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The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course

#1 Best Selling Presentation Skills Course on Udemy. Welcome to The

I guarantee that this is THE most thorough public speaking/speech/presentation course available This is the most thorough course I have ever made and anyone can take it and see remarkable improvements in how to give a speech/presentation (you will learn to enjoy public speaking).

Giving a perfect speech or presentation can change your life and the lives of countless others (life often comes down to a few short moments).

Course Goal: From page to stage; you learn everything (yes everything) you need to know about giving a GREAT speech for business & personal presentations.

Course Outline: There are 12 parts (called "Acts") in this comprehensive and enjoyable speech/presentation/public speaking course with many exercises, examples and templates to help you work smarter and not harder when making your speech. The course outline is as follows:

  • Act 1: Audience: We will identify with the audience (your customer/target market).
  • Act 2: Purpose: We begin with the end goal in mind of your speech.
  • Act 3: Content: We will thoroughly cover what to include in our speech and how to structure it.
  • Act 4: Slides: We will discuss making incredible slides using many proven examples and more than 10 different presentation products from PowerPoint to Keynote and many more (this assumes that you have no experience with any of the software products mentioned in this course...many of which are free to use).
  • Act 5: Confidence: We will learn how to be in peak confidence mode for your speech.
  • Act 6: Delivery: We will discuss how to deliver your masterpiece and using the best body language.
  • Act 7: Questions: How to ace the Q&A session of your speech and answer literally any question.
  • Act 8: Preparation: How to prepare and be aware so you can deliver a perfect presentation (based on my 25 years of giving/preparing for presentations).
  • Act 9: Appearance: What to wear + nutrition tips and more.
  • Act 10: Post Presentation To Dos: We will ensure that your speech goals are met.
  • Act 11: 25 Presentation Guides: Access to 25 speech guides and well over 50 slide templates for every type of presentation/speech/public speaking occasion.
  • Act 12: Resources: Additional materials to help you work smarter and not harder.
  • Conclusion / Epilogue: Conclusions + Congratulations.

Since this is a very comprehensive 16 hour course, there are 3 ways to take this course as follows:

  • You can take the entire course in order.
  • You can take the entire course in order and then skip ahead when prompted in the lessons to do so.
  • You can choose to take only the topics that interest you the most.
  • This Course is Based on Real Practical Experience and Not Theory: This course includes 25 speech/presentation guide books and well over 50 presentations templates created for this course and for you. This course is based on my 25 years of experience presenting at keynote speaker events, a TEDx Talk, raising money investor presentations, lecturing at Stanford, McGill University, The Hult International School of Business, Berkeley, San Francisco State University, wedding speeches, panel discussions, conferences, being an MC, best man speech, online presentations, interviews, sales presentations, receiving and giving awards speeches, giving toasts, being put on the spot to speak with no preparation, media interviews with Forbes and other publications, university graduation convocation keynote speeches, many international speeches, board meeting presentations, group presentations, motivational speeches, business keynote speeches, etc. (all of which are covered in this course).

    What students are saying about the course:

    "Thank you for the great opportunity to follow your course. For the past years I have followed a number of courses on public speaking worldwide in order to update myself on skills in public speaking. As a speech language pathologist and fluency specialist I train people who stutter become 'wow' speakers. I must say I am very successful and that is why I always want to keep updated on public speaking skills. I must say that your course is the most comprehensive and straight to the point course. The content is very much similar to the courses I deliver but I enjoyed your passion, enthusiasm and also expertise. As you know lol, those are the secrets of public speaking. During our courses both of manage to change the fear into fun for public speaking. Once again, well done for the extremely well organized course. It could not have been better :) keep up the good work." -Dr Joseph Agius, Speech Language Pathologist

    "I love Chris's passion for his subject - to be honest the idea of public speaking scares me rigid, but I'm beginning to get excited that I may finally overcome this fear - because I know I have so much value to deliver if I can become a good presenter. " - Alex Parker

    "I am impressed with the contents and suggestions." - Maria Pinho

    "The first impression is great and I lovely recommend the course to everyone who wants to improve his speech." - Vinko Susak

    Life often comes down to a few short moments and giving a perfect speech or presentation can change your life and the lives of countless others (you will love public speaking by the end of this course).

    This incredibly thorough course has a 30 day money back guarantee. Together, we will study the best public speakers in the world from business icons to actors to many many others.

    As always, I am here to help if you have any questions.

    Enjoy the course; I had a lot of fun putting it together. Thanks, Chris Haroun

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    Rating 4.2 based on 1,434 ratings
    Length 16 total hours
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    Cost $15
    From Udemy
    Instructors Chris Haroun, Complete Business Education with Chris Haroun
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    Language English
    Subjects Personal Development Business
    Tags Communication Business Communications

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    What people are saying

    so far so good

    And I think theirreflexions are helpful to life overall and not just public speaking So far so good!

    Excelente professor, já estou no meu sétimo curso com ele So far so good I have just started the course and I am looking forward to it, certainly impressed with structure at the moment.

    It's very engaging I want to improve my presentation skill awesome videos So far so good!

    great experience Very good good yes So far so good...

    amazing content So far so good well organized, easy to understand Good Great I loved the examples given so far and the illustration on the white board.

    Hey Chris Your course is super cool I love it Just enrolled in your MBA course ;-) I hear exactly what resonated with me in a structured manner So far so good One of the videos did not play.

    So far so good.

