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Graph Theory

What is this course about?

Graph Theory is an advanced topic in Mathematics. On a university level, this topic is taken by senior students majoring in Mathematics or Computer Science; however, this course will offer you the opportunity to obtain a solid foundation in Graph Theory in a very short period of time, AND without requiring you to have any advanced Mathematical background.   

The course is designed to be understood by a 12th grader since the structure of the course starts with the very basic idea of how to create a Graph, and with each step the ideas get more and more complex. The course consists of several sections and in each section, there are video lectures where I explain a few concepts. There are quizzes (with solutions) after every lecture so you can test what you have learned in that lecture.

The structure of the course goes as following starting with the first section:     

  • Supplements

  • Fundamentals        

  • Paths

  • Graphs Types

  • Trees

  • Digraphs and Tournaments

  • Planar Graphs

  • Graphs Operations

  • Graph Colorings


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  • How are the concepts delivered?    

    Each lecture is devoted to explaining a concept or multiples concepts related to the topic of that section. There are example(s) after the explanation(s) so you understand the material more. The course is taught in plain English, away from cloudy, complicated mathematical jargon and that is to help the student learn the material rather than getting stuck with fancy words. 

    How to learn better?    

    Take notes and repeat the lectures to comprehend the concepts more. Also, there are quizzes after every lecture so you can test what you have learned. 

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    Rating 4.0 based on 67 ratings
    Length 10 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $14
    From Udemy
    Instructor Miran Fattah
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    Language English
    Subjects Mathematics
    Tags Math Academics Math & Science Teaching & Academics

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    What people are saying

    graph theory

    The content is a very good introduction to graph theory.

    I am not a mathematician and my professional life as a programmer does not currently give me need for graph theory or graph databases but it is still a fascinating topic to me.

    Great visual quality and very good use of colors to carry ideas, however the course is only an Elementary Introduction to Graph Theory, not an actual Graph Theory course as it only introduces terminology and the most basic theorems but it does not cover any of the many algorithms dedicated to Combinatorial Optimization in Graph Theory.

    The value of learning about graph theory resides in the many algorithms that have been developed for solving and optimizing.

    Examples are well chosen and intuitive, so it gives a good first overview of what you have to study when you want to study graph theory.

    However, the course content is a bit boring because there is less/no focus on proofs, although proofs is an important part of Graph Theory.

    The course is for beginners and only scratches the surface of graph theory.

    Network topology makes complete sense in regards to graph theory and this lecture series definitely expanded my understanding of the topic.

    I wanted to pick up graph theory and this course looks an excellent side material.

    Solid, concise intro to graph theory.

    The content is not especially engaging and covers one definition after another without touching on real-world applications, but it's useful for a quick overview of graph theory terms.

    Great for someone from not coming from a mthematics background It gives a solid foundation on basics of Graph Theory.

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    easy to understand

    AMAZING EXPLANATION AND LANGUAGE WAS EASY TO UNDERSTAND The material is presently clearly and simply.

    The author is easy to understand and speaks at a good pace but does not provide any of the theorems or formulas in their mathematical form which would be very useful to students willing to further their knowledge reading mathematics publications related to graph theory.

    The explanation of the contents could not be more perfect, intuitive and easy to understand Absolutely wonderful class.

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    too simple

    Questions to check an understanding of course material are too few, while those that are there are too simple.

    So far, able to explain complex theory simply, with great examples seems pretty clear, but I'm guessing it won't go very deep it's a good course too simple up to now.

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    too fast

    Talks way too fast.

    Too many unneeded definitions; almost no algorithms; no proofs; no algorithm complexity; no actual applications (only toy examples); The lecturer speaks too fast and repeats every sentence 3 times.

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    make it

    Only feedback would be to have strategies on how to identify two graphs are isomorphic if they are not "obviously" isomorphic; the simple examples make it difficult to translate to more complex graphs.

    There will be a lot of definition and concepts explained which make it rather a theoritical course over an applied course, but it fails to deliver depth.

    familiar with

    But I am already familiar with what has been covered thus far.

    Therefore, the pace may be okay for things I am not familiar with.

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    Rating 4.0 based on 67 ratings
    Length 10 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $14
    From Udemy
    Instructor Miran Fattah
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects Mathematics
    Tags Math Academics Math & Science Teaching & Academics

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