Child Nutrition and Cooking

Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and well-being across the lifespan. The culture of eating has changed significantly in recent decades, especially in parts of the world where processed foods dominate our dietary intake. This course examines contemporary child nutrition and the impact of the individual decisions made by each family. The health risks associated with obesity in childhood are also discussed. Participants will learn what constitutes a healthy diet for children and adults and how to prepare simple, delicious foods aimed at inspiring a lifelong celebration of easy home-cooked meals. This course will help prepare participants to be the leading health providers, teachers and parents of the present and future.The text and other material in this course may include the opinion of the specific instructor and are not statements of advice, endorsement, opinion, or information of Stanford University.

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Stanford University

Rating 4.7 based on 619 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort 5 hours of videos and quizzes
Starts Jan 14 (last week)
Cost $39
From Stanford University via Coursera
Instructor Maya Adam, MD
Free Limited Content
Language English
Subjects Science Personal Development
Tags Life Sciences Nutrition

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excelente curso in 24 reviews

Thank you for all Excelente curso, muy entretenido y te motiva a conocer mas sobre los alimentos, cuales deben ser considerados al momento de realizar las compras y cuales debemos evitar.Enseña como motivar a nuestros niños a procurar una mejor alimentación it is a good course, and I really enjoyed Very good.

Contiene teoría y recetas para poner en practica it was so useful Excelente curso bien I ENJOY THIS COURSE EVEN I NOT INTERESTED IN COOKING Me encanto!

=) 非常棒的课程,我找到了让孩子喜欢吃蔬菜的方法! Excelente curso muy bien explicados los conceptos.

Excelente curso, todos deberían conocer esta valiosa información.

Excelente curso :) Excellent course.


Also I can share it to my future students of what I've learn in this course excelente curso It is a perfect course for moms!!

excelente curso, gracias por compartirlo, he aprendido mucho y lo he comenzado a implementar en mi vida familiar.

child nutrition in 21 reviews

I have now taken both "Food and Nutrition" and "Child Nutrition and Cooking" and simply can't get enough.

Maya did a great job explaining the basics of child nutrition.

El mejor curso para entender la importancia de la buena nutrición en niños y como alimentarse en casa siempre sera la mejor opción.The best course to understand How important Child Nutrition is and How cooking at home will always be the best option.

This a very good course because it has that simple explaining needed for people who wants to learn about child nutrition.

Great basic course on child nutrition, I really enjoyed it!

I would definitely like to expand my knowledge in child nutrition and child development by taking more courses, and think that this course was an excellent start to my new learning adventure.

very good It's a good course to learn about not only child nutrition and cooking but even for adults It was interesting to know more about healthy food for my baby, I wish I could know more recipes for my little baby, he has already 18 months.

excelent Excelente curso Gained a lot of insight to Child Nutrition.

easy to follow in 13 reviews

I might actually re view the course :) This course was easy to follow with short, simple but educational videos.

Saludos thanks was a great way of learning Very informative and easy to follow.

The lecture materials is easy to follow with the written notes on the screen.

I found the course very helpful, easy to follow and pleasant to learn.

It is such a meaningful course which is very easy to follow and has a fantastic content.

The videos are very easy to follow, and the instruction is not difficult to follow.

Easy to follow instructor's explanations and diagrams and quizzes match up well with the videos.

it was really intresting It is interesting and so easy to follow.

at home in 10 reviews

I love all the recipes and I have done most of then at home for my 9 year old son, he loved them.

The last week's inclusion of the layers of support for healthy children was an added bonus, and important to think about when so much effort goes into keeping children healthy at home, yet so much of our politics and use of resources doesn't support health, safety and well-being.

Overall the course is great in helping you change the way we approach cooking at home holistically not only for the kids.

The class helped our family have many great conversations about what we see at the grocery store and why we cook at home as much as we can.

It has so much great information, and it even shows you recipes that you can use at home with your children.

Maya was great at explaining healthy foods and ingredients that her own family uses at home.

Dr. Adams speaks directly to parents (mothers, mostly) and says start cooking simple foods at home if you want your children to be healthy.

I gave a lot of stars to this course - because as for its intended purpose - encourage people who hasn't been eager to cook at home to do so because it's not difficult, it does great.

fácil de in 10 reviews

its Amazing.. muy buen curso y fácil de comprender it was a amazing course, and it helps really helps us decide on a meal those days when we have no idea what to eat.

Es un curso muy dinámico e interesante, muestra cada aspecto del temario de forma clara y fácil de entender.Gracias por la instrucción.Recomendado.

Resultó muy fácil de comprender y con una maestra cuya voz clara y pausada no te cansa.

Muy útil y fácil de aplicar en el día a día.

muy informativo y didáctico, simplemente EXCELENTE Extremely usueful for familes~ :3 Me encanto, algo muy bien explicado y fácil de comprender, me gustaría que subieras mas videos subtitulados en español.

Excelente curso,información específica, fácil de poner en practica e implementar en nuestro día a día.

felicitaciones like it ... Es realmente genial y fácil de entender.

El curso ha cumplido con todas mis expectativas, a través de un material didáctico fácil de seguir.

recommend this course in 9 reviews

I highly recommend this course.

Although I think that more animal proteins would be appropriate for a child, I would totally recommend this course!

I would recommend this course to everyone perfect Amazing insight into the basic knowledge of Nutrition for children which isn't so basic when you do the Course!

I would recommend this course for anyone interested in child nutrition and cooking!

GRACIAS I recommend this course to everyone.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is not familiar with nutrition and who has no experience cooking.

I really enjoyed the course.Short videos communicating essential information.I have become health conscious and now more careful while choosing foods to buy or cook.I would recommend this course to every one willing to have a healthy life.

I just tried for the Passover the almond cake recepie and it was fantastic!I really recommend this course not only for child nutrition but also for 'picky' and stubborn adults.Thanks!!


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Facility Coordinator - Eating Disorder - Outpatient Program $36k

Facility Coordinator - Eating Disorder - Outpatient Program $36k

Early Childhood Mental Health CPST (non-licensed) $38k

Prep Foods Clerk $40k

Fresh Foods Technician $45k

Early Childhood Mental Health Discipline - Sign On Bonus! $46k

Prepared Foods Cook $48k

Early Childhood Mental Health Discipline $50k

RD, MS, CD, Eating Disorder Specialist $53k

RD, MS, CD, Eating Disorder Specialist $53k

Prepared Foods Analyst $59k

Childhood Assessor $66k

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