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Connected Strategy

What you'll learn

  • Course Information
  • Course Policies
  • Key Dates
  • Faculty and Staff Introductions
  • Learner Introductions
  • Disruption in Sleep Medicine
  • Three Horizons of Innovation
  • Introduction to the Connected Strategy Framework
  • The Magic of Connectivity: Disney
  • Connected Strategy Framework: 2 Case Studies
  • Connected Relationships and Connected Delivery Model
  • The Fundamental Promise of Connected Strategies
  • Value and Value Proposition
  • The Efficient Frontier
  • Step 1: Mapping the Current Customer Journey
  • Five Different Customer Experiences
  • Connected Customer Experience Example
  • The Customer Journey
  • Step 2: Identify WTP Drivers and Customer Pain Points
  • Step 3: Capture the Information Flow
  • Step 4: Identify the Deeper Needs of the Customer
  • Repeat to Push Out the Frontier
  • Repeat and Competitive Advantage
  • Step 5: Understanding the Relationships with Customer Across Repeated Experience 
  • Step 6: Identify New Opportunities to Reduce Customer Pain Points 
  • The Connected Producer
  • The Connected Retailer
  • The Connected Market Maker, and the Crowd Orchestrator
  • Peer to Peer Network Creators
  • The Connected Strategy Matrix
  • Step 7: Utilize Information Gathered from Repeated Interactions 
  • Step 8: Assess Your Data- Protection Policies 
  • The Connected Toothbrush
  • The Revenue Model: 5 Principles
  • Building Connected Delivery Models: Overview
  • Step 1: Use the Connected Strategy Matrix to Map Activities 
  • Step 2: Use the Connected Strategy Matrix to Create New Ideas 
  • Step 3: Analyze your Existing Revenue Model and Consider Alternatives 
  • Deconstructing Your Connected Strategy
  • Classification Trees and Selection Tables
  • Bottom-Up Innovation
  • Why Talk About Disruption
  • The Case of Imaging
  • The Innovators Dilemma
  • Connectivity and Disruption
  • Step 4: Deconstruct Your Connected Strategy into Technological Subfunctions 
  • Step 5: Find Technological Solutions for Each Subfunction 
  • Step 6: Identify New Technological Solutions and How Those Might Enable Innovations 
  • Identify and define connected strategies, their potential, and value proposition.
  • Analyze customer experiences to understand the customer journey.
  • Leverage positive feedback loops with customers to create effective customization strategies.
  • Identify connected relationships in your firm to improve your connected strategy.
  • Create connection architecture and implement connected customer relationship strategies
  • Create a Connected Customer Relationship and Connected Delivery strategies for an organization of your choice
  • Analyze the process of how a connected strategy is created
  • Envision, plan, and develop a connected strategy that you can directly apply in the future for your own organization.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Site Trainer - Connected Vehicle Services $32k

Retired Connected Customer Specialist $53k

Connected Customer Specialist Lead $55k

Business Planner:Veteran+Military Connected $73k

Connected Sales - International Consultant $80k

Senior Connected Customer Specialist $84k

Strategy Division $94k

Data Strategy $94k

Advisor, Strategy $100k

Strategic Partnerships & Brand Management - Connected Devices $105k

Head of QA - Web, Mobile and Connected Devices $116k

Strategy & Development $123k

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Rating Not enough ratings
Length 6 weeks
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $3599
From edX
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices

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