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Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and others are growing exponentially in value.

However, we are still in the early phases of an emerging market. Which means there is tremendous upside and great opportunities for investors in Cryptocurrency but also more risk for those who do not understand this rapidly evolving market.

"Great. Learned a lot. He gives such a concise and clear presentation. Easy to follow. Personable. Brilliant. Highly recommend this course to all who are new to cryptocurrencies and investing in general." Getty A

" Emma S

You will learn:

  • What exactly Is Cryptocurrency
  • Current and Big Topics such as the Bitcoin Fork that are Influencing the Crypto World
  • How Is Cryptocurrency Used
  • Why Is Cryptocurrency Growing so Fast
  • Different Ways To Get Your First Coin
  • Key Currencies Such As Bitcoin, Ehereum, and More
  • How to choose a digital currency Wallet that is secure and right for you
  • Understand Cryptocurrency Trading Exchanges and how to choose one that fits your goals
  • How to minimize fees that exchanges charge
  • Investing Strategies from Buy and Hold to Active Trading of Cryptocurrency
  • ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) Risks and Rewards and how they compare to stock market IPO's.
  • Using Fundamental Analysis to pick great coins to invest in
  • Applying Technical Analysis (Charts) in an easy to understand manner to spot trends and make great trades
  • Next Steps to put into Action what you have learned

Plus much more.

The Crypto world is ever changing and since you own the course for life all course updates are included for free.

Let's face it, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can seem intimidating but at the end of this course you will feel confident:

  • Using Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies for online purchases.
  • Choosing and setting up your own digital currency wallet
  • Picking a Cryptocurrency exchange that fits your trading needs from infrequent to active trading.
  • Investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as part of a diverse portfolio
  • Using Fundamental and Technical Analysis (Charts, Patterns, Trends) to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like a Pro.

Taught by a top Udemy instructor who specializes in investing courses with many years of teaching and investing experience this complete course will help you to master the world of Cryptocurrency.

To get started just click the button to enroll in the course.

Thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to seeing you in your first lesson.

Steve Ballinger

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Rating 4.3 based on 547 ratings
Length 7.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructor Steve Ballinger, MBA
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Language English
Subjects Personal Development
Tags Personal Development Personal Finance Finance & Accounting Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

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What people are saying

easy to follow

Many of the mysteries were demystified to my satisfaction, I would encourage other students wanting to learn it from an instructor that really delivers easy to follow, small byte size portions to easily digest what could otherwise be a large meal.

But it was easy to follow.

He seem to really like doing it, enthusiastic and easy to follow.

My second completed course from Steve - very comprehensive, yet easy to follow :-) Talking a lot and repeating same things over and over - very hard to stay engaged in this course.

Easy to follow and very good explinations Very well presented and I am learning a lot of new information - thank you!

Easy to follow, even for a beginner.

Easy to follow, material is explained very well.

Really informative and easy to follow and understand so far Lays a good foundation on what cryptocurrency is for beginners.

Explains well, very clear, very simple and very easy to follow.

Super basic Very easy to follow.

The instructor seems knowledgeable and easy to follow its good Quality is good, but so far this is definitely for those that have no clue to what crypto currency is.

Learning fast and covers topic well Very informative and easy to follow.

Easy to follow along with the visual aids.

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highly recommend

Highly recommended.

Highly recommend it if your new to crypto.. the course is pretty great till now, what i was expecting more to learn about the platform through which they are operating such as block chain.

highly recommend I especially appreciated the investing strategies instruction.

Highly Recommend I feel so much more informed about the whole cryptocurrency industry after completing this course.

Thanks and I highly recommend this course to those just getting started in cryptocurrency.

For anyone looking to get started in this sometimes murky and inscrutable world, I'd highly recommend it.

Highly recommended, I learnt a lot.

Highly recommend this course if you are Beginner like me who didnt know what Blockchain Technology is, What are the different forms of Cryptocurrencies, How to choose a Wallet/Exchange.

Highly recommend this course to all who are new to cryptocurrencies and investing in general.

Excellent course - highly recommended!

I highly recommend this course.

Highly recommend.

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technical analysis

In addition, the technical analysis part, which I had great expectations, were superficially explained and I feel I am not able to understand trends yet.

I only wish that there was more information on how to buy and sell on exchanges while analyzing technical analysis charts.

For me, I watched the course up to the technical analysis section then dove in head first into crypto, making my first investments.

I am now going into technical analysis further.

I knew literally 0 about technical analysis when I first jumped in, but now I realize it's very important.

This course doesn't go very in depth on technical analysis but at least it introduces you to it.

The instructor also did a pretty good just explaining the technical analysis portion of the course.

This course improved significantly my understanding how trading works, how to overcome FOMO (not always successful :D), also i really appreciated technical analysis and good advises from every day investments, which instructor proves to have a plenty.

And if you will have technical analysis focused on crypto I will definitely subscribe for this course.

The different types of currencies, technical analysis, investing strategies are useful.

Well done and worth it.The chapter on technical analysis, while still well done, is a little bit off topics in my opinion.

