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Graph Theory

What is this course about?

Graph Theory is an advanced topic in Mathematics. On a university level, this topic is taken by senior students majoring in Mathematics or Computer Science; however, this course will offer you the opportunity to obtain a solid foundation in Graph Theory in a very short period of time, AND without requiring you to have any advanced Mathematical background.

You don’t need to know complex Mathematical statements, or rules, but ALL you need to know is simple mathematical operations like addition and multiplication. The course is designed to be understood by an 11th grader since the structure of the course starts with the very basic idea of how to create a Graph, and with each step the ideas get more and more complex. The structure of the course goes as following starting with the first section:

  • Graphs: In this section you will learn basic definitions like Vertex, Edge, Distance
  • Types of Graphs: In this section you will learn a variety of different Graphs, and their
  • Graph Operations: In this section you will learn different operations and different
  • Graph Coloring: in this section you will learn Graph Coloring and many related
  • Paths: in this lecture you will learn Euler and Hamiltonian Paths and Circuits, and
  • Trees: In this section you will learn about Trees, Tree Traversals, Binary Expression
  • And Graph Match: In this section you will about Graph Match and Graph Cover.
  • How are the concepts delivered?

    Each lecture is devoted to explaining a concept or multiples concepts related to the topic of that section. There are example(s) after the explanation(s) so you understand the material more. The course is taught in plain English, away from cloudy, complicated mathematical jargons and that is to help the student learn the material rather than getting stuck with fancy words.

    How to learn better?

    Take notes and repeat the lectures to comprehend the concepts more. Also, there are quizzes every 3-5 lectures so you can test what you have learned and go over something if needed.

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    Rating 4.0 based on 41 ratings
    Length 6 hours
    Starts On Demand (None)
    Cost $14
    From Udemy
    Instructor Miran Fattah
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    Language English
    Subjects Mathematics
    Tags Math Academics Math & Science Teaching & Academics

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    What people are saying

    We analyzed reviews for this course to surface learners' thoughts about it

    graph theory in 7 reviews

    It gives a solid foundation on basics of Graph Theory.

    However, the course content is a bit boring because there is less/no focus on proofs, although proofs is an important part of Graph Theory.

    Sometimes the explanations are a bit confusing and redundant I wanted to pick up graph theory and this course looks an excellent side material.

    Examples are well chosen and intuitive, so it gives a good first overview of what you have to study when you want to study graph theory.

    Network topology makes complete sense in regards to graph theory and this lecture series definitely expanded my understanding of the topic.

    Solid, concise intro to graph theory.

    The content is not especially engaging and covers one definition after another without touching on real-world applications, but it's useful for a quick overview of graph theory terms.

    The course is for beginners and only scratches the surface of graph theory.

    too simple in 3 reviews

    Questions to check an understanding of course material are too few, while those that are there are too simple.

    clear and intuitive, although explaination about isomorphism is a bit too simple YES!

    too simple up to now.


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