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Linux Administration Bootcamp

If you want to learn Linux system administration and supercharge your career, read on.

Hello. My name is Jason Cannon and I'm the author of Linux for Beginners, the founder of the Linux Training Academy, and an instructor to thousands of satisfied students. I started my IT career in the late 1990's as a Unix and Linux Systems Engineer and I'll be sharing my real-world Linux experience with you throughout this course.

By the end of this course you will fully understand the most important and fundamental concepts of Linux server administration. More importantly, you will be able to put those concepts to use in practical real-world situations. You'll be able to configure, maintain, and support a variety of Linux systems. You can even use the skills you learned to become a Linux System Engineer or Linux System Administrator.

Free Bonus - Video Demonstrations from my best-selling book, Command Line Kung-Fu.

In this series of videos I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite Linux command line tricks. These tips will make your life easier at the command line, speed up your work flow, and make you feel like a certified Linux command line Ninja. If you want to see the pages of Command Line Kung-Fu come to life, then you have to watch these videos.

This Linux course doesn't make any assumptions about your background or knowledge of Linux. You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this course. You will be guided step by step using a logical and systematic approach. As new concepts, commands, or jargon are encountered they are explained in plain language, making it easy for anyone to understand. Here is what you will learn by taking Linux Bootcamp:

  • How to get access to a Linux server if you don't already.
  • What a Linux distribution is and which one to choose.
  • What software is needed to connect to Linux from Mac and Windows computers.
  • What SSH is and how to use it.
  • The file system layout of Linux systems and where to find programs, configurations, and documentation.
  • The basic Linux commands you'll use most often.
  • Creating, renaming, moving, and deleting directories.
  • Listing, reading, creating, editing, copying, and deleting files.
  • Exactly how permissions work and how to decipher the most cryptic Linux permissions with ease.
  • How to use the nano, vi, and emacs editors.
  • Two methods to search for files and directories.
  • How to compare the contents of files.
  • What pipes are, why they are useful, and how to use them.
  • How to compress files to save space and make transferring data easy.
  • How and why to redirect input and output from applications.
  • How to customize your shell prompt.
  • How to be efficient at the command line by using aliases, tab completion, and your shell history.
  • How to schedule and automate jobs using cron.
  • How to switch users and run processes as others.
  • How to find and install software.
  • How the the boot process works on Linux servers and what you can do to control it.
  • The various types of messages generated by a Linux system, where they're stored, and how to automatically prevent them from filling up your disks.
  • Disk management, partitioning, and file system creation.
  • Logical Volume Manager (LVM) - extending disk space without downtime, migrating data from one storage to another, and more.
  • Managing Linux users and groups.
  • Networking concepts that apply to system administration and specifically how to configure Linux network interfaces.
  • How to configure sudo.
  • Managing process and jobs.
  • Linux shell scripting
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee - that's my personal promise of your success.

What you learn in Linux Bootcamp applies to any Linux environment including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Linux, Linux Mint, RedHat Linux, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Slackware, and more.

Enroll now and start learning the skills you need to level up your career.

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Rating 4.4 based on 1,760 ratings
Length 9 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructor Jason Cannon
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags Operating Systems IT & Software Operating Systems & Servers

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What people are saying

so far so good

Thank you So far so good, as I'm studying Linux at Uni as well but having problem understanding everything at once.

Good place to start Learn Linux So Far So Good ...

The instructor is very clear and so far so good good thumbsup Just what i needed super excellent - hands on learning.

So far so good!

So far so good It was quite easy to learn by watching the videos Could have updated the content Excellent explicit, highly demonstrated with good meaningful examples It was amazing.

So far so good.

This is my 3rd course in and so far so good.

Coming along well - but I'm not ready to commit to a 5* yet :-) so far so good .

so far so good becouse this first part of course was explicit and understand it.

Very good... great quality and great information so far so good thanks best understanding videos Very nice pace and clear!

so far so good.

Thorough, yet understandable, good pace The indtructor knows his stuff so far so good Very interesting and good prepared So far, so good.

he aprendido y entendido hasta los momentos todo lo dictado en el curso So Far So Good Instructions and pacing are both easy to follow, this course covers many elements of Linux as a whole and in kernel.

A tiny bit too quick on some slides, however straightforward So far so good.

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highly recommend

Highly recommended material.

I'd highly recommend going through the class.

Highly recommended!

