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Cryptocurrency Investment Course 2022

 If so, you will love this Udemy Course, taught by me, Suppoman - a Cryptocurrency YouTuber and teacher that has made

This course is the definitive guide to Cryptocurrency and will teach you everything you need to know - understanding Bitcoin, Ethereum and all Alt coins, setting up a secure wallet, buying Bitcoin & any Cryptocurrency on the no1 exchange - Binance, my 7 criteria for identifying profitable coins... and the biggest Booms in Cryptocurrency - Metaverse, Gaming, Meme coins, DeFi, IDO Launchpads & NFTs.

2022 lengthens the most exciting bull market for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency to date and I will safely navigate you through everything you need to know to understand and take advantage of it. Cryptocurrency has entered into a long-term bull market, and strong coins along with the DeFi/NFT/Gaming/Metaverse space has opened up incredible opportunities to make money.

I have spent most of my life missing the boat - I missed the goldmine periods for websites, domain flipping, teaching online and mobile apps.  However I am grateful today that I have landed slap bang in the middle of the biggest And you can benefit from it right in the early stages.  

In this course, I will teach you the best of what I have learnt and implemented to be I will also show you how to spot the optimal price to enter a trade for a short, medium and long term basis.

You will see the exact ways to identify the next big coins.

Don't delay, this is a party that is happening right now.

Every minute you delay could be costing you your retirement fund.

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Rating 4.2 based on 3,409 ratings
Length 14.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Suppoman ™
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Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Entrepreneurship Finance & Accounting Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

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What people are saying

technical analysis

The technical analysis would be better if more in depth but its probably sufficient.

The technical analysis part is too incomplete and I felt that the instructor in this part was not established in that field himself.

This is a great course that gets to the point and explain you from A to Z, show how to evaluate the coin, show how to actually buy, sell, do technical analysis on the crypto currency.

There was some information I already knew about from doing a bit of research on my own, but overall a great overview of cryptocurrency investing for beginners and I really enjoyed the technical analysis portion.

One negative thing I would say is that some of the technical analysis sessions are rather vague - I'd suggest looking for better TA on youtube and/or buying a few good books.

The technical analysis area lacked in some areas but overall was a good introduction to the basics.

Post course, I recommend spending additional time learning technical analysis and storing a hard copy of your wallet.

Technical analysis is a very useful section, very applicable to the real world.

He also helped me in learning trends and technical analysis part of the course was awesome!

A small improvement may be, when looking at technical analysis let us know if it is for a day, week, month etc.

I would have like to have had more focus on technical analysis and the use of Coinigy and less on simple things like "don't panic."

During the Technical Analysis section, while explaining certain rules, you could see on the charts behind him that sometimes, the value would go completely against the rule that was taught... but it's a volatile market, so you have to expect those turn of events as well Really good info, never knew much at the start of the course, as Im new, but now I have gained some useful knowledge from the course, I can continue to use my newly gained knowledge and of course even learn more.

I was more drawn to the last parts of the course which has to do with strategies and technical analysis.

It got a little more in depth when he explained how to research for good investable crypto-currencies and finally showed how to do a technical analysis which was the main reason for me to start this course.

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so far so good

So far so good!

early yet...but so far so good.

T So far so good.

So far so good but still early days de meeste wist ik al, maar alsnog vind ik het duidelijk uitgelegd.

still learning , so far so good.

absolutely savage pretty good and easy to follow This course is explained very well and helps lay doubts to mind when it comes to investing So far so good.

lesson is quite easy to follow so far New first day, so far so good.

thanks for shariNG because value is nice so far so good....i like his energy and enthusiasm very informative for newbies...

So far so good, I love his energy, just makes me want to go do cocaine LOL Nice!!

basics are essential everything is familiar so far so good, at this point I don't know enough yet to do anything with this info He deserves my rating...I think the course is worth continuing.

Clear explanation with examples the lecture is way too basic for what I ve seen so far so far so good I like what I am learning.

So far so good, lots of useful information.

so far so good!

its great but still learning thanks great videos Useful nothing new so far He is very good at explaining so far so good - learning a ton ***** good stuff because its easy to understand this video really inspiring Very good and clear to understand.

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step by step

Very clear and professional approach for both beginners and advanced traders because of the step by step plan.

As a newcomer, this is a course that I feel must first be seen through maybe a couple of times, and then follow step by step when it is fairly easy to follow and get involved.

Short and sweet from A to Z. glad I took the course I got some excellent pointers and advice and a bit more to research to educate myself further Thank you for the informations and the details step by step.

