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Algorithms Data Structures in Java #1 (+INTERVIEW QUESTIONS)

This course is about data structures and algorithms. We are going to implement the problems in Java. The course takes approximately 14 hours to complete. It is highly recommended to type out these data structures several times on your own in order to get a good grasp of it. 

Section 1:

  • data structures and abstract data types

Section 2 - Arrays

  • what are arrays

  • what is random access and how to indexes

Section 3 - Linked Lists

  • linked lists and doubly linked lists

  • linked list related interview questions

Section 2 - Stacks and Queues:

  • what are stacks and queues

  • heap memory and stack memory

  • visualizing stack memory

Section 3 - Binary Search Trees (BSTs):

  • what are tree data structures?

  • how to achieve O(logN) logarithmic running time?

  • binary search trees

Section 4 - AVL Trees

  • what is the problem with binary search trees?

  • balanced search trees: AVL trees

  • rotations

Section 5 - Red-Black Trees

  • what are red-black trees?

  • what is recovering operation?

  • comparing AVL trees and red-black trees

Section 6 - Splay Trees

  • splay trees and caches

  • achieve O(1) running time for getting the recently visited item

Section 7 - Heaps and Priority Queues

  • what are priority queues?

  • what is heap data structure?

  • how to do sorting in O(NlogN) with heaps?

Section 8 - B-Trees

  • external memory and the main memory (RAM)

  • B-trees and their applications in memory

  • B* trees and B+ trees

Section 9 - Hashing and HashMaps:

  • what are hashing and hashtables (hashmaps)

  • what are hash-functions

  • how to achieve O(1) running time complexity

Section 10 - Sorting Algorithms

  • basic sorting algorithms

  • bubble sort and selection sort

  • insertion sort and shell sort

  • quicksort and merge sort

  • comparison based and non-comparison based approaches

  • string sorting algorithms

  • bucket sort and radix sort

Section 11 (BONUS):

  • what is LRU cache

  • LRU cache implementation

Section 12 (BONUS):

  • Fenwick trees (binary indexed trees)

  • binary indexed tree implementation

In each chapter you will learn about the theoretical background of each algorithm or data structure, then we are going to write the code on a step by step basis in Eclipse, Java.

Most of the advanced algorithms relies heavily on these topics so it is definitely worth understanding the basics. These principles can be used in several fields: in investment banking, artificial intelligence or electronic trading algorithms on the stock market.

Thanks for joining the course, let's get started.

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Rating 4.2 based on 169 ratings
Length 19.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Holczer Balazs
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Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags Development IT & Software Other Other IT & Software

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What people are saying

algorithms and data structures

Very good and in depth coverage of Algorithms and Data Structures.

The workings and intentions of the algorithms and data structures are clearly explained along with their trade offs, they are then fully implemented.

You can spend 10 years of your life writing code and you will become a great programmer, or you can spend 2 years studying algorithms and data structures to get to the same place.

The instructor should demonstrate the practical implementation on the algorithms and data structures using Java code and not just provide a theoretical explanation.

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so far there is a mistake in method void factorial ---> int factorial So far so good.

language is bit different took time to understand the pronunciation Superb So far he has only talked about the theory of Big "O" notation, but has not shown any practical applicationof it The lectures are very clear and I am learning a lot.

Going really well so far I went through half a semester of data structures with a book by a professor.

Great Explanation So far!

i get the impression instructor is just reading information, not really trying to explain details Very Useful Course for Interviews Cracking He explains the point of things in easy way Good course So far, it's really going great!

Very good explanation It is absolutely nice course so far.

Read more

easy to understand

a little bit slow for the first several courses Content is really good and easy to understand.

Great course to start with .. thanks Holczer :) The instructor made the subject easy to understand The course is very complete and shows you a lot of information.

need more insight on algorithm also Pretty Straightforward and easy to understand.

Read more

well explained

All the topics were well explained and in-depth.

All is well explained Theory shown in a simple and clear manner.

Read more

highly recommended

Highly recommended.

Very well explained and I think the wey the instructor code is more real world example, because I have taken other courses about algorithms and the code style is pretty ugly, so my recomendation is complement this course with another more visual in order to get fully understanding Highly recommended.

Read more

holczer balazs

Holczer Balazs always delivers great content in his courses The course was well organized and a lot of the information that was covered was what I was interested in learning.

Update: Since I am following Holczer Balazs courses, my CS grades have increased considerably.

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well organized

The course is very well organized.

The material is well organized but the course is pretty shallow when it comes to explanation.

some time

I am familiar with UK English so, in the beginning, it took me some time to adjust with the speaker's pronunciation.

Awesome professor looking forward in taking his AI class Accent I have updated my ratings after spending some time with course.

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Rating 4.2 based on 169 ratings
Length 19.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Holczer Balazs
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags Development IT & Software Other Other IT & Software

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