I will most likely look at more technical analysis.

The technical analysis part was too short though...

Besides, the technical analysis part is very weak, explaining the pattern with line, not candles.

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so far so good

So far so good... Good explanations as well.

So far so good.

Best teacher for beginner I am learning a lot Good overall helpfull The course makes logical sense so far... this is worth of 1000 doller Excellent tutor and content So far so good lacks value at this point Easily comprehendable; delivered fluidly i am eager to hear/learn more:-) I belive there is a lot of potential in this course.

I understood the concept easy to understand, using common things to explain great course So far so good Till now it is awesome Very knowledgeable and EASY to listen to!

Great so far still learning great explanation really important imformation Verny nice teacher Nice overview and introduction good explanation So far so good.

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crypto currency

The instructor is highly engaging and this course is very informative and educational when you plan to dipping your toes into crypto currency investment.

I left a 5 star review hoping that other students will find this and learn what is crypto currency all about.

Good info in one package about overall crypto currency.

Just basic things about crypto currency itself but learned a lot about the surrounding areas such as dollar cost averaging and position sizing Steve is a good speaker.

I have only done one other crypto currency course - it was pathetic - the guy spent the entire time telling you that he would cover everything you needed in his 'advanced' course.

If you are familiar with stock investing or crypto currency at all then this course may seem boring to you.

Easy to understand, the speaker explain using comparison between crypto currency system vs fiat currency system Very easy to understand and follow.

i am a financial adviser and taking other technical courses in crypto currency and programming.

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learning a lot

Molto approfondito e chiaro, sottotitoli ottimi anche se con qualche difetto di traduzione ogni tanto I am learning a lot and it is very easy to understand which is a surprise.

He can make some excersises to be better Very informative ~ I'm learning a lot about crypto curriencies.

I m learning a lot Thank you^^ a pretty good intro :) Excellent very informative The material is clearly demonstrated and explained.

I really learning a lot Clear and concise information.

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steve ballinger

The presenter, Steve Ballinger, is good but I feel he needs to speak a bit slower.

Steve Ballinger gives you the pros and cons of cryptocurrency clearly and concisely.

Steve Ballinger é realmente muito cativante e mostrou ter bastante experiência com criptomoedas.

Thanks Steve Ballinger.

I purchased this course because Steve Ballinger, seems to be highly rated on here for finance and investment type courses.

Very well set out course, Steve Ballinger managed to keep my attention and gets to the point.

Thanks Steve Ballinger Just an idea for a future course, or improvement of this one: Take a deeper look at the Technical analises with real life examples and maybe a real demonstration of trade.

Steve Ballinger is The Go-To Guy for any type of investing.

Steve Ballinger explains the Cryptocurrency so it is easy for a novice to understand.

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looking forward

yes it was a good match for has helped to familiarize my knowledge of blockchain and the cryptocurrency space I really enjoyed the content in this course and I am really looking forward to using what I have learnt.

Already looking forward to another one of his courses.

So as a Day Trader/Swing Trader am looking forward to making the transition to Crypto world and taking advantage of this incredible booming market.

The basics are3 explained on a level where everyone should understand it, hit that mark so far, I'm looking forward to the rest of the more in depth stuff as I already had a basic understanding, no harm in going over things again though.

Looking forward to moving on, hoping to end the course with a better foundation than I have now, thoiugh I've read a fair amount.

Strong intro, looking forward to the balance of the couse I love the way he broke the evolution of money exchange.

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all aspects

Course is more for beginners as a very good intro into all aspects related to investing and using crypto currency.

This course was great for consisely touching on all aspects of the cryptocurrency world.

I liked Steve's presentation style and overall sound and balanced advice on all aspects of investing in crypto.

You will be taken, step by step, through all aspects of Altcoins, and shown the different ways to invest (different wallet options and exchanges).

Thoroughly explained all aspects of crypyocurrency.

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get started

He'll wrap up the course by giving you step-by-step instructions on what to do to get started investing in cryptocurrency today!

How to break up in percentages and invest in different coins was phenomenal, something you can get started with now.

It's very thorough and indepth knowledge for a anyone interested in learning about cryptocurrency, how to get started, where to get started, and what options are out there.

The course itself is well structured and has everything you'd need to get started.

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getting started

I feel more confident about getting started.

Having come into this without any knowledge what so ever of crypto currency, I now feel more confident getting started with trading.

Very good Just getting started :-) Knowledgeable instructor who presents in an engaging way.

Read more

more advanced

Now, having completed the course I feel schooled enough to buy some cryptos and to be able to take a more advanced course and understand it.

Strongly recommend this course especially for beginners because he makes sure that he covers the "basics" but then goes into more advanced details for those of us with a bit more expertise.

Verry good course for beginners and it slowly brings you to a more advanced level of understanding cryptocurrencies ...

I should have purchased a more advanced course Now I understand that a new era of currency starts.

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Rating 4.3 based on 547 ratings
Length 7.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructor Steve Ballinger, MBA
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Personal Development
Tags Personal Development Personal Finance Finance & Accounting Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

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