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ASP NET Core 3 (ASP.NET 5),MVC,C#,Angular & EF Crash Course

* * Last Update 12/13/2018

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to develop and host ASP.NET Web Applications in a cross-platform environment? Well you have come to the right place.

ASP.NET Core 3 (Formerly known as ASP.NET 5) is the new way to develop Cross Platform web applications in ASP.NET and C#. In this course, I will teach you how to build ASP.NET Core Web Applications from the ground up. We will also examine and demonstrate all of the features of MVC, Entity Framework Core, Web Api, Angular & C#. After we develop our ASP.NET Core Web App, I will teach you how to deploy your web app to Microsoft Azure.

What is ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core is an open-source and cross-platform application framework used for developing modern cloud based web applications utilizing .NET.

Why Build Web Applications in ASP.NET Core?

The web stack for ASP.NET is based on a older legacy platform. ASP.NET has a lot of the unused code in the .NET framework. Since ASP.NET 1.0 (Over 15 years old), there's a lot of legacy code that has to load even when it is not being utilized in your web projects. This can cause performance issues in your web apps. ASP.NET Core solves this issue.

ASP.NET Core is built with the needs of modern Web applications in mind. ASP.NET Core is built to be cloud-ready by introducing environment-based configuration and by providing built-in dependency injection support.

ASP.NET Core supports cross-platform development on Windows, Mac and Linux. The ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 5) stack is open source and encourages community contributions and engagement from developers.

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Rating 3.5 based on 304 ratings
Length 22.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $13
From Udemy
Instructor Devwebtuts 24/7
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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What people are saying

According to other learners, here's what you need to know

.net core in 32 reviews

** "This course is due for a massive update to .Net Core 3 with EF Core and Angular 7++."

it is not true Very old material according to the .net core 1.0((( Title say ASP NET Core 3 and his example are more around 1.0.4...

People are buying this course, thinking that it's .net core 3.

While the course content seems to be solid and the instructor knows what he is doing, it has taken him 7 months to get started on Angular integration with .Net Core.

It is especially challenging to teach subject like .Net Core that Microsoft is still developing rather than the traditional .Net Framework whose architecture has been settled for some time.

Due to the changing nature of .Net Core.

It is now horrible dated, and does not address .Net Core 2.0 Considering the price (I got it on sale) and amount and quality of content it's an amazing course.

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so far in 21 reviews

My only real gripe so far is that there is a lot of telling about different parts without putting them into practice.

The lectures have been very good so far.

So far the course seems very complete.

any .net developer who wants to upgrade to core should watch this So far I have learned a lot about how to configure a basic application and begin my layout.

So far things make a lot more sense than my last go around and I am looking forward to giving this another try.

========= original 1.5 star review ========== So far, each major tool it requires in order to follow along has changed significantly, such that it is impossible to do the actions or get the results listed, nor are mappings into new versions obvious or relatively simple to figure out.

I am still early into this core .net course but so far this has been an excellent presentation, direct detail oriented course.

Read more core in 15 reviews

This course is outdated if you use the lastest versions of ASP.NET Core (2.1.4), which is very confusing for beginners.

Content needs to be updated for the Asp.Net Core 2.0 Notes added to legacy lectures: - deprecated code refs AddUserSecrets() for AddUserSecrets<>() - .csproj update (has caused 2+ issues throughout the project) - Bad Url ref for sendGrid Register - Updated Api library Ref for Twilio SMS C# however, these gaps have taught me to debug my own application which is a valuable skill.

I can bring a novice and ask him to spend a month on these lectures and I am sure at the end that person will be a productive core developer.

i expected more depth on core The teacher is too much repetitive and not concentrating on talking about the subject.

Such as package.json instal and gulp file.js One of the best introduction and crash course to ASP.NET MVC 6 (ASP.NET Core)!!

I'm new to core.

I would recommend to anybody who wants to learn ASP.NET Core and Angular 4.

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visual studio in 11 reviews

The course is not updated for visual studio community 2017.

I am using Visual Studio 2017 and there is so much difference For now I feel like watching a free youtube tutorial.

The content of the course is good, but as a macOS user, I feel left out as the instructor only uses Visual Studio.

Also project is based on Visual Studio 2015 which has many differences in application configuration to later versions My original 1.5 star review is below.

The tools and techniques shown are thoroughly deprecated in the Visual Studio world, and often simply can't be repeated as shown without getting one's hands on software that itself is deprecated.

I did not expect core 1 to be SO vastly different from core 2.0 in Visual Studio 2017.

I'm actually using Visual Studio Code for tutorials as I wish to extend limits with Internal Command options.

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highly recommend in 6 reviews

Even if the learnings might be more useful in later lessons, I highly recommend any beginner to start to learn with a up to date course.

Overall I highly recommend this course to get kick started with the latest .net web dev skills - much quicker way to learn than reading text book.

I m loving it, I highly recommend it for new developers I'd like to start by saying this is a very informative course detailing the ins and outs of .Net Core and MVC.

Regardless, I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn .Net Core and MVC.

Highly Recommended!!

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seems like in 5 reviews

too fast and not really explained what you're doing It seems like a match thus far, but I am being surveyed after 20 minutes of lecture.

Honestly, the guy seems like a real ace.

I've been trying to understand them for what seems like forever, but he managed to clearly explain what they do using example in just a couple of videos.

It really seems like it is going to be worth it.

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Rating 3.5 based on 304 ratings
Length 22.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $13
From Udemy
Instructor Devwebtuts 24/7
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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