Awesome , step by step learning how to involve in the crypto currency market ..

I love the way the course provides easy step by step simple instructions.

step by step instructions take away the fear and skepticism of trading cryptocurrency online Very good beginner intro but the guy has very amateur investing knowledge.

It shows me step by step so I can see every thing I need to know to buy and sell, thanks.

If you are interested in learning how to get started into trading cryptocurrencies this is a step by step course.

clear explanations of what you need to start, presented in a logical manner Step by step guidance & easy to understand; I love it.

practical, step by step I'm not impressed but not disappointed.

His flow of information is step by step, making it easy to follow.

The explanations are good, you explain step by step and you are very sincere.

Good step by step instructions I'm really enjoying it so far.

Very informative and enthusiastic teacher its super interesting and I am learning a lot I HAVE LEARN A LITTLE MORE ABOUT CRYPTO Very straightforward and step by step tutorial in which funding your bitcoin wallet and sending that to your exchange is made very simple and clear.

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looking forward

Looking forward to putting this new found knowledge to use.

and how to get started looking forward to new pod cast on whats going on and other crypto currencies to watch..

Looking forward to starting the Make Profit Daily course tomorrow.

Looking forward to your future courses.

I know some but I can see how this would really help others who are new.. looking forward to the later videos Great intro to Cryptocurrency.

Looking forward to more courses like this !!!

I am looking forward to trying these out.

Looking forward to your next course.

I’m looking forward to viewing the added ICO portion that will be added to the program later.

Looking forward to hear more from the youtube channel and definitely i'll follow this guy for a while as he gives good information.

Looking forward to learning more about cryptocurrency.

Looking forward to implementing those techniques into my trading habits.

looking forward for the next videos Informative but very straight forward, easy to digest I'm new to cryptocurrency trading.

Looking forward to additional courses by Suppoman in this area.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended to anyone new to Crypto Trading.

Highly recommended!

This course is highly recommended.

I'm very satisfied with this course and I highly recommended it to other beginners.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to delve into crypto currencies.

Only just begun watching but highly recommended.

Highly recommended.

Highly Recommended amazing course.. changed person now.. understand finally the foundation of smart investing and how to jump on a coin at the right time to make 2,000% + returns Excellent job overall.

Highly recommended.!

Highly recommended Great instructor!

Amazig A+++, Highly recommended for every 1 Speaking the same things again and again.

Great Knowledge in the shortest possible time, highly recommended!

i liked it very much so far , thank you:) Excellent course highly recommended!

Great Course, highly recommended!

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facebook group

In general just more graspable information like the facebook group for example.

Namely, Google, Youtube and Facebook Groups.

Some useful tips for analysing charts and the facebook group has good tips about alt coins.

I also appreciate the possibility to participate in this community through Suppo's Facebook group and him sharing his recent investments with us.

Thanks for an awesome course Suppo, and for putting together the facebook group too.

Actually I got the course because I wanted to to checkout Suppoman's facebook group, but I've to say Suppoman provides an very detailed course, and leaves nothing out.

Facebook group is an added bonus too.

Additional insights are also shared through the SCM facebook group.

You will learn the first steps of getting into crypto currency, as an added bonus you will get access to suppoman's crypto mastermind's Facebook group which offers valuable investment tips.

Lots of useful information and you get invitation to a facebook group where you get new info each day.

Also I cant join the facebook group Needs more detail, so better understood on the first criteria of knowing what to buy at...

Not to mention the hipe this author made in his facebook group for an ICO, and after just made a video where the "top secret ICO" was revealed after he already invested in it, and even charged 10$ for this info.

Was great please confirm my request on facebook group in the name of Ayush Agrawal Great crypto course for starting off easy to follow and understand A lot of important information to learn and was an amazing experience Thanks Suppoman The content makes me excited and want to get into the market right now.

Suppoman is a Scam....Her tricks people into his facebook group and gives advices to Coins.

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buying and selling

Suppoman clearly explained the concepts and made us go through the whole procedure of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

It gives you hands on examples of how to get started with buying and selling crypto-currencies in an easy to digest paste.

He also explains holding some to hedge and buying and selling some for quick profit.

It needs updating on the security for buying and selling and transferring with the new security measures on the exchanges.

I am so impressed with how easy it is to start buying and selling cryptocurrency.

But it is giving me alot of knowledge to learn about the whole process of buying and selling cryptocurriencies.

A short class on the mechanics of buying and selling alt coins without all the (stupid) investment advice would have been much better.