Very Informative and easy learning I really need to have multiple monitors to be able to follow the commands and listen to the audio Great course for Linux beginners, highly recommended!

Highly recommended.

A very good course, I highly recommend it.

But, apart from those few cons, the course structure is pretty good and I would highly recommend it to students who want to learn more about linux and how to make use of its features.

I would highly recommend this course!

I highly recommend anyone this course to get the basics down pack.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is working in a Linux environment!

Highly Recommended.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to go from beginner to Advanced.

Highly recommend for newbies and folks who are rusty.

Highly recommend this one!

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very clear and concise

I really like this course because the explanation is very clear and concise.

Jason is a great mentor, he explained the steps in a very clear and concise manner.

Very clear and concise in all instructions and details Thank you sooo much for the course!!

Very clear and concise information with clear examples.

:) The course delivery is very clear and concise.

Very clear and concise explanations.

very good So far, so good Very clear and concise lessons.

Very clear and concise information great stuff YES !!

very clear and concise The instructor is clear, concise and easy to listen to!

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till now

till now i am enjoying this course nice teaching.... great!

The Quality is very good, Till now understood everything Instructor explains really well.

It is also the only red hat linux course i have found in english Till now it was good let's see how it goes till end Good material, becomes fast for beginners in mid of the course.

I'm learning at a institute and simultaneously going through the course to understand Linux more vividly and clearly and uptill now the experience has been very good.

A++++++++++++++++ Great job TILL NOW THIS IS VERY GOOD AND UNDERSTANDABLE Good review Instruction is very clear and provides good examples.

good Comprehensive till now, suitable for my needs.

I can understand everything till now.

Until now I knew about all the subjects It's very good lectures Till now everything is very clear and well explained easy to understand Fantastic Course.

till now its good going....

i may not be a complete beginner but its crystal clear Everything is working fine till now.

The explanations so far seem to be easy to understand and thorough Very helpful tiene una buena introductorio en las distro de linux this appears to be what I was looking in training.... Clear Easy to understand the teacher teaches very well cos its awesome Its very clear till now what the instructor is explaining.

The step by step process is easy to follow till now.

great so far so far so good i like it till now, all good!

Read more

command line

If I was to make any recommendation for improvement I'd like to see the actual command line examples that Jason runs through in his terminal during the training, captured and added to the slides that you can download.

Learned a lot in this course including useful command line tricks.

I feel comfortable using the command line and navigating the file system, editing files ad permissions.

I already use Linux but the details of working with scripts and command line is one of the foundations for using linux and I needed that the most.

The first couple of lessons are very basic and can easily be skipped if you have a running Linux system and some basic command line knowledge.

The lessons start with a comprehensive description of the content and are followed by live examples executed at the command line.

In my opinion, this course gives you an excellent grounding in Linux so that you're prepared to move on to other tutorials/concepts with a firm understanding of the fundamentals (and his command line Kung Fu really speeds up your terminal skills!).

command line editors) Very informative course, was very at ease in understatnding the topics.

Good course to take for learning the basics of command line.

Name of course is misleading for this was the basics of command line not an administration bootcamp.

I feel much more confident reading lines of code on the command line!

Provides a solid introduction to Linux command line,perfect for beginners.

He didnt told about CENT OS where to get this Every Good so far in terms of beginners guide to Linux nice till now too robotics and too fast -4.5 Detailed and easy to understand I feel the linux systems administrator course should be more geared toward learning the command line basics and such.

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step by step instructions

Complete, detailed, step by step instructions with immediate visual demo of said instructions.

Very beginner friendly, so is slow going for an intermediate like me I always thought this would be a very complicated course but so far this video has made me feel quite comfortable and excited to see whats coming next This is good for beginner yes definitely Very clear and step by step instructions!

Very simple step by step instructions Good stuff Yes.

I appreciate how thorough the step by step instructions are to being with.

super helpful Good so far Very good presentation with step by step instructions.

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learnt a lot

I learnt a lot.

The course was good and I learnt a lot.

I've learnt a lot from this course, and have become a far better Linux user thanks to this one.

All is very clear I learnt a lot of real world linux knowledge, that I could apply in production environment from this course.

Very well spoken I already work with this stuff, but I learnt a lot of valuable tips none-the-less.

i liked the course, i learnt a lot, the infrastructure is excellent.

