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Applied Data Science Capstone

Applied Data Science,

This is the final course in the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate as well as the Applied Data Science with Python Specialization. This capstone project course will give you the chance to practice the work that data scientists do in real life when working with datasets. In this course you will assume the role of a Data Scientist working for a startup intending to compete with SpaceX, and in the process follow the Data Science methodology involving data collection, data wrangling, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, model development, model evaluation, and reporting your results to stakeholders. You will be tasked with predicting if the first stage of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will land successfully. With the help of your Data Science findings and models, the competing startup you have been hired by can make more informed bids against SpaceX for a rocket launch. In this course, there will not be much new learning, instead you’ll focus on hands-on work to demonstrate and apply what you have learnt in previous courses. By successfully completing this Capstone you will have added a project to your data science and machine learning portfolio to showcase to employers.

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Rating 4.5 based on 277 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort 5 weeks of study, approximately 45 hours in total (10-15 hours/week for the later modules)
Starts Jun 26 (55 weeks ago)
Cost $38
From IBM, IBM Skills Network via Coursera
Instructors Alex Aklson, Yan Luo, Joseph Santarcangelo
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Data Science Programming
Tags Data Science Data Analysis Machine Learning

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What people are saying

foursquare api

To much focus on Foursquare API This course is instructive and challenging at the same time.

;) Best Course i have ever studied online Very Good Course content Good Although, I would request the final project not be restricted to using Foursquare API.

Just one thing, the project should be more open and the restriction of using Foursquare API should not be there.

A comprehensive content and project makes me understand a lot how a data scientist works and presents in a sophisticated way Mentors won't teach how to use foursquare API and how to apply different ML algorithms.

It is excellent, especially getting to know about foursquare ApI is exciting.

Good excellent supervision and tutor I learn new skills from this course, especially how to establish the Github profile and use it as my portfolio; and using Foursquare API to for location analysis Challenging and interesting A tough project at the end, but if you've worked through all the previous modules leading up to this one, you'll be well prepared.

I am glad to have taken up this course and it was very well crafted assignment that allows you to use your skills from pandas, data visualization, Foursquare API and machine learning algorithms to name a few.

You'll also use foursquare API to get popular venues in a particular location.

I hoped this course would be more complex but it mostly consist of Foursquare API requests.

Valuable course to know more about Foursquare API, but short in content (more focused on assigning a final project).

This course is about applying what you learn on a free form project.. but you should use Foursquare API which it might be challenging little bit to deal with.. Good examples, very practical.

First, you learn how to scrape data and use the Foursquare API, which is quite helpful as these skills are generally transferrable.

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final project

We are briefly taught Foliujm Library but at the end, it was our final project.

One thing that could be improved is the final project with perhaps several options that are more specifically defined than the current form of the project.

Forced to learn multiple APIs to complete final project.

I'm glad we get to choose the theme of our final project, because I had a lot of fun, and not having any templates or guides to follow really tests what you have learned until now.

This course can either be really fun or really boring, depending on what YOU choose as your final project.

Also, the graded lab that isn't part of the final project cannot be completed with the knowledge provided by this course.

The final project is a great opportunity to be creative and to utilize all kinds of sources (and get to know the city you are interested in better).

The final project is a lot of work.In my opinion, the grading system could be better.

This course is really good and give enough challenge on the final project, especially on how to get data from multiple sources: scraping data from web, call APIs, and visualize it on map after call the clustering algorithm.

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very good

Very good slides which are well formulated and easy to understand The capstone project was not very identical to what is covered in the course.

Very good and creative course awesome project, but report writing and report preparing is very tough task, youngsters don't like time waste on report Flying with Python: The most challenging and interesting course so far!

In the end of the course I'm able to deal with data using python and a lot of tools that helps the job and let this job more fun.A very well organized and balanced course with videos and very good material for practical labs.I have a Swisse Knife with me to deal with future researches on data science.Thanks.

Very good chance to practice what you learned in IBM DSC course.

Very good learning and the hands on lad is a wonderful experience.

Was very good although I was expecting something more advanced I Appreciate IBM to Provide me such a Platform.

It was very good..

excellent course, a lot of practical work, interesting tasks close to reality Very good Capstone A fantastic challenge!

Intense and very rewarding at the end of hard work :-) Very good that, This modules makes the preparer to learn and practically implement the concepts what is learned in the last 8 modules.This is very helpful.

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machine learning

This Course is excellent and it gives Data Science,Methodology,python programming,Machine learning algorithims,Labs Excercises,Assignments and finally Capstone Project is worth to gain very good skills and knowledge.With this course I gained very strong skills and am now very confident in this Data Scientist field.

