it promised!

Patience is however required as you will not get a jump start into algorithmic trading rather a smooth learning curve into the subject.

In my humble opinion, the course should provide more practical focus and resources on algorithmic trading, Quandl and Quantopian.

Very useful introduction to algorithmic trading.

如果有更多股市上的練習,在應用上我們會比較懂得去如何實戰。 I spent about 12 hours researching algorithmic trading and python tutorials, following popular Python instructors on YouTube and trying to find a decent Quantopian tutorial.

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financial analysis

And I would prefer a more extensive section from the financial analysis part.

Very informative, I could learn a lot about Python and also a bit about Financial Analysis (my background is economics, so it was mostly not as new to me).

Level is too low, it took too long to even begin doing any financial analysis (almost half the course spent recapping the basics of python), and the financial analysis conducted is so simple google would have sufficed.

Great Simple and compendious explanations, fertile expression, have a good content 5/5 Nicely setup course structure for beginners in Financial analysis Love it!

Like all of his courses, this one lays a solid foundation for you to take your skills in financial analysis to the next level.

It was especially helpful being walked through the process of using the various APIs and interfaces available for financial analysis, which would otherwise be daunting for new users.

Great course, provides a valuable toolkit to anyone in the field of market finance/ financial analysis.

You will learn how to get data (by Pandas data reader, Quandl and Quantopian platform) and how to do basic financial analysis.

Lot of thanks to my instructor, Jose Portilla for his wonderful and valuable lectures on Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading course.

The application of Python in Financial Analysis is fantastic and made the complex of this more advanced financial topics easier to manage and to get in memory.

Sections 1-10 mostly deal with review of Python and the libraries that will be used most often in Financial Analysis.

It is definitely a great course on data science using Python for financial analysis and algorithmic trading, so I would recommend it 100%.

I signed up for the course to get an insight into the commonly used tools for financial analysis using python, and it is exactly what I got.

The course gives a good introduction on using python for financial analysis.

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so far so good

So far so good.

Fisrt half focus on data analysis topics, so far so good.

Great start to quant programming Clear and great usage of exercises So far so good, but 3.7 is anaconda's default (today), and the course wants 3.6 (Leaves me wondering if anything after will work).

So far so good... Hope to have an exciting learning!

So far so good Directory_wasn't_explained._I_coulnd't_understand_why_in_the_lines_of_command_I_received_an_error.

it's good so far Clear so far so far so good.

Excellent instructor Simple I like the course So far so good.

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jupyter notebook

Eventually I found that I had to create it, using the command line with - jupyter notebook 'C:\Deep Learning\U-PyForTrading' That worked.

You should teach the students to install the jupyter notebook before ask them to use the command.

If the textbook(written in Jupyter notebook) were more organized and had more written explanations in detail, it would be better.

I feel like I walked away with a lot, for both personal and career (am planning on implementing some things I learned for work) I really would have liked to see more actual algorithms samples, as well as less jupyter notebook usage.

Through the beginning of the course, the Jupyter Notebook exercises were really useful, but the number of them decreased as the course went on, being replaced by more code alongs.

Well, he is reading off of Jupyter notebook theory too fast, I got bored of the subject.

Jose does an excellent job of describing the course and walking you through the setup of Jupyter Notebook, which I found problematic in another course I attempted and abandoned because I could not set it up properly.

AMAZING AND EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE I could not get the jupyter notebook command to work after activating the pyfinance but since I already had jupyter notebook installed I was able to find the course files.

На превью узнал много полезных фишек по jupyter notebook.

Ended up opening anaconda from launch pad and from there jupyter notebook Very clear and interesting nice and useful!

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step by step

Step by step explanation of python basic data types and structures Bien explicado, bien formulado, bien planteado.

Step by step from scratch..well explained..I like it Great content and easy to follow Having a lot of technical issues with the prompts.

clear, step by step lectures So far I haven’t done much that would demonstrate the tutorial was outstandingly done.

Think of it as a step by step into the coding part of Algo trading.

an easy and clear step by step refresh of the main function so Python, I like the approach.

Awesome step by step explanations!

Nicely explained step by step progression.

muito boa didática e o notebook criado é super completo Great explanation, not too fast; step by step I'm early in the course but everything is well taught so far!

nice tutorial because i learn something new about function explanation shortcut and suggestion Quality course illustration in a step by step and easy to understand manner.

Very clear step by step instructions, and good explanation of the different data types.

In this case, I need more clearer explanation step by step.

yes , i was looking for practically guiding mentor and i guess till now its good for me The step by step approach is just so good Great content and very clear explanations!

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looking forward

Looking forward for a more advanced courses with more implementable strategies.

Activatie environment is niet meer nodig Good level of detail and clearly taught Just great, looking forward to the next video and the next line of code Its a really wel thought out course, every step is shown clearly with exercises and solution.

going great at the moment.....looking forward to it Yes.

Next time, I plan to his data science & machine learning course, and I am looking forward to it.

Thank you and Good Luck Looking forward to see more lectures about algorithmic trading.

