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Roman Architecture

Roman Architecture is a course for people who love to travel and want to discover the power of architecture to shape politics, society, and culture.
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Rating 4.7 based on 74 ratings
Length 10 weeks
Starts Jul 3 (22 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Yale University via Coursera
Instructor Diana E.E. Kleiner
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Language English
Subjects Humanities Art & Design
Tags History Arts And Humanities

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What people are saying

roman architecture

Professor Klein's deep background of Roman architecture gave me a much wider understanding of the individual monuments that I visited when in Rome, as well as gave me a good understanding of architectural terms in general such as spandrel, spolia, loggia, entablature, dentil, cella, etc.

It was obviously at a fairly basic level but gives you a good outline of roman architecture if you are visiting Europe.

FANTASTIC COURSE: Although I've been to Rome several times, this course opened my eyes to many aspects of Roman Architecture I was heretofore unaware of.

For me, an Italian student of architecture, is the best way to study in deep the Roman architecture from another point of view, of the American researchers.

This course makes me fall in love with the ancient Roman architecture and art.

Professor Kleiner can take us on a journey into the past and teach beautifully about the fascinating history of Roman Architecture.

This is a well designed course that takes you through the most important developments of Imperial Roman Architecture.

She's clearly passionate about Roman Architecture and Art History and it comes through in how the course is designed and the many photographs shown.

It is an incredible and very useful course to know the Roman architecture.

An excellent course for everyone interested in ancient Roman architecture and culture in general: exciting content and stunning visual support, great teacher with clear and passionate explanations of the scholar who truly loves her subject, lively discussion forums stimulating further research, with mentors always present and attentive (special thanks to Cynthia Willett with her unique ability to create a friendly atmosphere of like-minded people gathering and exchanging ideas and observations!).

This 15 week course covers Roman architecture from Romulus' hut to Constantine's Arch.

It follows how Roman architecture evolved as the Roman era progressed and Rome's influence circled the Mediterranean.

Being taught the basics of Roman architecture has really changed how I look (with a newly found joy) at Italian (Milanese) buildings.

A thorough look into the wonder-filled world of roman architecture.

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very good

The accompanying text is very good too.

I have given 5 stars for the course itself which is very good!

Very good information about ancient Rome and the architecture.

Great class, very good lectures.

Professor Kleiner is a very good presenter.

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highly recommend

I can highly recommend this course.

I highly recommend to anyone as the best course I have seen in this website.

I highly recommend the Roman Architecture course by Yale and Prof. Diana E.E.

I highly recommend Roman Architecture for anyhow who has been to Rome and fallen in love with it, or anyone who has plans to go to Italy and Rome.

Highly recommend it!!!

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so much

Thanks so much!

Thank you so much for this wonderful journey!

it was very interesting course.Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

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dr. kleiner

Dr. Kleiner was at the time a star on Yale's faculty.

Dr. Kleiner's husband is Dr. Fred S. Kleiner who is also an accomplished academic in Art History at Boston University.

Dr. Kleiner's course was not an exception.

Dr. Kleiner's lectures are filled with photos and diagrams giving many examples of what the Romans built and explaining the context of the structures.

Viewing Dr. Kleiner's videos will definitely help one appreciate the experience of visiting Roman sites in person.

Dr. Kleiner's videos are available directly from Yale at: CAVEAT - Once you finish this course, you will see the influences of Roman Architecture everywhere!

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from yale

While this course uses prerecorded video from Yale's Open Courses initiative, the production values are very good.

Expected much more from Yale.

prof. kleiner

Prof. Kleiner is very interesting and a real pedagogue.But I have a few criticisms on the MOOC aspect:- It is much too concentrated!

Do recommend that you purchase the companion digital book by Prof. Kleiner and the often cited book "Roman Architecture" by John Ward-Perkins.

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love with

it's great I am still doing this course (4th week), however I am already in love with the material, that Diana wants us to understand.


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Rating 4.7 based on 74 ratings
Length 10 weeks
Starts Jul 3 (22 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Yale University via Coursera
Instructor Diana E.E. Kleiner
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Humanities Art & Design
Tags History Arts And Humanities

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