The capstone project combines a variety of skills such as web scraping, data processing, data visualization, machine learning and business analysis.

The Capstone was really challenging, because you can practice what you have learned during the courses of the specialization, like how to start from the scratch a project, how to apply the data science methodology, like business understanding, gathering, analyzing, and cleaning data (most of your time you will spend on this), applying the right machine learning algorithm to solve the problem (modeling), using Jupyter Notebook on IBM cloud and using github.

Best course of all was Machine learning with Python, you will enjoy doing it !

Today i can handle topics like machine learning, data analysis and visualization with python.

Amazing Course Excellent course It's a very good course.And, i think this is good for applying your knowledge of machine learning and data visualization which you have gain during the previous courses.

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ibm data science

Best course from IBM Data Science Specialization Great Course with clear Instructions I liked working on a project from beginning to end - finding a problem to solve, acquiring data, creating & testing hypotheses.

If I have to say one thing about Coursera or IBM Data Science Professional Certificate course, I would say it as a Fantastic thing happened in my life, I am so happy with it, and I am not going to leave Coursera for ever.

Demonstrated methods and tooling from probability and statistics, mathematics, and computer science and primarily focus on extracting insights from data.ThankYouHari Kumar G Useful course for starter This is the hardest course when getting the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate It was worth it!

This is the final course in the IBM Data Science Certificate and it is primarily focused around a project of your choosing.

I am very proud to have completed a formal project/report that demonstrates how much I learned over the course of the IBM Data Science Certificate.

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previous courses

In addition to that it review the previous courses tools and used to build our final capstone project.Thank you, IBM, Thank you, Coursera, Thank you, all Instructors and students who participate in the discussion of courses forum.

!Thank you for opportunity Overall this is a tough course, since it mainly involves building your own project with your idea and using the tools,technologies which we have learnt in previous courses.

If you've been doing all of the 8 previous courses, believe me those 8 courses are nothing compared to this course when it comes to putting time and hard work.

Did not like Foursquare and was obliged to use it to complete the course Lets you do the actual work of working on something you like with all the tools this course has equipped you with in previous courses.

It would have been better if the assignment were split on previous courses.

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other courses

You get to work on a project on your own to demonstrate the skills acquired in the other courses of the specialization!

This one took me the most time between all other courses in this formation.

One of the other courses has the forum broken up into two separate forums: One for the tech questions and another for requests from students to review - this was clever and worked well.

IMHO, this course was way longer than the other courses of the specialization This course is great for testing all of the knowledge acquired throughout the Program and providing a good start to a professional portfolio of projects.

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apply all

Challenging course that allowed you to apply all that you learned.

Instead of only peers review, I think it would be better if someone professional also review our capstone project and gives us feedback This is a very useful capstone project in which you can apply all the learning you have done throughout the course, the more practice you do the more you learn.

Being able to apply all of the knowledge gained from the rest of the specialisation was great!

Very challenging and gives room for the student to apply all they've learnt wrangling, sorting and analysing Data... and using these skills to solve a real-world problem.

This course is a great place to apply all the concepts about Data Science that we have learned in 8 courses!

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real world

I think this course comes very close to replicating the actual work products that data scientists do in the real world to a high degree.

Great techniques that are applicable in the real world.

recommended if you do all the other courses od data science great classes This course was fantastic and provided invaluable hands-on experience with data science and machine learning that is immediately applicable to real world projects.

Also, good capstone project, well structured with the sections very close to the real world data science analytic report.

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very useful

Good class, very useful.

This is a complete course on the basics of data science Fantastic experience Happy learning of Data science course and very useful to my carrier growth.

I got very useful knowledges.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

AD, Data Science $47k

Associate Data Science Supervisor $55k

Science writer / data analyst $63k

Genomic Data Science Programmer $75k

Volunteer Director of Data Science $78k

Expert Data Science Supervisor $79k

Supervisor 1 Data Science Supervisor $91k

Guest Director of Data Science $101k

Data Science Architect $105k

Head of Data Science $131k

Assistant Director 1 of Data Science $133k

Owner Director of Data Science $149k

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Rating 4.5 based on 277 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort 5 weeks of study, approximately 45 hours in total (10-15 hours/week for the later modules)
Starts Jun 26 (55 weeks ago)
Cost $38
From IBM, IBM Skills Network via Coursera
Instructors Alex Aklson, Yan Luo, Joseph Santarcangelo
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Data Science Programming
Tags Data Science Data Analysis Machine Learning

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