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Microcontrollers and the C Programming Language (MSP430)

The course is laboratory based. Almost every lecture and section of the course leads directly to a hands-on laboratory assignment. The more practice you get using the “real world" Texas Instruments MSP430 hardware and software the more proficient you will be.

The course does not waste your time. From the very beginning, we jump right in to your first laboratory assignment – Let's Get Started.

The course is modular in nature. Are you new to the world of microcontrollers? Great. Start at the beginning, and we'll teach you everything you need to know. Do you have some background in microcontrollers but want to learn more? Fantastic. You can pick and choose the modules that you need.

The course is packed with information. From the beginnings of the C programming language to advanced microcontroller peripherals, the course teaches you all of the building blocks you would need to build your own electronic systems.

We use lots and lots of examples. We take you step-by-step through the lessons – each time providing sample code and documentation to make sure you are supported through the course.

We are here to help. We are educators with a singular focus of providing a meaningful experience for our students. And, while we cannot do the work for you, we are willing to work WITH you help you succeed.

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Rating 4.3 based on 436 ratings
Length 32 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $13
From Udemy
Instructor Mark M. Budnik
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Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software Hardware

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What people are saying

According to other learners, here's what you need to know

embedded systems in 14 reviews

only programming so far Fantastic I had a lab on Embedded Systems during my sixth semester.

I hope to see new courses from this instructor soon, it would be nice to have more things around electronics and embedded systems.

The C programming basics we needed for embedded systems development are explained in a very simple and is easy to understand.

The course is really easy to understand and it contains all you need to learn to start a complicated embedded systems projects This has been a really good course in all aspects.

This was exactly what I had been looking for to learn C and especially its use in the context of embedded systems and it didn't disappoint.

Terrific overview of C programming for embedded systems.

It can be difficult to find a great starting point for programming embedded systems, and this course solves that problem.

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for beginners in 12 reviews

A very good course for beginners to understand the use of C language in microcontrollers (TI).

It is certainly a great recommendation for beginners, students, hobbyists.

A great course for beginners.

This course is good for beginners, who needs to understand nitty gritty of embedded system with C programming.

Great for beginners in the C language and in using the MSP430 uController.

I found some details to be extra because I have a basic knowledge in C, but I would recommend it for beginners.

Really great for beginners to experienced together.

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easy to follow in 9 reviews

really clear explanations and easy to follow Very very less explaination in videos Good general course to familiarize us with MSP430.

The course prepared is easy to follow.

Mark, you have a very engaging style, which makes you and the material easy to follow and internalize.

Easy to follow.

The information I've learned in this course, has saved me a tremendous amount of time in my learning curve, and the information has been compiled and put forth in a concise and easy to follow fashion, it has been my number one go-to resource for learning C with micro-controllers.

Es una buena calificacion ... el contenido ha sido adecuado ... Great course so far...easy to follow, great examples.

Great introduction and easy to follow.

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step by step in 8 reviews

Replies are very prompt and instructions/handout and lectures are step by step with comprehensive and detailed step by step explanation leaving nothing to imagination What a great course - I'm halfway through and I am really enjoying learning about microcontrollers and C. I chose this as a starting point, rather than trying Arduino, because I hoped it might have fewer abstraction layers, and make it clearer how and why these things work.

This course is the perfect mix of "dive right in" and detailed step by step instruction.

Thank you Very informative and the course WILL go step by step.

This course shows you everything from the basics step by step.

I followed this step by step Something surely needs changing.

Material is presented in step by step mannor.

very good brief introduction Buen curso hasta ahora Makes sense, easy to follow Very clear descriptions good Nice Teaching It's informative trés bonne cours good job Clear and easy, so far Clear and step by step it seems very good Very good... Presents all ideas very clearly and simple.

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recommend this course in 7 reviews

I have no doubts to recommend this course, I used to have a very superficial view of embedded systems, only interacting with SoC systems running Linux and not having this low level programming experience.

I really recommend this course and encourage to get into this.

I would recommend this course and feel there is scope for follow up modules e.g.

I strongly recommend this course.

Bottom line: I would recommend this course to a friend.

I would recommend this course to people who have an interest in this usbject, and on the strength of this course, I will probably try others.

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well explained in 7 reviews

Everything is well explained Great presentation and lots of manuals for references .

Volume too quiet and not consistent The course is really great, well explained and very well structured.

Topics are well explained.

The ideas are well explained and the materials are coherent.

Well explained Great course, hope you do more.

ES UN CURSO MUY BIEN EXPLICADO PARA PERSONAS QUE NO TIENEN NI IDEA DEL TEMA n leave rating i find that the course up until now its very well explained... the teacher explains very well every topic... i really like... :) Great expaining of the course, simple meaning that anyone can understand.

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Rating 4.3 based on 436 ratings
Length 32 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $13
From Udemy
Instructor Mark M. Budnik
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software Hardware

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