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Introduction to R for Data Science

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R is rapidly becoming the leading language in data science and statistics. Today, R is the tool of choice for data science professionals in every industry and field. Whether you are full-time number cruncher, or just the occasional data analyst, R will suit your needs.

This introduction to R programming course will help you master the basics of R. In seven sections, you will cover its basic syntax, making you ready to undertake your own first data analysis using R. Starting from variables and basic operations, you will eventually learn how to handle data structures such as vectors, matrices, data frames and lists. In the final section, you will dive deeper into the graphical capabilities of R, and create your own stunning data visualizations. No prior knowledge in programming or data science is required.

What makes this course unique is that you will continuously practice your newly acquired skills through interactive in-browser coding challenges using the DataCamp platform. Instead of passively watching videos, you will solve real data problems while receiving instant and personalized feedback that guides you to the correct solution.


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Rating 4.6 based on 145 ratings
Length 4 weeks
Effort 2 - 3 hours per week
Starts Apr 1 (191 weeks ago)
Cost $99
From Microsoft via edX
Instructors Filip Schouwenaars, Jonathan Sanito
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Analysis & Statistics

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What people are saying

recommend this course

Only because of one ambiguous assignment I am not giving it 5 stars but I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start R programming.

Don't expect being able to code full programs after doing this course, but you will get a thorough introduction (with very well designed practical exercises) to the basic -and most used- commands of R. It is a good start to learn R. I highly recommend this course for beginners.

I totally recommend this course to anyone either entry level or intermediate level if you desire to take a step further in your career.

I highly recommend this course for anyone getting started with R. It was an excellent introduction, and I can't wait to get started with the more advanced courses!

I would recommend this course to all my friends and colleagues.

On the whole, I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start learning about R. It was an awesome experience to learn R from the basics.

Overall: I will definitely recommend this course to my peers.

I'd highly recommend this course to any one planning to learn R. This has excellent value.

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lab exercises

Way too difficult; the lab exercises are incomprehensible.

This course made it easy to learn and use it during lab exercises.

The course was very well structured, the content was well planned, the quizzes were very well composed, asking things that a learner was most likely to gloss over (I had to even re-watch the video lectures sometimes) and the lab exercises helped in learning concepts that seem daunting to a beginner.

I liked the interactive lab exercises very much.

Love the hands-on lab exercises which greatly helps smoothing the steep learning curve.

Clear and crisp explanation, nicely structured lab exercises and great suggestions for further readings.Awesome course to take for beginners, and for experienced people its the best way to have a refresher on the basics of R. The course content is really very good for the beginners.

Lab exercises helped to clear concepts.

The short videos and quizzes provided an excellent prologue to the lab exercises.

But personally, and specifically in that chapter, I felt like the connection between the lecture and the lab exercises were less smooth, so perhaps you can look that over.

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easy to understand

The instructor is clear and the content of the course is easy to understand.

Easy to understand exercises.

The course was well organized, well paced, and very easy to understand for beginners.

The lab platform is easy to understand and handle although sometimes a bit buggy.

The material is very well organized and easy to understand.

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well organized

This course is incredibly well organized.

One of the most well organized course for beginners to start with.

Very well organized course materials.

This course is very structured and well organized.

Course's content is varied, and very well organized.

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data science

This is a very useful introduction to R. I was taking the DAT203X - Data Science and they suggested to take an R or Python to follow along better.

It is the best course for non-programmers who are wishing to start their Data Science carrier using R Programming language as a tool.

I have been sharpened and positioned for a role in data science.

It is an excellent introductory course for programmers who want to enter the field of Data Science.

This course gives you a good introduction to R and if you are doing the Microsoft Professional Degree in data science this is a course which will help you solidify the knowledge of R required in the remainder of the curriculum.

You really started me on data science programming!

I recommend this to others who are interested in data science and/or R..

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no prior

This beginner course required no prior knowledge of R, of statistics, or of programming or math pretty much at all.

I had no prior knowledge about R before taking this course, but after I have finished it, I can really do some advanced study using R language.

This was a great course for those who have no prior experience to R, but have done coding before.

That makes easy for those who have no prior experience to coding.

The course is designed for people who have no prior knowledge in R, and programming.

I had no prior experience in programming at all, and I found this course very accessible and very useful as well.

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highly recommend

I highly recommend it to anyone willing to get acquainted with R, or in need of a refresher.

This is an excellent way to learn key concepts of R. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to start out their R journey.

prior knowledge

Perfect for beginners who wish to learn R. You do not need to have any prior knowledge, apart from last lecture when little knowledge of statistics will help you.

more advanced

However, the content of the course should be extended... And my great wish is to have another course of R but with more advanced options and subjects.

This is reallay an excellent course for either beginners or more advanced researchers, with lab exercises which really reinforce knowledge and skills.

Personally, I will proceed to more advanced data analysis and statistics.

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well structured

The course was well structured and very smooth for a beginner.

The course is really well structured, which makes it easier to understand the tought principles.

It was well structured, nicely presented and easy to follow.

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learn r.

And now it is a trend to learn R. Free and open source.

It is an extremely novel initiative that has helped me learn R. I will take the future courses too.

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verified certificate

It should give free verified certificate for the students like me.

I have completed whole course without watching any video/help online, but I have no money for collecting a verified certificate.

The labs work well, but sometimes the automatic grader is a little quirky in how it assesses results, all told a great pathway into a prized field and I am glad to have completed this for a verified certificate.

I already applied for my verified certificate for this course and I am going to the next one.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

AD, Data Science $47k

Science writer / data analyst $63k

Genomic Data Science Programmer $75k

PLC Programming/Data Collection Engineer $76k

Volunteer Director of Data Science $78k

Expert Data Science Supervisor $79k

Data Programming Specialist $89k

Supervisor 1 Data Science Supervisor $91k

Data Science Architect $105k

Head of Data Science $131k

Assistant Director 1 of Data Science $133k

Owner Director of Data Science $149k

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Rating 4.6 based on 145 ratings
Length 4 weeks
Effort 2 - 3 hours per week
Starts Apr 1 (191 weeks ago)
Cost $99
From Microsoft via edX
Instructors Filip Schouwenaars, Jonathan Sanito
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Analysis & Statistics

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