    I think that is the most basic thing required to start a journey to become a powerful speaker Gives me what I look for; but it is kind of slow So far so good.

    The course is well structured So far so good.

    So far so good as far as expectation vs. presentation/content.

    It seems to be very interesting, however is too quick to provide a valuable opinion so far so good.

    So far so good, its developing well The course is comprehensive enough to guide a speaker in preparation for any speech.

    So far so good keeping me motivated Looks like it is very nice and detailed Cleanly presented and takes the time to outline multiple ways to complete the course.

    Very motivating Great, interesting and encouraging this course is on height level and help me to improve my skills So far so good!

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    looking forward

    I am looking forward to creating my next presentation - i will definitely use the information in this course!

    yes, i feel like i really need this course and i am very much looking forward to improving my life and achieving my dreams.

    Relayy enthrallled & looking forward to next Acts.. i love this course Hopefully, it will be good.

    Chris you've really put all your heart and soul in this course ware and I had opted for what they won't teach at MBA schools of yours, you're a guy with lot of conviction and truthfulness at your heart and you poured all your stuff and made this course really appreciative effort of yours and I learnt lot of things from you, and I shall be looking forward to take any of your other courses as and when it permits me thanks, Vj The lecture not started to the deep content as yet seems so far, I will see later exactly :) Awesome teacher and lesson Yes..

    Looking forward to this Use apple phone, don’t know how to download and if downloading, can’t trace where file loaded It seems very interesting so far...

    Looking forward to completing it.

    Looking forward for more!

    with the “promise” of changing my life forever when i have totally overcome the fear of public speaking, i am now, this early, looking forward to achieving lots of success in business!

    looking forward to this journey .

    Looking forward to much more.

    Looking forward to this course!

    Looking forward to the next Act.

    I am looking forward to the nest course.

    long way to go to assess the quality of the course After completing Chris’ MBA in one course and throughly enjoying it, I’m now looking forward to this course and can see its off to a great start.

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    easy to follow

    your introduction is very enticing and answer all my weakness in public speaking I am interested on learning and get better This is very useful course Good clear presentation and easy to follow.

    His way of explaining topics is very easy to follow and understand.

    You are so clear and easy to follow so far.. Concret et pratique.

    Easy to follow and understand.

    Inspirational, direct, easy to follow.

    because things were explained deeply Everything perfect so far I am looking forward to learning valuable information and techniques from this course Easy to follow.

    I see that this is a thorough approach to teaching public speaking It is easy to follow the presenter of this course.

    Fantastic I have been impressed by the course arrangement It looks easy to follow.

    So far very well structured content so far Amazing Looks great i just got it what i want it Very helpful Clear speech, easy to follow.

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    highly recommend

    If that is you, I would highly recommend taking this course.

    I highly recommend everyone should take and learn your course.

    It is good lession Additional resources and success journal make this course really stand out from the rest...Highly recommended Looks like exactly what I need to take the next step.

    I highly recommend this course to whoever like to improve their presentation skills.

    I highly recommend any of Chris's courses as they are well presented and informative.

    Highly recommend.

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    real life

    I like the way Chrish teaches with real life examples and i can relate almost everything.

    Unique examples from real life.

    Can feel that you're sharing all the information from the heart I am learning much about the topic and I am enjoying each lesson Chris is an amazing instructor and always creates the right emotions with his real life examples!

    I am enjoying the in between examples from real life as well as movies.

    Compelling introduction accompanied by a balance of visual, graphic and real life content.

    I couldn't wait to learn all the techniques and apply them in real life.

    Read more

    every sentence

    He ends every sentence with “nnn kay” most courses tell you to get rid of these ticks like “ummm” and “errrr”.

    The presenter is using "okay" at the end of almost every sentence.

    I do not know if it really needs to be reinforced so much each concept Well coordinated contents, lot of resources available for self-improvement, examples: all those makes this a wonderful course Saying "okay" after every sentence is really too much.

    I got it after the first minute... also, the teacher uses too many filler words - “ok “and “right “ at the end of every sentence.

    Read more

    little bit

    Udemy search engine shows this course on the top of the list and then I explored a little bit and I'm pretty sure there is not such kind of communication skills in the internert availiable.

    Very completed contents worth 5 stars, minus 1 star because it is kind of length for me, if can condense a little bit will be much better.

    Very good, a little bit too long in certain moments.

    his voice pitch is little bit annoying I think the instruction of how to learn from this course was very clear and easy The content is impressive but I am not quite convinced with the delivery of the presenter.

    Read more


    An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

    Adjunct Faculty, Public Speaking $16k

    Foster Care Case Planner (Spanish Speaking) $34k

    Technical Support Representative - Spanish Speaking Needed $39k

    French-speaking Customer Service Representative $44k

    Adjunct Professor of Advertising and Public Speaking $44k

    Disease Management RN - Spanish Speaking $45k

    Portuguese Speaking AskHR Representative $48k

    Russian-Speaking Domestic Abuse Advocate $49k

    Korean Speaking - Licensed Clinical Psychologist $75k

    Assistant Adjunct Professor - Public Speaking $105k

    Assistant Professor Public Speaking $110k

    Associate Adjunct Professor--Public Speaking $120k

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    Rating 4.2 based on 1,434 ratings
    Length 16 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $15
    From Udemy
    Instructors Chris Haroun, Complete Business Education with Chris Haroun
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects Personal Development Business
    Tags Communication Business Communications

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