Thank you Jose.keep it up.Looking forward to complete it ASAP.. Great course Little bit fast in some lectures.

Looking forward to the next sections.

Looking forward to the new stuff Cours très clair et très complet pour un débutant en python.

looking forward to getting into it!

Storms along, but looking forward to the application of all the know how.

looking forward to when it's complete.

Looking forward for continuing the study.

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real world

I would really love to see some real world financial problem solving using Python given a real world scenario, something like a case study which would mostly incorporate concepts from this course, and introduce newer concepts.

Everything he offers in this course is theoretical in the sense that he shows you the tools but offers no concrete trading strategy that one can use in the real world.

Most of the stuff he teaches can be applied in the real world.

One thing missing is practicality, the actual implementation of an algo in the real world.

And assistance with linking a funded account to Quantopian and implementing an algo in the real world with a funded account.

However i was missing more real world trading algos examples using Quantopian.

More real world exercises and examples could be introduced.

The only demerit I found is that quantopian is still to come to India, so I will not not be able to apply the knowledge gained in real world.

Awesome course and really applicable to the real world.

It was very helpful to have financial data be the base material for examples, because alot of the examples applicable in the real world.

I am happy to implement the course learn-outs in real world case at NSE data for stock trading.

The course is very helpful with real world applications.

Great explanation and materials The instruction is explained clearly and the projects seem like real world experiences.

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till now

The course is fantastic uptill now.

I know the basics so till now I'll say it's good.

Just from the 2 modules I finished till now, the best thing that the instructor provided is the environment file which ensures I have all the necessary packages installed to start the course Practical actionable skills.

Yes, The course is very good till now, it covers the portions in a necessary manner and does not delve much into details.

Till Now its easy to understand and gives a good idea about python Very, very good course.

Till now I am able to grasp all the concepts.

So far the course has been rewarding and easy to follow along till now only overviews found English and related contains spoken very well Thanks Good explanations and easy to follow instructions.

the steps to follow are really clear Till now the course is great!

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time series

Even if you're not really into trading securities, this is an excellent course in time series analysis...

Jose provides a practical hands on approach to analyzing (and understanding) time series data sets.

Looks like I got there finally, after quite a delay... Showed time series forecasting, but not on stock data, which is significantly easier to do work on (used "monthly-milk-production-pounds-p.csv") This series is really just documentation being read out and put in a noobie friendly format This is the 'best' finance with python series in went through on udemy, but that's because others were sub-par.

The challenge is to handle time series data, portfolio state and decision making logic.

Definitely will be taking Jose's Data Science course I got to understand some of the financial concepts better when applied to time series and algo trading, however I wish instead of using hard to remember syntax of the python codes, it should be based on more easy to remember codes.

For me, the most difficult topics in the lecture were time series analysis, advanced financial concepts and Quantopian platform.

During the half of the course, before the time series analysis chapter, it was easy enough to understand, but, after then, it got really challenging.

The forecasting and time series bits were very interesting.

best course if u wanna learn time series + Quantopian It's good as intro to some of the important Python libraries in context of financial time series data, but I expected much more content on actual trading strategies / algorithms / platforms.

Very good course and very useful for handling time series Great introduction to Python and finance This course really strikes the right balance.

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data science

前半は「Python for Data Science and Machine Learning」と一緒。映像も変わらず。後半から投資の話になりますが、投資の話をコードではなく英語で説明されるので、英語が理解できないと辛いです。これが理解できないと最後の2レッスンでようやく出てくるコードについていけないのかも。「Python for Data Science and Machine Learning」と比較すると期待してた分とても残念。 Best intro to Pandas I have ever seen.

I have tried a lot of online courses on python data science and this is hands down the best.

As an accounting major, this is my first time studying data science or using any programming language.

You will learn (basic level of) Python data science libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and the other things.

Maybe there should be a section for people more seasoned in data science?

For someone who already knew a little Python from some free data science courses and who wants to get in to using it for finance, this is a great refresher.

just feel like doesnt know what i do Liked a lot specially the pandas and matplotlib introductions as it was very comprehensive and its a knowledge useful to all data science.

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job of explaining

Jose does a good job of explaining things.

He speaks at a comfortable pace and does a good job of explaining the reasons behind the methods used.

Sehr interessanter Kurs, gut erklärt Jose is a great instructor, he is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and does a great job of explaining the topics.

yes....its a good match The instructor does a great job of explaining as well as having very detailed supporting material.

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Media Trading Strategis t $31k

Trading 2 $53k

Algorithmic Execution Desk Support $67k

Algorithmic Trading Support $73k

Operations and Trading $80k

Head of Trading Operation $80k

Equity Algorithmic Quant Analyst $83k

Treasury Trading $83k

Principal FIX Trading Support Analyst - Trading Ventures $98k

Algorithmic Trading Developer - C++ $104k

Algorithmic Software Engineer $111k

East Trading $115k

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Rating 4.4 based on 1,082 ratings
Length 16.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Jose Portilla
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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