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Statistics MOOCs and Online Courses that Will Make You a Data Guru

By Celeste Mohan | Published August 28, 2017

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and the organization of data. Statistics can be applied to scientific, industrial, and social problems using statistical models and predictions. Useful applications of statistics include:

  • Methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industry
  • Statistical models to develop business analytics on performance and investment
  • Foundation of logic in the areas of health and illness among populations
  • Methods to predict and anticipate environmental changes such as weather, climate, air, and water quality

Statistics is one of the founding steps for data science and machine learning. A foundation in statistics will help you excel in the areas of data science such as computer science, applied mathematics, and economics.

Knowledge in data science will make it possible for you to solve complex, real-world problems using technology that you may already be familiar with. There are a variety of available online courses to get you familiar with data science and some of the programs used in this field. We’ve put together a list of courses that will help you on your journey to becoming a data science guru.

Who Should Take These Courses

The following statistics course recommendations are for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about statistics topics such as ratios, percentages, graphing and aggregating data
  • Students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degree who want to utilize courses to study, practice, or get ahead of coursework
  • Students and professionals looking to enhance their skills by learning how to use different statistical software

Statistics for Beginners

Beginner’s courses are best for those who are unfamiliar with the field of statistics or want practice in computing averages and creating graphs and charts. A basic understanding of statistics will help you become comfortable with collecting and interpreting data to share with your peers.

To get an idea of what statistics is about, we recommend:

If you’re familiar with statistics and want to brush up before moving to more advanced topics, check out:

Real-World Statistics

Statistics is one of the most applicable math courses. It can be used in the fields of business, science, and even sports. Understanding how to calculate probabilities and outcomes makes it possible to conduct inference and logic models.

Here are some courses for those interested in learning the math behind their favorite sports:

The following courses are for intermediate learners who want to specialize their knowledge:

Statistical Software and Technology

Once you’ve become familiar with collecting and interpreting data, you’ll find that large data sets can be a hassle to compute and interpret. Special statistical software has been created to make these computations a breeze. Learning how to use this software is essential to succeeding as a data scientist.

Here are a few introductory courses for the most popular statistical software packages on the market: 

A clear understanding of statistics can help you excel in the professional world. Data science and extraction are up and coming career fields. As society becomes more dependent on technology, there will be an increased demand for people who can utilize advanced software to interpret information in a way the rest of the world can understand.

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