Cassandra Data Modeling Essential Training

This course is part of a Learning Path (series of courses) called Advance Your Skills in the Hadoop/NoSQL Data Science Stack.

Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database capable of handling large amounts of data that change rapidly. In this course, learn about the architecture of this popular database, and discover how to design Cassandra data models that support scalable applications. Dan Sullivan highlights the differences between Cassandra and relational databases, discusses the Cassandra Query Language (CQL), and shows techniques for modeling based on application query requirements. He also dives into Cassandra implementation details that impact data modeling choices, to help you reason through other design decisions while taking into account the database's architecture and limitations.

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    Rating Not enough ratings
    Length 1h 38m
    Starts On Demand (None)
    Cost $29
    From LinkedIn Learning
    Instructor Dan Sullivan
    Free Limited Content
    Language English
    Subjects IT & Networking Data Science
    Tags IT Big Data

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    15Y Apache Longbow Armament, Avionics, Electronics technician $45k

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    Core Java/Spring with Apache Camel $57k

    Apache Spark Developer $64k

    Assistant Oracle/Apache Admin $70k

    Cassandra Database Modeler with ETL $75k

    Contributor, Apache Traffic Server $81k

    Cassandra Database Architect $84k

    Cassandra Enterprise Architecture $93k

    MongoDB and Cassandra and Hadoop DBA Contractor $104k

    Java Architect with Cassandra $112k

    Apache CloudStack PMC (Project Management Committee) $157k

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