Enjoyed the course and have learnt a lot Thanks Short and punchy sessions, good bite-size teaching style with steady progress Its been great so far.

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straight forward

Course delivery is clear and straight forward, Linux is big topic, this course helps get started and familiarize with Linux and give base to move forward with advanced topics.

Very straight forward lectures with concepts that are easy to grasp and apply in real time.

You are very straight forward, clear, and honestly good to hear when it comes to your explanation of Linux so far.

Straight forward and detailed.

He uses very easy and straight forward wording to explain and clear the concepts.

Am enjoying learning right now Instructor covered material that provided the user knowledge of critical processes in a simple and straight forward manner.

Another thing is having some practical scenario based quiz rather then straight forward questions.

Simple and straight forward instructions with screens shot that allow me to follow and carry out task without hassles Easy to follow, clear explanations at a manageable pace.

Video hangs in the middle and have to start from the begninng simple straight forward and so far everything has been free to gain entry to the world of linux, coming from a Microsoft background, this makes a refreshing change :) Very informative, with easy to follow instructions, makes it easy to remember and keeps me motivated to learn more.

learned about vurtualbox and 7-zip El curso puede ser más explícito y completo hasta donde va Fairly rudimentary knowledge at this point - I have minimal exposure to Linux i find the information very useful and straight forward.

Read more

shell scripting

There are some advanced topics that were a little fast for me (shell scripting, that crazy stuff with pulling part of a previous command, LVM was a little fast but with lifetime access I'll just go back over it several times) and also quite a bit to actual administration that is not covered (i.e.

Will be completing the Linux Shell Scripting: A Project-Based Approach to Learning next!

First, let me say I have throughly enjoyed Jason's other courses: Vim and Shell Scripting.

Having said that the instructor however could have stressed more on topics such as shell scripting so that it becomes easy for people who are starting from scratch but overall a good course for beginners.

Also gained some introductory knowledge of shell scripting.

The things that I would love to see are more quiz questions or some practice questions and a bit more detailed shell scripting videos and exercises.

Wanna take other courses on Shell scripting and other projects.

i have been using linux for sometime and have learned lots of new commands, can't wait to try your shell scripting course.

So this i my first tutorial of author ... so far it very good Topic are covered very fast , shell scripting examples are less and completed very quickly.

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knows his stuff

I really enjoyed Jason's teaching style and he knows his stuff!

Jason certainly knows his stuff.

instructor knows his stuff and he is accessible to help answer any questions related to the material.

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virtual box

Request to add more material like exercises for users to practice and upload to check if their results match yes , learning new things and getting brushup on old command .. got stuck to install linux through Virtual Box ...

I had a problem getting the Virtual Box to run so i'm not sure if what i saw actually works.

- Love the CLI Kungfu - learned a couple of new things there - The Oracle Virtual Box setup section was excellent - Basic file/user Permissions was very thorough - Good information on RPM, YUM, & DPKG - Solid networking discussion - NEW LVM Section - thumbs up If you have a some experience or consider yourself a novice user then there are some noticeable gaps.

Also, he showed how to get the CentOS Virtual Box image rather than downloading the entire CentOS which I've done before.

I understand whatever you explained so far really i like the way jason explain the cours , he gives you a good structure to understand the fundamental of linux If this course includes True Beginners, then before downloading and installing virtual box, virtual box should be explained.

So far it is really a helpful lecture on linux I have tried downloading virtual box before on other videos, but this content was very easy for me to follow and allowed me to download the correct files, whereas before I was having trouble getting the correct settings.

I read Mr.Cannon's books as well and I think he bring clarity for me expressing himself and breaking complex topics down to bite size learning for any level... Dingen als virtual box gebruik ik al, dus kon delen overslaan All clear and easy Seems it has promise but want to see scripting with VI editor.

My virtual box showing 5.18 the training is showing something different.

Read more

each section

Increase the number of quiz questions at the end of each section.

This course is good I love how this course breaks down and explains each section.

Same thing applies after each section and after the complete course.

It would be wonderful if at the end of each section author add quiz.

Great format (What you Learn, explanation, examples, and finally a summary) for each section.

There's lots of information, so I'd suggest taking notes and going over them after each section.

Each section gives me the confidence that I will be able build my career as a Linux Administrator NA

Read more


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Rating 4.4 based on 1,760 ratings
Length 9 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructor Jason Cannon
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags Operating Systems IT & Software Operating Systems & Servers

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