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Complete WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Course [2020]

WordPress is the leading Content Management System on the market, powering a large percentage of the Web. The need for WordPress Developers who can build and customize themes and plugins is ever growing. Learn from one of the most recognized educators in the WordPress world, Zac Gordon, who has taught thousands of people now employed as WordPress Developers.

If you want to learn everything from customizing existing themes, building custom themes or starting to build plugins, this course is for you. You will learn in depth how WordPress works under the hood, from template files and tags to hooks and internal APIs. If you are looking to build bigger and more custom projects with WordPress or just get a good job with a great company building WordPress projects, then this course is for you. Make sure though you can already build and style a basic web page with HTML and CSS as we assume you already know this and focus more on learning PHP.

When you learn the skills this course contains you will feel incredibly empowered to build almost anything you can imagine with WordPress. You should also feel confident working professionally in the field as a WordPress Developer. You will have built a theme and plugin along with the course as well as a theme and plugin of your own. Follow in the path of thousands of others of Zac's students who learned WordPress Development and went on to do great work in the field.

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Rating 4.5 based on 259 ratings
Length 16 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $13
From Udemy
Instructor Zac Gordon
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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What people are saying

easy to follow

Everything is well explained and it is easy to follow along.

Goes deeper but is easy to follow thanks to Zac‘s great expertise.

Very well explained course so far, very easy to follow and logical.

Easy to follow.

Zac is not boring at all and easy to follow... so far, let's see how 16 hours go It's great!

Really easy to follow.

A little early in the course to say, but the instructor seems clear and concise, I think he has given the course a lot of forethought before embarking to get the content coherent So far it looks clear and easy to follow, I would probably rate even higher but yet to see more.

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very clear

And yes, I am a huge fan of Zac and his courses :) Very clear One of the best investments of WordPress knowledge on Udemy hands down and still more to come.

Very clear and useful.

Keeps it interesting Very clear and very useful..

Very clear and right on target.

Very clear and concise.

Fácil de entender I couldn't understand Very clear.

Good script Easy to understand and follow along Great, easy to undersand pretty thorough so far Very good for beginners Very clear, nice production.

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theme development

I've followed another course on WordPress theme development and although that course has helped me build some basic themes, this course gives me the knowledge to develop way better themes.

One of the best course for wordpress theme development Zac is a great teacher, you can tell by his vibe he is really passionate about what he does and that enthusiasm permeates the student.

this course is very good to learn foudamentals of wordpress theme development If you just started learning wp, then this lecture is almost perfect for you.

The best wordpress theme development course I've come across.

By far the best course about Wordpress theme development I've taken so far.

Great Course for learning the basics of WordPress plugin and theme development!

I would recommend this course for everyone who wants to know ins and outs of WP theme development.

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zac gordon

Thanks Zac Gordon for this amazing course.

Zac Gordon is an excellent instructor!

Zac Gordon is one of the best teachers on wordpress.

Zac Gordon is the best teacher for WordPess.

Great course, instructor Zac Gordon is also great Not sure if I have a big enough image of this in my mind yet.

In the field of WordPress development, Zac Gordon is a well known name and for good reasons too.

Zac Gordon is very knowledgeable.

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great teacher

Thank you very much Zac, you are a great teacher.

great teacher I really like this.

He is a great teacher.

:-) Zac is a great teacher!

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his teaching style

So far, his teaching style seems very straightforward.

You cannot go wrong with his courses, a knowledgeable and engaging teacher with a wonderful flair for teaching, his teaching style is simply among the best.

I really like his teaching style and from previous courses on other learning platforms, I know him.

Zac is extremely knowledgeable and his teaching style is easy to follow and understand.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Content Editor 3 $51k

LICSW Leading Non-Profit Healthcare Org. $62k

Content Operations $64k

Administrative Officer/Admin Leading Petty Officer $68k

Content Correspondent $78k

Leading Researcher $88k

SQL Developer - Leading Investment Firm $94k

Content and Partnerships $101k

Pharmacist Ambassador, Center for Leading Healthcare Change $105k

PMO Content $112k

Content Analysis $132k

Principal Leading Researcher Multiphase Flows $209k

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Rating 4.5 based on 259 ratings
Length 16 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $13
From Udemy
Instructor Zac Gordon
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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