70+ Free AP Online Courses & MOOCs for Advanced Placement Learners

By Denton Zhou | Updated October 28, 2017 (Originally Published August 22, 2017)

Plan on taking AP exams in May 2018? Our comprehensive list of Advanced Placement (AP) online courses can help you find the resources you need to succeed.

What does AP offer?

In the US, AP courses are usually offered by high schools to students who are ready to take on the challenges of college level courses. Students who do well in these courses opt to sit for the AP exams.

If for nothing else, scoring well on these exams can save you time and tuition money. That's because most universities offer credits for high scores. Some universities will even let you skip introductory courses altogether, letting you jump straight into intermediate courses.

There are other benefits as well. AP courses offer a level of rigor that help prepare students for college, an attribute viewed favorably by colleges and universities. Indeed, according to the College Board, the organization administering the exams, admissions officers generally view having "AP" on a transcript favorably.

Online courses narrow the AP gap

Despite all they have to offer, AP courses are in short supply. Most high schools only have enough resources to offer a handful of the 38 AP subjects available, if any at all. Those that do offer them often don't have enough seats to accommodate all interested students.

The online AP courses we list below help close the gap, granting access to any student with an Internet connection to prepare and study for the AP exams.

We anticipate more AP courses to launch in the near future. Bookmark this page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

AP Prep List 2018

Art History

Calculus AB / BC



Computer Science A

Computer Science Principles


Environmental Science





Physics 1

Physics 2

Physics C


U.S. Government

World History

World Languages & Cultures

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