This course is really great if you a new at this (as I am), because it will give you a good foundation for understanding the whole buying and selling process.

the instructor gives very informed details on crypto currencies and helps me to easily understand the whole buying and selling process Only able to watch half of the content and skip ahead a bit to see if it improved; really unimpressed.

At this stage, I'm beginning to understand the whole process of buying and selling cryptocurrency.

I googled it for myself, and it seems kind of useful to see how many people are buying and selling at what kind of prices.

It made me pretty interested in this topic Good introduction course for new beginners to learn about buying and selling cryptocurrency.

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long term

Since this is a course related to long term investment for retirement definitely touch on the topic of cold storage and backups.

There are some concepts like what is considered short and long term investments that was not clear enough.

Packed with a lot of hands-on stuff, I've learned a lot from it, even I've been into crypto-currencies for quite some time (more like a long term investor) It's very informative, but there is too much repetition making it hard to maintain attention at some points.

I am still speculating for good long term holds but now also for short term gains.

I've learned how to find cryptocoins for the short term and for the long term.

How to understand their respective value propositions and make the decision for long term investment Excellent course for a beginner with clear concise knowledge made easy to understand.

Would have hoped it was more on long term investments but that might come later :).

this seems inconsistent with long term investing and building a retirement as pitched earlier on.

on yesterday's YouTube podcast by Suppaman, a coin was announced that would likely do really well in the near and long term.

It is the long term investment not day to to day dabbling.

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need to get started

It seemed like a good way to get all the information you need to get started in cryptocurrency.

Walks you through everything you need to get started.

Gives you most of things you'll need to get started, very good.

All the information you need to get started.

This is what you need to get started!

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pump and dump

The instructor promotes a lot of pump and dump techniques, even suggesting creating YouTube videos to try and pump up a coin you own, so you can sell into the spike.

For example, in his (whoa 10 whole minutes) explanation of the "pump and dump" strategy, he explains that some investors buy into a stock, talk it up on social and other media, and then sell when it reaches its peak.

Both coins promoted by author were faulty, one a complete scam and the other a pump and dump so I question his judgment in evaluating investments.

He has a pump and dump group on facebook with lots of fanatics but in truth he only benefits himself.

Coins discussed in the course are incredibly questionable (even by crypto standards) and some were pure pump and dumps (blitzcash wtf is that seriously...) There was nowhere near enough of a concrete understanding of cryptos, and I was expecting you to share far better knowledge than that.

I can see on how these pump and dumps are opening the door for sell trades.

The instructor is promoting pump and dump trading schemes which are antithetical to any actual trading strategies or building long term value for “retirement” Just the basics of buying cryptocurrencies and the instructor doesn't know what he is talking about.

Just go to youtube and learn to read the charts and find a good crypto currency marketplace and watch the graphs before investing and just stick with well known ones that have a useage and wont be a quick pump and dump scheme simple explainations great information Tot dus ver weinig relevante informatie hoe cryptocurrencies werken en hoe je ze kan waarderen Dude is obsessed with DigiByte very informative There was good info about the cryptocurrency.

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knows his stuff

Suppoman is not only fun, but knows his stuff.

Suppoman is informative, funny and knows his stuff.

Suppoman knows his stuff!

Good voice, clear explanations and you can see he knows his stuff.

Suppoman knows his stuff.

Straight to the point Easy to understand and interesting sooper knows his stuff, is enthusiastic and is good at edutaining It's been very informative at this point Getting a lot of clarity and I'm only on lesson 3. because i understand whats happen in the market Very user friendly Excellent Informative and easy to digest.

Topic looks like not connected and unable to get the fundementals yet very good explaination VERY GOOD He knows his stuff and he has a lot of enegry.

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feel more confident

I am new but this course make me feel more confident in coin investment.

Now I feel more confident on trading my Cryptocurrentcy.

I feel more confident on the markets now.

I enjoyed the knowledge he shared, and I feel more confident about trading crypto!

I feel more confident in my crypto currency trading knowledge and am ready to move ahead with investing/trading in the future.

Smash up the likes Great course highly recommend getting into the crypto market game :) Now I feel more confident in the crypto world and I see the great opportunities laying right here in front of me Some guy for 1 guy fantastic insight into the crypto world.

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Vice President Sales & Investing Manager $59k

Client Experience Product Manager- Investing Group $68k

IT/Corp Cash Investing/Project Mgr $69k

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Rating 4.2 based on 3,409 ratings
Length 14.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Suppoman ™
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Entrepreneurship Finance & Accounting Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

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