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Project Management Project

This course is a part of Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices, a 4-course Specialization series from Coursera.

This capstone project is designed to allow you to take the knowledge you have gained through the Specialization and put that knowledge into practice. In the capstone, you will create several of the key planning deliverables that have been discussed in these courses and either work on a project you choose or use a suggested case study. You will begin the capstone project by writing part of the project charter. You will build on that information to define your project, and then ultimately create a schedule, budget and responses for the risks you identify. The goal is for you to use what you have learned in the previous courses and to perform your own research on how to best move forward with the capstone project. Your work will be peer reviewed by your classmates. In turn you will peer review the work of other classmates. Instructions on how to conduct peer reviews will be included in the course. Upon completing this series, you will be able to (1) write a narrative charter statement, (2) create a work breakdown structure, (3) sequence project activities,(4) build a project schedule, (5) create a project budget, (6) create a responsibility assignment matrix, (7) identify project risks and (8) define responses for those risks. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Write a narrative charter statement 2. Create a work breakdown structure 3. Sequence project activities 4. Build a project schedule 5. Create a project budget 6. Create a responsibility assignment matrix 7. Identify project risks and define responses for those risks

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University of California, Irvine

Rating 4.7 based on 172 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Starts Apr 29 (4 weeks ago)
Cost $69
From University of California, Irvine via Coursera
Instructor Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP
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Language English
Subjects Programming Art & Design Business
Tags Computer Science Design And Product Business Business Essentials

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project management in 30 reviews

THAT WAS USEFULL FOR ME Love the assignment that gives us the chance to really practice the necessary elements of project management.

excellent course I did the full specialization for Project Management from UCI.

Good Knowledge enrichment course It gives a crisp insight into project management, and the capstone project is the icing on the cake.

I made an effort to reach 100% in all the courses, I achieved it in all of them, less in the grades of the students that are not prepared to Qualify, and they damaged my last course and the qualification in the capstone project was terrible and damaged the note In the specialization, I lost the Distinction, They damaged my whole record, for their lack of experience, (they are not to blame, they are not teachers) The course was very Important for me, The economic help in the courses, for my professional preparation, I impulse to investigate, to improve the understanding of the whole real structure of project management according to the parameters established by the PMI and the manual PMBOOK.

It really helps you to grasp the basic concept of PM and helps you to exercise how to plan the simple project by using many basic tools in the Project Management field.

Lots of works Excellent course to cap off the learnings in the three project management courses.

I recommended this specialization to any learner who has a passion about project management and his goal is to be a project manager.Thank you very much.Best regards,Mahmoud NasrCoursera Mentor & Learner This course is the best in the specialization as it gives you the possibility to take action and implement the knowledge which you have learned in previous courses.

I hope to see more courses on Project Management from UC Irvine DCE.

great course in 15 reviews

Great Course.....

@, Thank you for your kind service and congratulations for your work internationally, I live God, The Ministry, Cursera, The UCI, and my companions, I love you with all my Soul, God Blesses ... great course , thank you UCI , and coursera team The project was an excellent exercise on applying all the concepts that were presented in the entire course.

Great course - the capstone was very helpful (difficult, but very valuable).

Great course.

Great course overall, very well taught and nice real world examples.

its a great course... quite interesting and applicable Very nice theory and very useful practical case with all advises that help to get the best results!

Great course A fantastic course, whether or not previous knowledge was there the course really pushes the student to understand the concepts in their own manner.Perfect addition to my skillet, Thank you.

Great Course !

previous courses in 10 reviews

The Capstone Project was a good way to reinforce the concepts learned in the previous courses.

This is the best training to see if your project program is clear and possesses all the information required for its success Great opportunity to apply the knowledge that was gained during the three previous courses in the project management specialization.

IT was great to have a chance to put what the previous courses taught to practice.

The capstone provides a good opportunity to apply the material from previous courses.

amazing lecturer Great course to tie everything you learn from the previous courses together.

It's just the right amount of work to put into good used everything learned on the previous courses.

It really ties everything down A practical approach on the topics we've been studying in all previous courses and an effective way to apply that knowledge.

peer review in 5 reviews

Also, due to a technical glitch, I got no feedback on my final assignment and apparently the 3 peer reviews that I did were not sent to my peers.

Some of the projects which I peer reviewed were so detailed that it felt like real projects.

the peer review was a waste of time, some individuals submit whatever other review whatever; I found that the assessment criteria is not based on evaluating the quality of performed work, and therefore have not really learned much from the capstone project.

I am taking another course which as well has peer review, I am rethinking if it's worth it.... do not see any value, there is no real feedback from instructor.

If I need it a peer review, I could just ask my colleagues at work.

Although it was extremely helpful to put my learning into practice and do the work, I found the peer reviews difficult to assess.

For instance, sometimes the WBS did not match with the project activities sequence, but because the rubric/peer review was so broad, as long as the peer put down 10 or more activities, he/she received a perfect score.

I suggest creating a more detailed rubric that helps bring all the information together where those doing the peer review and those creating the documents can see the value of each part of the assignment.

enjoyed this course in 4 reviews

I enjoyed this course and i am proud that i obtained my certificate.

I enjoyed this course very much.

Really miss Margret spend a lot of effort and give us her experience on plate of goldi really enjoyed this course and learn very useful and usable information Great Course.

I really enjoyed this course Helps to learn using the theoretical knowledge for practical work.

into practice in 4 reviews

Other than that, no complaints, a single peer assessed project to put into practice what you have learned in the other modules of the specialisation.


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Online Faculty - Multimedia Capstone $27k

Work Coordinator $36k

Clerical Work $42k

Assistant Capstone Project Manager $58k

Postdoctoral Capstone Researcher $59k

Capstone Experience Researcher $64k

work advisor 2 $64k

Utility Work $66k

Capstone Project Manager $73k

Planner/Project Manager- Capstone Experience $86k

Senior Capstone Researcher $99k

Capstone Project Mechanical Engineer $131k

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University of California, Irvine

Rating 4.7 based on 172 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Starts Apr 29 (4 weeks ago)
Cost $69
From University of California, Irvine via Coursera
Instructor Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Art & Design Business
Tags Computer Science Design And Product Business Business Essentials

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