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Tidy Up Your Home

Have you ever tidied all day, only to find that the clutter is back again within a week? Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your space, but have no idea where to begin?

Tidying is an important skill, but not many people have learned how. Brought to you by Marie Kondo, the best-selling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, this course teaches how to put your space in order in a way that will change your life forever. Students will learn how to finish tidying their homes, and be surrounded by only the things that spark joy.

What is this course about?

This course covers the philosophies of the KonMari Method and basic folding and storage techniques. It includes lectures by Marie Kondo and her assistants, as well as visual aids to deepen the students' understanding. The course is also accompanied by special access to our website's portal, where you can track your tidying progress. Students are also invited to join an exclusive Facebook group, where you can share questions and answers and support each other during the tidying process.

There are no prerequisites for the course, only that you have a space you want to tidy and never revert to clutter again.

By the end of the course, you will have learned the life-changing magic of tidying up, and begin living a life that sparks joy.

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Rating 4.4 based on 523 ratings
Length 1.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $0
From Udemy
Instructor Marie Kondo
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Language English
Tags Personal Development Personal Transformation

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What people are saying

so far

I'm only about 10% in writing this, but so far I've bought the Audio book (narrated by Lucy someone, a really nice, British voice), have ordered the two books, and am doing this online course.

Although I am not yet completely done the course, what I have learned so far has been incredibly helpful.

I am overwhelmed so this has been good for me to hear so far.

So far, I am enjoying the course very much.

So far I like what I see Very informative .

Bought the different classes and although I have yet to cover all of them, I really enjoyed them so far!

Good so far marie Kondo yu çok severim hep kursuna katılmak istemiştim.udemy sayesinde oldu.teşekkürler great course This a great course, cannot wait to complete organising my home using the KonMari Method ABSOLUTELY I've read the books, I've done some tidying and I'm confident that this course will help me finish my project.

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konmari method

I am a true believer in the KonMari method, but this course needs more...

I have finished the on line course.. Know I will start it again and at the same uncluttered and tidy as the Konmari method.

I am loving the technique and idea behind the konmari method.

Repetition helps me to remember information and by watching this video series and reviewing the books regularly, I will hopefully have the KonMari method memorized.

Got me moving into tidying with KonMari method which I have been thinking about for 1 1/2 yrs.

Nothing new yet This KonMari method is really inspiring and effective.

I had read the book, however felt I needed more guidance as I prepare to implement the KonMari method...this seems to be just what I need to gain the additional insight necessary for success.

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easy to follow

I found it quite valuable The videos are very clear and easy to follow, the instructor has a very slow talk and a beautiful tone of voice, I see the good in tidying up but when I amassed to take everything out and put in a big pile I get anxious,nervous and feel overwhelmed that I cannot finish the task.

The instructions were easy to follow.

Engaging, clear and easy to follow through.

It is a really easy to follow the course.

​ The lectures were very well explained and the pace was easy to follow.

It's easy to follow along, and I can't wait to get started on my own journey.

I very much enjoyed the on line course, I completed it in one day and it was easy to follow.

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spark joy

I also bought the book spark joy after doing this course and found it very helpful.

I find that the books and this course truly “Spark Joy” for me.

The sweet and loving Marie Kondo and her life mission to helg people spark joy in their life - she's a healer in so many ways.

To spark joy, it is not only important to decide which items to keep but also to store the required items with joy(this results in maintenance) .

I really appreciate the shift in perspective to the things that spark joy, those that I really want to have around me.

Having taken this online course and now currently reading Marie Kondo's 'Spark Joy', I feel I can move forward in sorting out my own home with energy.

I can't wait to "Spark Joy" in my life.

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sparks joy

I love Marie and the way she speaks clearly and slowly and she sparks joy as she speaks I learned that Marie Kondo is a loving, peaceful person, and that truly comes across in her teaching.

Good Marie Kondo has a very positive way of explaining how to tidy in categories and focus on keeping what makes you happy and sparks joy.

I have always looked at it from what to discard not on what sparks joy.

I hope this course will not only help me learn to have a tidy home but a life that "sparks joy".

Great information as to why it is important to tidy & how to keep what sparks joy.

I found a positive attitude for tidying, which may sparks joy in my life.

She sparks joy!

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going through

It has been a fantastic experience going through each of the lessons.

KonMari sim esta dentro do que eu esperava I'm still going through the course I haven't start It’s great I'm listening to the book for the second time, but feel that I need visual input.

After going through your course I think I could finish my job completely in another three months or so.

I have enjoyed going through the course and to start tidying my house.

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Rating 4.4 based on 523 ratings
Length 1.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $0
From Udemy
Instructor Marie Kondo
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Personal Development Personal Transformation

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