Hadoop for Data Science Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

This course is part of a Learning Path (series of courses) called Advance Your Skills in the Hadoop/NoSQL Data Science Stack.

Hadoop—the hugely popular big data platform—offers a vast array of capabilities designed to help data scientists deliver their insights. In this course, Ben Sullins helps you get up to speed with Hadoop by sharing a series of tips and tricks for doing data science work in this powerful platform. He starts by looking at how to work with Hadoop data in HDFS, and then explores using Hive—the Hadoop SQL engine—where a lot of data science work happens. To wrap up the course, Ben covers techniques for running fast queries in the Hive engine.

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    Rating Not enough ratings
    Length 1h 12m
    Starts On Demand (None)
    Cost $29
    From LinkedIn Learning
    Instructor Ben Sullins
    Free Limited Content
    Language English
    Subjects IT & Networking Data Science
    Tags IT Big Data

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