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How to Find Your Udemy Certificate and Add it to LinkedIn

By Denton Zhou | Published February 10, 2020

When you finish a course on Udemy, you’ll have access to your certificate. This certificate includes your name and the names of the course and your instructors.

Your certificate on Udemy isn’t the easiest to find, tucked behind easily overlooked buttons. That’s why we put together this brief guide complete with screenshots to guide you to yours.

We’ll then guide you through sharing that certificate on LinkedIn.

You’ll need just a few minutes to spare to get through this guide.

Finding your Udemy certificate 

To locate your certificate, start at the My Learning section of your profile. Here, you’ll see all of the courses you’ve ever enrolled in on Udemy.

Click on the course for which you want to retrieve a certificate.

On the course page, you’ll find two buttons that can lead to your certificate. The first one is located in the upper-right corner of the course page. This button is labeled “Get certificate”. Clicking it will bring up a drop-down menu. From here, click another “Get certificate” button.

On mobile devices, this button is unavailable. If this is the case for you, then scroll past the lecture video to the course dashboard section. From here, select the “Overview” tab and locate the “Certificates” section. Click the button labeled “Udemy certificate.”

Once you’ve landed on the certificate page itself, you’ll see your certificate front and center. There’s also a button that will allow you to download this certificate (as either a PDF or jpg image). Choose PDF if you wish to print a copy of your certificate or save it for your records.

By now, you may have noticed a “Share” button that you may have noticed. We will not use this. While this button has an option for sharing to LinkedIn, it creates a social media post. What we want instead is to add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

Doing so makes your achievement appear beneath your work experience. This makes it more visible to other professionals, including recruiters and prospective employers.

We’ll cover how to do this in just a bit.

Having trouble locating your certificate?

The “Get certificate” and “Udemy certificate” buttons may be grayed out or unavailable. There are two possible reasons for this.

The first is that the course does not offer certificates. This is very uncommon.

The second case, more common, is that you’ve yet to complete your course. Note that certificates only issue when your course progress indicates 100%. A skipped lecture, incomplete assignment, or unpassed quiz will prevent you from retrieving your certificate. 

Before contacting support for help, make sure you see 100% progress from your course dashboard.

On your LinkedIn profile page

Now that you have your certificate in front of you, it’s time to login to LinkedIn profile. Navigate to your profile page.

1. Near the top of your profile, click the Add Profile Section button. Then select Background and click the “+” icon next to Licenses and Certificates.

2. Scroll down to the Licenses & Certifications section. Click on the “+” icon to add a new certificate.

3. A box will pop up allowing you to enter your certificate details. Enter the name of the certification name (typically, the course name).

4. For Issuing Organization, begin typing “Udemy” and select Udemy when it appears.

5. For Credential ID field, enter the lengthy certificate number found at the the bottom-left hand corner of your certificate. To save yourself some typing, you may choose to copy and paste the same number from the very end of the URL to your certificate page. If you do so, make sure to leave out any forward slashes (“/”).

6. Lastly, copy the link to your certificate to the Credential URL field on LinkedIn. Note that the URL is accessible to anyone on the Internet.

7. Hit Save when you’re done or Save and add another if you have more certificates to add.

What’s next

That’s it! You’re all set. Colleagues, prospective employers, recruiters, investors, etc. will now be able to see your new certificate.

Now that you’ve got this certificate in the bag, consider shooting for another. OpenCourser makes it easy to browse over 16,000 courses. Finished an intro course just now? Consider searching for intermediate ones next. Or browse our list of most popular courses, updated once weekly.

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